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An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from One Progressive Woman

Guilty as charged. Unwilling 11-B-10 from Flint, Michigan drafted as canon fodder back in the day.
This is the way things work. Apart from keeping the minions poor via low wages and rising costs of living, limited opportunity provides a steady stream of warm bodies to enforce the will of the elite (or the shadow government, or whatever you choose to call them) upon the rest of the world. It’s nothing new and was spelled out by Smedley Butler between the two world wars.
Best of luck to you. Have a nice ETS.

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Advocate, you obviously don’t know Donna Smith. I do. She has been working for single payer for years and I do not doubt has done tons more building a movement than you, unless of course you think posting on the internet is tantamount to building a movement. You being an obvious die-hard Sander’s supporter, you might listen to what he says about building a revolution, If you did you might not diss those who have spent years doing so.

Being a Smith myself, I think it is terribly unfortunate you are making such sweeping generalizations about Hillary Clinton, and praising rhetoric of Bernie Sanders.You aren’t looking at this with full vision. And, suggesting Hillary isn’t a progressive is terribly harmful to any progressive agenda, especially the Democratic Party.We have fought for years to get a legitimate female candidate out front. Shame on you for thinking your open letter somehow justifies the damage you are doing.

Bernie is a good guy who means well, but we have listened to his far reaching rhetoric since I can remember. Revolution is a wonderful thought, but no one wants to do what it takes when it comes down to it. Even when we had a Democratic House and Senate in hand they were not willing to move that far forward. In reality, all of the far left leaning hopefuls won’t put their money and hands toward the work. They want Bernie to do it. If that were possible he would have done it 30 years ago! He couldn’t do it as an Independent and he won’t get it done as a Democrat.

Bernie’s efforts remind me of the Obama agenda. He did a lot, but many of these promises take leverage and negotiations he has never been able to deliver on. Why in the world do you think he will do it with the strength of Republican leadership in the House and Senate? Again, you are extremely naive.

We all know that the political system and Wall Street have elements of corruption. However, I would rather have someone who knows how to navigate it and make incremental changes versus someone who makes glorious speeches of destroying the demons. Hillary Clinton has been in the White House. She knows what must be done. She is more of a hawk than many of us, but she has also served as Secretary of State. She knows the dynamics of world power.

To bring down Wall Street is to collapse our economy and our individual financial future. It may sound great to someone under the age of 30, but I have no ability to do a redo at this late stage of my life. I would imagine Bernie has his retirement accounts and personal investments in that “corrupt Wall Street.” Taking down all the big banks will only create more destruction. If you believe he intends to do this you are extremely naive.

I would love single-payer, but it will take effort to work toward it. Some large ideas require steps. Trust me…I am 65 years-old, a Lesbian who got married to her partner of 21 years just two years ago. I know what it means to make large changes in our societal complexities. It took years for African-Americans to be treated with any level of dignity and respect. We are still fighting for that reality and it has taken dozens of years.

The big steps take preparation as well as ground breaking wins. It will take a while for our middle class to believe it is time to do something that takes the burden off their backs.White male Americans are feeling the squeeze of diminishing power and will not let it be taken in large chunks. We can’t make people see the efficacy of creating more meaningful equality when they hold the financial control. Those who have the money make the decisions. Bernie is right about that.

When I was very young I supported McGovern. He too had wonderful left leaning ideas I supported. We carried signs in the street and believed he was electable. His agenda pushed too far from the middle to get elected. Even with his big dreams Obama worked within the Pacs and large Democratic business donor base. Getting Bernie the nomination will only insure we get one of the incompetent Republican leaders who will get millions contributed to their campaign. An independent without Pacs won’t seal the deal.

Hillary will get it done one day at a time. She will push the Progressive Agenda much further than Bernie will ever be able to accomplish. I look at the facts, and it tells me you are pushing a large rock up hill instead of seeing how things get done. It is sad, but true. Our youth will learn this fact, and if people like you keep using power incorrectly we will learn it the hard way.

I was close enough to it to hear what it was like to experience the Great Depression. Words of revolution aren’t the solution. Progressive negotiations and forward progress is much more powerful than empty words and work. I have watched it all my life and you can’t change it by stomping your feet and making more sweeping generalizations.