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An Obscene Piece of American History: George Zimmerman Wants To Sell You His Gun. Yes, That Gun


An Obscene Piece of American History: George Zimmerman Wants To Sell You His Gun. Yes, That Gun

We regret to inform you that child-murderer and barely human slime bucket George Zimmerman is "honored and humbled" to be auctioning off the "American Firearm Icon" he used to gun down Trayvon Martin for being a black kid. In a relative universe, the good news is that the gun site where he listed it at a $5,000 starting price rejected the depraved transaction, suggesting there remains some sliver of hope for humanity. The bad news is another site took it. The worst news is that this loathsome scumbag is still among us.


I heard this on NPR this morning... I wanted to puke... this is the most unbelievable thing I have heard... maybe ever.... how freaking disgusting. I am angry... about so many things... it just doesn't end...


He was only a neighborhood vigilante but he was on the side of the Warrior Class. If he would have been made to pay for his crime then maybe they would have had to start paying for theirs ( the in broad daylight murder of unarmed, nonviolent citizen Eric Garner for example,)
Some may now feel safe from these abominations but eventually their sights will broaden and include more and more of us.
Like those of us not content to exercise our Freedom of Speech only within "Free Speech Zones" (like the one provided outside and far away from the Republican Convention by then NY Mayor and Billionaire Michael Bloomberg.).


I'm sure he'd get more for it if he used it on himself first.


I wouldn't even take his gun if he offered it for free. What Zimmerman & OJ Simpson have in common is that they are both guilty & were acquitted of murder. OJ is in jail now, I can't wait for Zimmerman to be prosecuted for something else.:smiling_imp::imp::japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre::ghost:


Zimmerman gives new meaning to the words "capitalist pig."


How about wait in his car for the police, near the mailboxes, like he was asked to do? Zimmerman may have been found not guilty, but he is no innocent. The man was armed, looking for trouble, and he found it. His racist heart is on display now for all the world to see; this gun only has added value because it was used to kill a black male.


Your response reminds me of the Police officer who charged a citizen with assault. Apparently the officer broke his hand as he was punching the person he was arresting in the face and this deemed "assault".

In another case a person was charged with "destroying public property" after he bled on a police officers uniform as the officer was beating him up.

We all seen mr Zimmermans injuries, a Mr Zimmerman who went out to stalk Trayvon and they hardly suggest his head being pounded into the concrete. I also wonder how it is in a "stand your ground state" where it deemed legal to shoot someone you feel a threat, that same right not accorded to Trayvon who was being stalked by Zimmerman.


Zimmerman needs money and Trump needs a running mate.

Looks like a match made in heaven.


This scum bag has found out how to make crime pay literally someone ought to kidnap this asshole and place him in a cage with his gun up his asshole.


Don't feed the troll.


Does the winner get to use it on Zimmerman?


If this is true that the second site has stopped the auction, that is the only good news about this whole situation.