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An Ode to the Feeble Corporate Apology


An Ode to the Feeble Corporate Apology

Matt Taibbi

Three of America's biggest companies – Facebook, Wells Fargo and Uber – have been offering up vague apologies via television commercials in recent weeks. If you watch the Cavs-Dubs game tonight, you'll probably catch one or all of them.

Have a bucket handy.


“…Earning back your trust…We fixed that shit…”

Anyone here think the Democrats or Republicans will ever say these words?


Do please keep in mind that these are precisely same tactics used in the genocide of native americans - including education. The difference is that where indigenous children were forced to boarding schools, the pyramid scheme can no longer do so with all children, so it must force CHARTERS. Also keep in mind that education policy is and has been the forming of servants for corporate service. That is to say, the planning of education is a production line for round about a decade or so. The trump toilet, now overfloweth-ing, with the Blackwater son of a whatsit who had to move abroad, lest he face a real comeuppance, continues licking ass in the middle east while his sister whores herself out in full Babylon style. These bastards are running flags up the pole to see what percentage salute.


Actually they probably will be saying it, like Pelosi, with the same degree of cynicism.


A taxi service valued in the billions…what utter sh*te.


To add insult to injury Wells Fargo is one of the too big to fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 and thanks to Dubya, Obama and the best Congress money can buy (that put US taxpayers on the hook for $20 plus trillion dollars in bailout schemes) increased that control to 50% of US bank assets when Obama left the White House in 2017.

Trump and the current Congress’ recent bankster legislation increases the likelihood, potential severity and aize of bailouts of the next crash Wells Fargo and the rest of the cartel pull off.


A very good point. When they set up those Residential schools here in Canada , they had as a main goal the extinguishmnet of First Nations Culture and language and thus their “Independence” and had as another goal the “training” of generations of servants. The First Nations peoples were not really to be “Educated”. They were to be trained at tasks and goals that were always about laboring for another that was deemed their “superior”.

This “Angl-Saxons” as the master race came to us long before Adolf Hitler saw its possibilities and was rampan in the British Empire from the middle part of the Victorian age and then onwards.


Dear Wells Fargo,
Phuq Warren Buffett and the horse ['s @ss] he rode in on!


Does that make the ‘capitol building’ the “best little whore house” in DC???


Referring to the US Capitol as any kind of “whore house” disrespects sex workers who earn an honest living, unlike most DC politicians.


Well, there was “We tortured some folks.” (In which ‘We fixed that shit’ was implied).


and they don’t have employees who drive, not even contracted workers who they vet. How in the hell did they become so rich? Oh vulture capitalism and they probably don’t pay much in taxes in states or federally??

But we all have our individual rights, liberty and free of ??? except we are slaves to billionaires.


Yes, they fixed that.

They got Gina.


I do absolutely agree that sex workers earn their living honestly – but I would never refer to sex workers as whores b/c that is demeaning; ergo, I reserve the derogatory term for those who truly are whores: politicians.

I went to Paris the first time in 1991 and on the street corner not far from our hotel was a lady of the evening; I met her eyes the first day we were there – she ignored me; the next time I saw her I smiled at her – she ignored me; by the fourth day I greeted her with “bonjour” – she smiled! On the last day as we were headed for the underground with our luggage I said “aurevoir,” and she said it back to me. The two of us really weren’t that different; it was just a matter of being open to a new experience, and being capable of self-respect as well as respecting others.