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'An Official Endorsement of Racism': Trump Hints at Pardon for Sheriff Joe

'An Official Endorsement of Racism': Trump Hints at Pardon for Sheriff Joe

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Human rights groups and advocates were outraged when President Donald Trump, from his controversial rally in Arizona Tuesday night, strongly implied he would pardon Joe Arpaio, the notorious former sheriff of Maricopa County who has been convicted of violating a federal court order to stop discriminating against Latinos in his county

Wouldn’t a pardon leave the conviction standing? Methinks the nature of Presidential pardons is another point that djt doesn’t understand. Or maybe his assurance that “Joe will be all right” is not about a pardon, but about his other comment about a jury. It seems Arpaio waived a jury trial the first time (only he could have left it to the judge) but is planning to appeal and demand a jury trial. I don’t know how that works, but didn’t that jury pool also reject Arpaio for reelection?

No surprise.

" So the sheriff was convicted for doing his job?" Trump.

Sheriff Joe was convicted of being a racist and to Trump, who is also a racist…that is doing your job!

It’s not illegal to be a racist. It’s illegal to use public office to systematize racism. That’s what Arpaio was convicted of. ‘Just following orders’ was his failed defense.

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Good clarification. Thanks.

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Drumpf was just projecting his feelings onto poor ole’ racist Joe The Pile of Shit.
Hopefully no one will pardon Mango Mussolini and his lowlife family.
This administration has got to go.

That’s what I was referring to, but the same population that voted him out would be the pool of potential jurors, wouldn’t it?