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An Open Letter to President Obama on Encryption: This is About Math, Not Politics


An Open Letter to President Obama on Encryption: This is About Math, Not Politics

Rainey Reitman

Dear President Obama,

During your keynote conversation at SXSW, you called for a concession on security in our digital devices, stating that you don’t believe in “an absolutist view” when it comes to cryptography on phones.


There is a private key encryption system that assigns everyone who subscribes to it a 32-bit prime number. When a subscriber wants to send a message he (could be she) sends proof of his own identity, identity of intended recipient of message, and message to send to the system. System multiplies the 32-bit prime numbers of sender and receiver to get a code to use to encrypt message and uses it and sends the encrypted message to recipient, whose computer can divide the message by his own assigned 32-bit prime number to decrypt the message. I works, but it is much better to avoid sending the 32-bit primes used for encryption and instead rely on the systems computer to look them up in its own memory from the identities of the two who want to send each other messages through the system.


Apple is up to their necks in the MIC, the consulting source of its innovations
All of this is advertorial. I see Snowden thinks so too.
The Nuclear Energy industry is of the same nature (Nuclear for Bombs, oops, Energy!!) and see what it has done.
The same apples to oil.
The chicken comes home to roost. Too many movies Mr and Mrs ‘American’.
Get used to it. Reality is not a movie.
Or an advert.
Until then you will just look ridiculous.
See current Primaries.


I’m just as worried about “the good guys”