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An Intimidated Scott Walker 'Leads' by Leaving the Race


An Intimidated Scott Walker 'Leads' by Leaving the Race

John Nichols

Scott Walker ran a bizarrely off-key campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

So it made sense that he would end that campaign with a tone-deaf attempt to portray his decision to quit the competition as an act of political heroism.

“Today, I believe I am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field,” the governor of Wisconsin announced on Monday. “With that in mind, I will suspend my campaign immediately.”


" Scott Walker talked himself out of running".


The Koch Roach brothers talked Scott out of running. He was no doubt intimidated because they are cutting their filthy lucre from his campaign as POTUS .


Well, that's one horror not to worry about. This guy is the midpoint between a talking Mannequin and a Nazi with a particular distaste for anyone who isn't rich, white, and male.


I watched Scott Walker with interest as he set about his mission to destroy public service unions and to make the world safe for his patrons, the Koch brothers. Scott Walker somewhat reminds of George W. Bush, except he is less "well-bred" and not quite so charming as our esteemed former President :smile: In other words, Walker is a purely horrendous person, arrogant, stupid, vicious and dull. If I had a son who turned out like Scott Walker I would immediately disown him. Like Bush, Walker is a complete mediocrity who suffers from delusions of grandeur. The idea of Walker as President is too ludicrous to even imagine. Thank God there are enough sensible voters in the benighted United States to send a dullard like Walker packing. I pity the people of Wisconsin that he is the Captain commanding their ship of state.


Yes, Walker was/is one sick sociopath. I imagine he'll be angling for some position like Sec of Labor in a repub admin, if that comes to pass.


I guess the Kochies are none too happy.