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'An Inferno Like You've Never Seen': Deadly Wildfires Ravage California


'An Inferno Like You've Never Seen': Deadly Wildfires Ravage California

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The "unprecedented" fires, fulfilling predictions of climate scientists, have forced tens of thousands from their homes

Wildfires California


Global warming has only reached about 1C and already there is strong evidence that these wildfires are increasing in frequency and intensity. What would 4C be like? With Trump trying to repeal the Clean Power Plan the chances are increasing that Americans will some day find out what 4C is like.


This is what happens when humans declare war on nature. Humans and their fascination with burning fossil fuels will end up making fossils of everything living now. Nature will get rid of the human cancer in any manner possible, including hurricanes, floods, fires and disease. Too many humans were just too ignorant to care enough about life and their environment and literally went along for the ride toward extinction while playing with all their electronic toys and amassing their abstract wealth and driving aimlessly in their automobiles.
Humans will look back on these days and fires like these when things were relatively calm before the storm(s).


This is where I live and yesterday the smoke was just laying all over locations such as Sacramento to Auburn to Lake Tahoe. So the problem is both fires and smoke, but the tendency for those clouds of smoke to lay across the land. Then you get problems with the people with breathing issues, young children and the elderly having respiratory issues. It is really difficult for me to see some of the most beautiful areas of the Sierra Mountains burned in this manner.


There’s a climate change aspect to these wildfires and a non-climate aspect too.

Trees can’t just pull up roots and walk to some wetter place without pine beetles on steroids. Most of them are going to die in place, leaving a forest of dead sticks, which is going to burn like crazy. This will happen over most of the world rather soon. Maybe yesterday?

We need to develop great alternatives pronto for home heating, for transit, for electricity generation after dark, for biofuels, for preventing an Arctic methane/carbon bomb from going off, for organic farming-based sequestration, for preservation of species before they go extinct and not after.

Mr. Pruitt saving the coal industry aside, the government should be recognizing the intense fuel buildup in all forests and should be setting long, linear fires about 1 hour before the first snowfall of the season moves in. Fires don’t burn that well in November, and then they go out. This will create miles-long firebreaks maybe 200 feet wide, and that will allow firefighters to pre-emptively get more of a handle on these things. No, we’re not burning up the whole forest, just strips.

The climate movement and our federal government should both listen to a reasonably honest engineer or two every once in a while.


That was one hell of a ride - literally! Mr. Travis Blake-Horner’s short film clip was truly a death defying ride through hell.


How can we get an embargo movement to cut off all Trump states to California wine?


I know all about smoke. I live in Medford, Oregon, which is also called the Rogue Valley.
For three years now, the Rogue Valley has been filled with smoke for a couple of months every summer and early Fall.
Any smoke from a fire within 150 miles of Medford will settle into the valley and remain there until either we get some heavy rains or strong enough winds to blow it out of the valley.
Due to some things beyond my control, I will have to stay here awhile longer. I can’t wait to get out of here.


Every state has at least some Trump voters.

The conservative media machine loves to use the phrase “chablis-sipping” to describe “libruls”. I suspect that many Trump voters are still getting snookered on a gallon of Gallo wine, maybe not proportionally to their love of cheap beer and martinis. They just won’t serve the stuff at politically oriented wingdings. So even if you could set up a boycott of California wines to Trump voters it might not have a useful impact.


And yet another reason to put “MOMS” before “BOMBS.”

With all of the destruction in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, now, raging wildfires in California are sure to cost many Billions of Dollars.

Call your Congress Representatives and Senators and demand that the $700 Billion Congress designated for the Military be rescinded and a “Moratorium On Military Spending” (MOMS) be started now and have legislation started to use that money for rebuilding the areas destroyed recently, and allocate the rest to the needy, the sick, and the elderly, in addition to areas needing medicines and education and food.

The Military can live off the excess fat that they are bloated with.

Probably for a decade or more.

Let the armaments manufacturers, start making refrigerators and washing machines again.


Put DJT and Pruitt in smoke-jumper suits and parachute them into the wildfires in CA and then ask them if they are still climate change deniers…that is, if they make it out. They surely would not be missed…


Never mind the parachutes.


Thanks, I needed that guffaw: :rofl:

On the way out and down, DJT yelling at Pruitt “You’re fired” (literally) and Pruitt looking at DJT with an empty stare wishing he had an AR-15 with a bump stock at that very moment.


Trump and a couple dozen cabinet members break from morning hours of senseless argument for a hot lunch of pork chops. Suddenly, Trump gets a hastily masticated chunk of pork fat stuck in his throat, begins choking and with his last breath signals “Heimlich Maneuver.” They all turn to each other and ask, “Do you know the Heimlich maneuver?” All of them answer, “No. Do you? Do you?” Melania walks in, assesses the situation and says, “I do,” then leaves the lunch room to keep an appointment at a beauty salon.


Sorry to hear it Mike. Please stay safe!


Yes! Instead all decisions get made by political ideologues with “agendas”.


Love that humor!!! Laughter is good for well-being. Thank you!


Take care. We are pulling for you and all life in your area!


Right on PonyBoy. Maybe the military could dig up some of the trillions of tax payer money that they have lost over the years.


There is a picture that shows that the fires were so hot that there are solidified rivulets of molten aluminum coming out from under from the cars parked in the driveway - the engine blocks melted!. And others with structural steel beams are bent completely over like hairpins - PROOF that these fires were an inside job! :wink: