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'An Insult to Our Nation Wildlife': Trump Reverses Ban on GMOs and Bee-Killing Pesticides in Refuges


'An Insult to Our Nation Wildlife': Trump Reverses Ban on GMOs and Bee-Killing Pesticides in Refuges

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While regulators in other regions of the world have recently worked to ban bee-poisoning pesticides called neonicotinoids that scientists have long warned could cause an "ecological armageddon," the Trump administration just reversed an Obama-era policy that had outlawed the use of neonics and genetically modified crops in the nation's wildlife refuges.


Why is this guy still president; he doesn’t represent anyone with any sense. His daddy would be proud, however; he really has turned into a “killer.”


Why was this guy voted president in the first place? (Two serious questions which i believe will never have satisfactory answers) like who shot jfk; what really happened on 9/11; is there life elsewhere in the universe; etc. etc.


If there is such a thing as the anti-christ Trump is clearly it.


What this vacuous Trump is disregarding is that bees are absolutely necessary for the propagation of so many of our food stuff. One more reason to rid ourselves of his menace and all his enablers. Our reasons, by now, probably match the 4000+ lies he has told.


The 1960’s were just as problematic as these days so what has changed? Technology, the proliferation of so many gadgets that actually disconnect people from one another. We must begin to cultivate this re-connection to one another deliberately. Here in Northern Vermont we have started a discussion group at a local library where we discuss significant philosophical ideas. We hope more people take up the idea and it is called The Agora.


He’s the whore of Babylon.


Isn’t there any protection for public land against rape by greedy corps? There must be some legal standing to protect against this assault. Bees are so important to our biology. They cultivate. Why destroy something that creates and gives back to nature? It’s absurd. Who actually “owns” the public lands? They aren’t for ownership and rape but for preservation. They are beautiful creatures :honeybee:. God save the Queen and bees.


This man is a demon who denies truth and decency in almost everything he says and does. A nation who follows this man can only look forward to disaster.


however this creature got into office - it shows some kind of decline in the civil society of the United States. of course the causes were many including the complicity of the entire US oligarchy including the Clintons.


I wonder how much of all this sht comes down from Dump himself (who has to outdo everything he thinks Obama did and prove his manliness is bigger than Obama’s) and how much of it comes from the fascist corporate whores…or just outright fascists or f’n batsht crazy sociopaths…all over the top government.

I really don’t believe dump knows about all these government agencies and policies. I think some venomous snakes have his ear and put their ideas into a popcorn popper and just wait for him to belch out the next popped heinous idea. Am I wrong and the schmuck does have a measurable IQ?


Before he was even elected, I saw an interview that said he had Mein Kampf on his bedside table. IF he can read, then that explains some stuff, plus his Nazi psycho advisers like Miller and Bannon, to begin with.


at least he slept with her for a few months while his wife was busy birthing his child


By the time conservatives get that organic farming is the future and pesticides and GMO’s are the past, they will have caused much damage to people and the ecology of the earth.


This human-garbage orange cretin has just lifted the ban on neonicotinoid pesticides that are causing widespread extinctions of pollinator insects - bees and butterflies… an ignorant moron with such power to rule via executive fiat to change eco-systems of the entire Earth is a crime against humanity !

Installed by a manipulated “democracy” and lumpen ignorant mob, backed by great wealth (“free speech”), and supported by a corrupt ignorant Congress of fools, shills, and agents of destruction.

By the end of the tenure of this ignorant ego-mad threat to all life on Earth his reign of terror, of tyranny, we will be returned to the time of robber barons, dumping raw sewage into our rivers and seas, cities again choked by deadly smog and acid rain killing eastern lakes - he will have harmed every living thing, destroyed The Wild and places of great beauty left to us - protected in the past, now openly destroyed and diminished - increased poverty and wage slavery to epidemic levels of misery (even more).

This cretinous POS is a threat to all people and wildlife, even the Earth itself - he lives only to satisfy his malignant ego, ugly narcissism, and rampant mental illness revolving around profits and exploitation only - he is the poster child for astonishing ignorance and petulant raving stupidity!


Trump and his EPA destructors are fucking idiots. I want the fools removed yesterday.


My answer. Because Trump was selected before he was elected.


Plus he babbles on about nonsense, hate, especially racism, eg Muslim Ban. Addressing a group of Jewish people as you Jews. Plus his budget cuts affecting poor people who are mostly African Americans. I Know its true there are middle class and higher economic class Black people too. That there are impoverished white people too. Oh yes and how the tarifs are so terrific too. etc.


It’s not just “a crime against humanity.” It’s more than a crime against only one, insignificant, non-essential, and megalomaniacal species: It’s a cosmic crime against ALL NONHUMAN LIFE and Earth. I hereby indict humanity for its long-standing, systematic, and recycled crimes against its fellow Earthlings. Humanity’s time on Earth I now declare expired.


well, generally I agree, but being one of the “insignificant” species, who has adopted a lifestyle in relative harmony with Mother Earth and Her creatures, and a politics radical in nature, I have a slightly different viewpoint. If you’ll look, I did include the phrases: “this ego-mad (monster) is a threat to all life on Earth” and "the cretinous POS is a threat to all people and wildlife, even the earth itself" in my rant against the evil orange monster…