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An Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Regarding Haiti

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/19/open-letter-prime-minister-justin-trudeau-regarding-haiti


Great letter and practical demands, but as every signatory on this list knows, Canada marches to the beat of the U.S. Whether Canada is arresting a Chinese executive for selling 5G telephones to Iran or whether it is hailing the unelected, CIA puppet Juan Guido as the new but illegitimate president of Venezuela, Canada’s foreign policy has never been directed by moral objectives, but rather a fear of retaliation by the dysfunctional U.S. government.
Canadians want a government that will stand up to the imperial capitalism that the U.S. forces down the throats of foreign governments. But because Canada ranks as the Americans largest trading partner and the fourth largest U.S. defence contractor, Canadians have never elected a leader since Justin Trudeau’s father that has had the gravitas to stand up American imperial hubris.
The current dictatorship of Haiti has been propped up by the CIA. In fact the U.S. has been responsible for all of Haiti’s ruthless dictators for centuries leftover from the U.S. governments original displeasure of Haiti overthrowing their slave masters over 200 years ago. Canadians can choose to take the moral high ground and will be supported by a majority of Americans. However corporate America, with their control of mainstream media and the U.S. government, refuses to support any moves that will threaten their self appointed role as the final arbiter of governments around the globe.
Like the U.S., Canadians need a political party that is guided by human rights, compassion and respect for the global community rather than securing “vital interest” everywhere with the projection of military power. Until both countries can shed their governments of corporate influence, repressive regimes everywhere will be protected by a handful of powerful and immoral forces via military might.


Justin Trudeau queries foreign policy advisor.

Is the current Government in Haiti threatening to seize the mining concessions of Canadian based mining companies.?

Advisor : Oh no he assures us that their rights to Haiti’s mineral resources are not at risk.

Justin Trudeau: Well then it a democracy of course we will support him.

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From the lead paragraph of Wikipedia:
Jovenel Moïse (born 26 June 1968) is a Haitian entrepreneur and politician serving as the 42nd President of Haiti. Final official results had shown him as the winner of the November 2016 election. In 2019, political unrest and calls for his resignation became a crisis.

The business career section of the Wikipedia article sounds good. He was recruited by previous president Martelly to run. He did get about 595,000 in the 2016 election, in a nation of 11 million people. Note that that was >55% of the vote, and more than twice what the next candidate received.

I would be curious why protests erupted against Pres. Moïse now. The nominal dispute is over whether his term ends 5 years after 2015 or 5 years after 2016. Protests in 2015 caused a postponement of run-off elections by a year, and an interim president was elected in Feb. 2015 to serve until new elections could be held. By Haiti’s constitution he gets five years after he was sworn in, and he was sworn in Feb 7 2017.

I wonder what it takes to govern Haiti according to the people’s will. (We know that Fidel and Raul Castro have ideas of how to do it. What does Noam Chomsky or Naomi Klein propose?)