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'An Insult to All Afghans': Kabul Outraged After Trump Floats Plan to Kill Millions, Wipe Afghanistan Off Face of the Earth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/23/insult-all-afghans-kabul-outraged-after-trump-floats-plan-kill-millions-wipe

Monomaniacal, tyrannical, stupid, sociopathic, bigoted, wannabe dictator…


We all know that if Trump’s life depended on him telling the truth…he would die!


To the United States of America, everyone and everything is deemed “expendable” if there money to be made while doing it.


Every day things become more absurd. Trump is an evil madman and a danger to the well being of every human being on earth. He must be stopped.


It’s strange days indeed for the (Anglo-)USAmerican Empire, in a decline so hysterically obvious to all the world. OMG no! Don’t publicly allude to Empire’s hegemony relying on the threat to nuke anyone who gets in our way. You’re supposed to leave those threats for State Department goons to deliver. Orangeman has no respect for how the game is supposed to be played.

Such arrogant incompetence, so ubiquitous we don’t notice it – like smog in LA, is a sure sign of an empire in decline, every single time. Our illustrious leaders are even incompetent at thuggery, anymore.

Buncha clown wannabe ganstas. Internationally, the rest of the world has to either be intimidated into sucking up like the bowl-haircut buffoon in GB, or else stand up to USAmerica, at least rhetorically. It was public wandering into blunt, unspeakable truths that led his first Secretary of State to label Orangeman a “fucking moron” – this strategy is probably a blunder, but who knows?


We must realize that Trump never really matured beyond a 12 or 13 year old level. He is a juvenile and we are at big risk.


" Wipe Afghanistan off the face of the earth".

Whether Trump means it or not,the fact that Trump has used the same rhetoric and narrative several times should scare the holy hell out of us! The fact that this impetuous, imbecile has his hands on the nuclear trigger, it seems to me, he could go ballistic with nukes at any time. Trump: " WHAT GOOD ARE NUKES IF WE DO NOT USE THEM"!


Why do we still pay attention to what this scum says? It is like putting a monkey at a piano and eventually it will play a Mozart symphony. With the rump, it’s just all gibberish and we think that eventually he will say something coherent. I bet on the monkey over this pile of dung.


Afghanistan. The “graveyard of empires.”


Donald Trump and those who support him are lunkheads unable or unwilling to educate themselves about anything.


Genghis Trump!!!


The stupid little orange Zionist Adolf has a biiiiiig mouth


So true. And this is what former and present empires are after:
Afghanistan may hold 60 million tons of copper, 2.2 billion tons of iron ore, 1.4 million tons of rare earth elements such as lanthanum, cerium and neodymium, and lodes of aluminum, gold, silver, zinc, mercury and lithium.


lol this dude’s more funny than anything else. of course the US has nuclear plans for literally everyone and has since the beginning of the security state. As always, he’s just blabbing state secrets out loud.

Good grief. Every screaming headline is almost as dishonest as the Orange Menace.

But gotta get the flock hyped up, right?

Wait 'til he tells you what we got cooked up for those pesky Canadians! (I actually participated in a war game years ago with Canada being the “enemy”. The whole thing was just a big chuckle. No one takes ultra-contingency seriously).


What the hell is wrong with that asshole?


I’m not sure the existence of contingency plans is a state secret (although maybe some details) but the (must be) young journalists writing this and others reacting to this don’t seem to understand that having all sorts of plans for all sorts of imagines scenarios is standard in any military. Or should be. That way you don’t have to start from scratch if you get surprised by someone else’s military and at least you have some idea of what to do if needed just because you’ve been trying to imagine. That said, there is the very old bit about once a war is started, all plans go out the window.
So, someone on his staff let the Orange T… realized that the military is always trying to imagine what to watch out for and prepare for it. In turn the Orange T…, as is his way, blustered and puffed and didn’t blow the house down. However, he manages to sound like and extortionist regardless. “Puff, the Orange Bluff.”
Send him back! Before he blunders into one of those scenarios.


In a long line of other arrogant US American “leaders”. Unlike Hitler, this cretin is not an anomaly. A passive-aggressive narcissist who threatens our world with a nuclear holocaust and then states, in essence, what a great statesman he is in not wanting to actually carry out this Bolton-Pompeo-Pence wet dream. And he thinks the world will reward him with the “Peace” Prize. I always thought the Nobel committee made a grave mistake in awarding it to Obama who did not deserve it.


Conservatives wanted a businessman for President and that’s what we got:

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Contingency planning is a post-colonial relic. We started doing ‘extreme’ planning as a result of the wave of independence movements and rebellions out there. A friendly Shah one day could be a hostile mullah the next, right?

Nearly every gaming scenario I ever played or wrote was based on that single premise, per instruction. Some of us had a great deal of mischievous fun with it. The last exercise I wrote was, get this, an invasion of German Polizei…heh heh. Hey, I had a good time with it. Same premise: coup in the friendly state, cops take over under some leader with a Hogan’s Heroes name (I think this was Kommissar Heinrich Ubernoodle or something amusing).

Someone’s probably getting yelled at for giving Trump the bare bones of the Afghan contingency nuke plan as if he’s an actual serious person. Lots of backchannel apologies today!

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