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An Oil Pipeline and a River: What Would Sitting Bull Do?


An Oil Pipeline and a River: What Would Sitting Bull Do?

Winona LaDuke

It’s 2016, and the weight of American corporate interests has come to the Missouri River, the Mother River. This time, instead of the Seventh Cavalry, or the Indian police dispatched to assassinate Sitting Bull, it is Enbridge and Dakota Access Pipeline.

In mid-August, Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II was arrested by state police, along with 27 others, for opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline. In the meantime, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple called for more police support.


Nothing to add except to thank Winona LaDuke for an excellent article.


An excellent article.

The difference between how the Europeans viewed land as opposed to our First Nations peoples could not be more dramatic. To that European , land and the ecosystem was something to be dominated , remade and owned all for self interest and profit. This part and parcel of that Dominator model.

The First Nations peoples saw themselves as belonging TO the land rather than the land belonging to the individual and were to be its caretakers for those that came after.

I always find it so ironic that the Age Of Enlightenment started in Europe around 1750 and around that time the true world spanning Empires out of Europe began to spread their "ideals" across the Globe.When it comes to the environment and the very nature of LIFE itself , our First Nations peoples have always been more enlightened. What came out of Europe was anything but.

As soon as those first pilgrims got off the boat, they began writing about what a paradise they had entered into when compared to the squalor that they had left behind in Europe. As soon as they got off those boats they began to claim that God had provided them this "Paradise" and they began to remake it in the image of the squalor they had left behind in Europe.


What would Sitting Bull do? Kill all the white guys.


With all due respect, I would ask that you either amend your posting or remove it.
And I remind you of the closing quote from from the article:
“Let us put our minds together to see what kind of future we can make for our children.”


I think that was metaphorical speech which is also protected by the Constitution.
Or maybe he meant to put a question mark?


It's TOO LATE for our species for such stupid questions!


It's never too late to pause and ask the right questions.


Good point - the freedom of speech thing - think I'll apply it.


that sounds like a wise choice under, well, all circumstances. Glad to hear it.


I don't know about Sitting Bull, but Crazy Horse would open a big can of whoop ass on the white interlopers!


My statement stands, pure and simple. Having sat on the lap of Black Elk as a child (I may be an older goat) and communed at length with him, I must repeat the same. Sitting Bull was a war chief of the Hunkpapas and it was only after being hounded into the dirt and drug to the reservation that he changed his attitude. His initial reaction to the destruction of his homeland was martial force and to kill every white trooper sent against him. His new-found pacifism got him assassinated. I will neither amend nor remove. Sometimes I don't like what you say but I would never negate your right to express your opinion. I think maybe you've seen a lot of "noble savage" propaganda over the years and it has tainted your view of human motivation (pure speculation on my part), which is often not so noble no matter who they are. In Sitting Bull's case...he is one of my heroes...warts and all. I grew up with the Sioux (Lakota) people and I assure you they still are not real happy about white people and I don't blame them.


Oil and a country:


Thanks Abby Martin.


Probable violence or open some Indian gambling casinos, take the white man's money, hire good lawyers and sue them for damages.


I fully respect your perspective, can understand and have experienced and engage with situations working to address present day genocides. It ain't no cake walk and any thought that it might be resolved in my lifetime was dismissed over a decade ago. But I can tell you that were I to indulge in a quip like that - other than in a four eyes situation, I would never be permitted to engage again. Its real plain and simple. Sometimes a challenge to engage can look one way in the abstract and prove otherwise once its actually engaged - again- with respect in each step on the journey.
I'm more than happy to have goosed a public extrapolation on your part and look forward to your insightful posts in the future... warts and all either on your part or on my part.


Who are the savages? Who trashes Sacred Mother Earth? Those who can't figure these simple things...go sit in a forest, for a long time!


I'm totally behind keeping fossil fuels in the ground..
But whatever replaces it, let us give it the level of scrutiny that fossil fuels are belatedly receiving. Large windmills create a huge amount of electromagnetic radiation--people shouldn't live near them and farmers complain that their cows don't do well around them. Solar energy comes into a system with a wild and erratic range of frequencies , unlike the rather even and orderly signal coming through power lines. A house with solar panels needs filters to remove the erratic signals and unhealthy signals.
Better than just alternate fuels, a review of what we consume versus what we recycle, energy storage, renewable or everlasting consumer products, these issues must be addressed. Moving to electric transportation allows a possible diversification of the energy source.


I agree with others, great article. In response to some of the comments, at what point do you become physical to stop crime? The dominant culture has been wiping out indigenous cultures with force for centuries. It will continue to do so until we are all "equal" under one world government. At what point do unique communities close their borders against globalization in order to preserve their uniqueness? The point is now! It is predictable the pipeline will be claimed as "legal" in order to continue the "transformation" to one world mono-culture and one world government and to obliterate diversity. The precedent that human beings actually can trump the machine is something the dominant culture cannot accept, because the dominant culture is now run by a machine. The reaction to allowing the pipeline will be anger, which is what the "World order" wants in order to justify another crack down to bring "peace." Please understand how conflict is flamed for this purpose. Those who are offended by people who are willing to fight for their rights are already emasculated and dumbed down by the New Age meme of "don't polarize anything." I applaud all the people who have joined in demonstrations to support the Lakota. You can find my non-profit book "Indigenous Re-call: The return to sanity" at any online retailer with author name Ray Songtree. It is non-profit. You will get your mind blown. Vol 2 is best one. We need to wake up and be Mama Bear and protect our future.


Thank you. I have always enjoyed your posts as well, even when I didn't fully agree with them. Thank you for the opportunity to elucidate. I tend to make startling statements to get people's attention...often with no context so I realize it sometimes seems like I'm saying one thing when I mean something else entirely. Sometimes I blather on just to hear myself talk. I look forward to future discussion.


Thank you for your work, and for this article, Winona LaDuke. It's long past time to stand against the insanity of corporatism in every way, shape and form.