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An Open Letter to President Obama: Decision Time for Israeli-Palestinian Peace


An Open Letter to President Obama: Decision Time for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Robert Reich

Dear President Obama:


It's not going to happen. Neither is Obama going to pardon Chelsea Manning or Snowden. The reason is that Obama has been promised a lucrative post presidency by getting big bucks speaking at corporate functions. This will be his primary source of income as Obama, unlike his predecessors and his successors, doesn't come from a well heeled family. But all of these promises of corporate speaking engagements depends on him not ruffling the feathers of the establishment on his way out. A bold move, such as sticking up for the 99% at home or around the world, will bankrupt him after leaving office and he does have a family to support. His presidential pension is more than adequate in my mind, but Obama and his family have become quite accustomed to the high life over the last eight years and therefore won't be willing to sacrifice that lifestyle for a set of principles that most Americans really don't appreciate.
American politicians have time and again shown how easily they an be bought.


Recall that Chelsea Clinton got a $200k job straight out of college (back when $200k was real money and law grads were not even getting that much), so she didn't need to hit up mom and dad for dough anymore.

Is Obama even likely to attempt to slow down the 2017 GOP blitzkrieg by making a recess appointment next month to replace Scalia ?


If Obama did this, it would nearly make up for the rest of his time pandering to the rich and lying to the people. it would be one good and important action, and Carter, for all his faults, deserves support.

As for Ralph Nader, if the system had allowed the American population to vote for him as POTUS instead of GWBush, what a wonderful country you would all now be living in!!!!!!


Nader first ran for POTUS in 1996. Had he won against Bill Clinton, Dubya would never have been installed in 2000, there would probably have not been a 9/11 with its eternal occupations and wars, and the 2008 crash would have been a mild business cycle downturn.


AIPAC will crush any American politician that tries to recognize a Palestinian state.


At the very least AIPAC won't hand over their lucrative cash donation to any politician that doesn't follow the "All Arabs are bad and all Israelis are great" narrative. Though Obama is retiring from politics next month, he could recognize Palestine, but it would simply be overturned by the Trump administration. I can't wait for a politician to run who has the guts to recognize Palestine.


The Republican controlled Senate shut off that avenue by deciding to not go into recess at all.