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'An Inspiration to Progressive Forces': Allies Stand in Solidarity With Jeremy Corbyn Following Labour Party Suspension

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/inspiration-progressive-forces-allies-stand-solidarity-jeremy-corbyn-following

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This especially hurts. It feels like the last flame of the progressive movement has been snuffed out. Global fascism here we go!


Is this a(nother) case of anti-Zionism being equated with anti-semitism, in your opinion?


Corbyn is the latest victim of this messy problem. Here are some thoughts about this:

  1. As The_Beautiful inferred, Anti-Zionism is not necessarily Anti-Jewish (Jews understood either as an ethnic group or as practitioners of a religion). Anti-Semitism is an unfortunate term, as Arabs are also Semites, at least according to the linguists.
  2. Zionism, insofar as it contemplated and contemplates a political and demographic take-over of the old Ottoman provinces of Jerusalem and Nablus (together, “Palestine”) without the consent of the local population, was and is racist.
  3. It is justified to oppose Zionism and the unfair economic relationships it has imposed on non-Jews in areas under Israeli control
  4. It is justified to oppose organizations and individuals who support Zionism, but it is not justified to assume that all Jews support Zionism or to attack anyone as a “Jew”
  5. It is unjustified to allege without evidence that Israel is behind every objectionable development across this planet. Israel has doubtless meddled in many other countries’ affairs, but accusations must be specific and supported by evidence.
  6. Focusing exclusively or even mainly on Zionism as THE great instance of racism or oppression in human society IS Anti-Jewish, particularly when there are so many deplorable examples of racism and oppression all over the world. Just think Myanmar (the Rohinya), Sudan, China (the Uighurs and Tibetans), the US, Bhutan (expulsion of the Nepalese), India (against the Muslim minority and tribal people), Brazil (Indians), Turkey (Kurds) etc. etc. etc.
  7. Attacks on Israel as an ethno-religious state that consigns ethnic and religious minorities to second-class citizenship must be balanced by attacks on all other similar states, such as the “Islamic Republic of Iran,” the “Islamic Republic of Mauretania,” Saudi Arabia, etc.

Whether there was truly anti-Jewish activity in the Labour Party is hard to determine. Jeremy Corbyn should have tackled the issue head-on, and made a sharp distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Jewish attitudes, and defended his critiques of Zionism clearly and openly. Doubtless, there are “leftists” who are bigoted and who hold all sorts of crackpot conspiracy theories about International Jewry and the Rothschilds. I don’t consider them any better than Nazis. Even though many self-identified Jews support Zionism, leftists have a responsibility to avoid labelling an ethnic group with a political position. There are people who do not have such wisdom and self-control, and we should not consider them ideological soulmates.


Corbin was first accused of anti semitism after he publicly decried its use as a smear for anyone critical of zionism, so it is hardly a matter of opinion.


Geez, what’s next, they execute Corbyn? What about the Conservative party, is it so squeaky clean and free from some kind of prejudice? Looks like Labour is self-destructing. Corbyn’s statement was relatively mild, he doesn’t deserve suspension. This is a hit job.


And the American equivalent was willing to burn the Democratic Party down to deny Bernie the win. The people in charge of these parties are soulless, corrupt, self serving careerists. Nothing will get better as long as these people maintain their power and continue to win elections.


Worldwide we are seeing the allegedly left wings being taken over by corporatist, militarist, oligarchs. It is not the right wing doing this. It is the corruption and infection of the left wings being co opted that is purging itself of the inconvenient socialists. Jeremy Corbin’s treatment is a prime example. There is an excellent, short interview with Glenn Greenwald on Tucker Carlson’s show (I know, its Fox, but hear him out) in which he talks about why he resigned from The Intercept (which he co-founded) due to censorship OF HIM! He describes how the left joined the CIA and deep state to undermine Trump and to censor any media critical of the propaganda being inflicted on the American people. He is absolutely correct. See it here: ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8pkCZBjgrk

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Agree – we’ve been a little busy here with our dailyTrumping – but it looks
like UK leadership may also be moving in the direction that Trump is taking us.

Maine –

The right wing is the right wing – that includes corporate-fascists which is fascism.
That includes unofficial self-appointed Militia – the Wolverines, the Proud Boys –
all of Trump’s allies he’s been encouraging and enflaming – and it certainly includes
Elites/wealthy, Patriarchy and Oligarchs.

When both of our national parties are owned by the Koch Family they will BOTH
tend towards MIC and CIA/Intelligence and will be very protective of them – though
each party may be pushing for different solutions. And if they were doing that, it certainly
hasn’t done much good in “undermining Trump” …

Gina Haskel, Dir. CIA, clearly is withholding reports of Russian interference in 2020
elections from Trump because of his vile reactions to such news.

Same with FBI – where intelligence is very aware of Trump attacks on Dir. Wray –
and they don’t therefore want to send messengers to tell Trump that it is actually his
right wing “White Supremacist”/self-appointed Militia groups, Proud Boys and many
others he supports who are responsible for the violence we are seeing – including at
protests. This is the state of our government today!

Re your comments on Maine and racism there …

… and while “Christianity” is an obvious source of the HATREDS which have brought
so much religious violence to the world – against Jews, Women, Homosexuals, Heretics,
Native People, Africa Africans – due to demonizing by the Church …

Can you explain this racism in Maine in any other way – ?

I would have thought they might have felt rather brotherly or sisterly with French
Canadians, for instance – being so close to Canada –

  • According to the Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA), the religious affiliations of Maine in 2010 were: Protestant – 37% Evangelical Protestant – 4% Catholic Church – 28% Other religions – 1.7% Non-Christian religions include Hinduism, Islam , Buddhism and Bahá’í.

Maine - Wikipedia

~en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Maine#:~:text=According to the Association of Religion Data Archives,

Why does the word Palestine not appear in this article? Why no mention of the Blairite/Israeli/American onslaught on Corbyn to kill the only serious left challenge in Europe? The focus only on process issues is an evasion. Even the Trots are doing much better. Do better CD.

"The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn is a vicious and antidemocratic action by the right-wing cabal in control of the Labour Party.

The political pretext on which the suspension was carried out, claiming the existence of widespread “left anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party under his leadership, is a slander not only against Corbyn, but of countless party members. It is a political witch-hunt designed to justify the enforcement of the policies of British and US imperialism in the Middle East, built around the dishonest and illegitimate identification of anti-Semitism with principled opposition to the policies of the Israeli state."



Make no mistake about it. Corbyn and the left will be purged, and over here Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will be purged. AOC probably not since she’s slip sliding into a leadership position. The social democratic left is unprepared for this there or here.

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