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An Independent Thinker’s Guide to the Tax Debate


An Independent Thinker’s Guide to the Tax Debate

Chuck Collins

There's a heist coming. Arm yourself with the facts!


It IS up to us to stop this incredible theft. I have commented elsewhere - call your congress critters of either party, daily if possible. Put them on speed dial and turn up the heat.


Knowing the facts doesn’t help that much. It can help individuals avoid some of the worst tricks and traps but unless people on “our” side can figure out ways to communicate with those other people who are fans of this current president and all who espouse these hurtful and dangerous ideological factoids, and until we can get them able to see what we see right in front of our noses, the stuffy well dressed well funded white collar crooks will continue to use their stealth sneaks to rob and exploit us till the system self destructs.

What will happen then is anybody’s guess. Something like a financial famine.


We seem set to accelerate now into dystopia, with a governments replete with fraudsters and their useful idiots, put there by an oligarchical plutocracy that has stolen our democracy to take the country as its own.


A short easy to read and understand article that will make sense to the simplest among us.


We need to be back in the streets for this one. The number of our seniors and low income neighbors who will suffer from this theft will be staggering, especially if the Repugnicans go after Social Security. Get ready to…STAND UP/FIGHT BACK!