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An Open Call for Trump to Veto Anti-Consumer Bill


An Open Call for Trump to Veto Anti-Consumer Bill

Ralph Nader

'If you truly care about consumers you should VETO this mean-spirited and unjust bill, which is nothing more than a gift to the unprincipled perpetrators of financial abuses.'


Open call from Donald J. Trump (fake call):
Dear Ralph,
I appreciate your writing, but could you keep it short and snappy?
So many words, so little time.
Yes, I’m very intelligent, and so I don’t need these long-winded comments.
You want me to veto the bill?
O.K. Trust me. I’ll either veto the bill or I won’t.
Next time, use Twitter.
The Donald for Permanent President. (Everybody’s a winner.)


Mr. Ralph. Please. Please. !STOP! using the corporate weasel “consumer”. We the People are Human Beings, not verbs. Weasels are ruining our chances at collectively understanding ourselves as spiritual beings and Family. Thank you for your concern on this old, old, old sore that is wrecking We the Peoples’ chances at understanding the pack of lies known as “consumerism”. Mother Earth. The Peoples’ Commons.

Corporations are consuming even the Spirit World. 'Dark holes in it where wild things are lost forever", paraphrasing Bruce Cockburn’s tune lyrics.

We love you! Ralph ROCKS! GO BERNIE!


Everyone should send a copy of this to their Congressman in addition to the president, because the use of forced arbitration takes away our fundamental right to redress wrongdoing. These are becoming common place any time you use a service Even healthcare includes these agreements. It is not ok.


This administration will not allow any values placed before corporate profits, not humane, social or environmental.


For slime like Trump and most Congresscritters “consumers” are nothing more than useful idiots who keep these slime infesting the swamp.

If you ask our local Trump supporters if they approve of this or any other Trump action, you get the same response you always get: “Trump is still better than Hillary”.


Nader began as a “consumer advocate” and has never much moved beyond that. A middle class hero, but not a working class hero.


To add, he started dallying with friends like Grover Norquist, CATO, and Chamber of Commerce in the mid-2000s as his star was fading.


Every time you buckle your seat belt in a motor vehicle so as to protect you or others from flying through the windshield, thank Ralph. Some people never learned GRATITUDE!


What? Ralph is, and always has been for what is damn right in this world! Damn straight, Ralph is a good man, and never forget it!


Sorry, but just because one wants to believe something doesn’t make it true. Ralph’s star faded after 2000 so he cozied up to Norquist and his buddies a few years later in an obvious attention seeking gambit. I wish he didn’t do it, but he did and it was garbage.


The first seat belts originated in the 19th century. The modern seat belt was developed in Europe in the 50s. Both before Naders time. I said he was always a consumer advocate. Why is that bad?