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'An Indication of What's Coming': Melting at North and South Poles Worse Than Previously Thought

'An Indication of What's Coming': Melting at North and South Poles Worse Than Previously Thought

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the Trump administration tries to undermine the COP 24 climate talks in Poland, new U.S. government data shows that ice melt at both of the planet's poles—driven by rising air and ocean temperatures resulting from human-caused global warming—is worse than previously thought.

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There seems to be a steady drip of reports that things are worse with climate change then was thought. This has been going on for about 20 years. Meanwhile, the deniers are holding steady to their views no matter what is reported. Maybe holding on to their views is the wrong phrase. Perhaps repeating lies about climate change would be more on the mark. The people we call deniers should probably be called liars.


According to the map several glaciers are moving toward open water at 1,000 meters per year. Once they pick up steam they do this:

Now someone tell me how we’ve got a prayer of saving civilization as we know it. Bangladesh alone will have to deal with 20,000,000 people displaced if sea level rises just three feet. I’m sure their neighbors will welcome the refugees with open arms.

Damn, looks like we’re gonna need a longer wall…


“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function .”


I am an Alaskan resident and anyone that does not believe Mr. Meier’s statement contact me because I have bridge in Alaska for sale. The whole planet is facing what has been happening in the Alaska Arctic, which is the canary in the planets coal mine, and the sad thing… it may be irreversible!


The narrator on the video is abominable.

Amazing video. Thankyou.


I mean the narrator in the article video.

This was one year ago.

This is now.

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For the slow kids in class, the feedback loops have started. They are now accelerating. There will soon be nothing in the north to reflect sunlight during the summer. The earth will soon begin to “burp” larger amounts of methane that used to be frozen at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. The tundra is melting in Canada and Siberia at an alarming rate, releasing massive amounts of methane into the atmosphere.
It will soon be a race to see what kills us first. Will it be the poisoned air that we can no longer breathe, or the poisoned water that will be so acidic and desalinized that fish and mollusk swill be unable to breed, killing the base of the food chain? Or will we just kill each other in the coming 21st century resource wars that will see nations invading other nations for access to what remains of the fresh water and topsoil.
Interesting times ahead. And by interesting I mean awful.
We are doomed.


Arguably, the foremost authority on ice retreat is Peter Wadhams of Cambridge, who made many expeditions to the Arctic to study the ice. Almost all the thick ice is gone. Deniers use an increase in seasonal surface ice to confuse people, but the total VOLUME of ice at both poles has decreased dramatically.


“How to Fuck up a Planet in 150 Years or Less”. by Homer Sapiens.


Right you are. And we will be doomed much “faster than we thought.”

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Well, look at it this way, we’ll find out if there was civilisation on the Antartic continent! Wouldnt that be grand? Or maybe there is an alien race that lives in hollow earth! Who knows, but at this rate, we will find out.

I’m going to qualify “doomed”.

Are we on schedule to have a runaway positive feedback loop with huge Arctic methane and CO2 releases? Yes. The most documented measured effect is a roughly 5% reduction in world wheat production per degree Celsius rise, but the rest of humanity’s food production systems may equally be effected.

Our governments can fight forest fires. Can we inhibit the Arctic methane release? Yes, probably for (best estimate) $1 billion to $10 billion per year. However, as with a smoker discovering that he has emphysema, starting early will really help with his prognosis.

So are we moving? Like a diagnosed smoker who still can’t kick, no, we’re not moving. So, in that sense, maybe we really are doomed.


Hi DeanCorso:
Well if the Plutocrats don’t start plundering what is under the ice in the next day or so, I will be very surprised, even thought Antartica is supposed to be owned by all. When I looked at the rectangular flat ice berg----the first dystopian thing I thought that it was a giant iPad from the aliens------methane breathers no doubt—it probably says :
"Hello Earthlings-----You’re F***ed! : (

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My prediction for Water World is 5 years… and I’m no Scientist!

….Or a bigger boat.

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well…we’re probably f**ked.

On a lighter note, this at least will thrash those annoying Batista-loving Cubans in Miami. So there’s that.

I spent the winter of 75/76 in Fairbanks. I read the reports now and it’s very odd inside my head. The images, geez :-(((

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