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An Open Letter to the Quote Unquote Left


An Open Letter to the Quote Unquote Left

Jeanmarie Bishop

Eight years ago, I wrote a piece and a follow-up that were published on Common Dreams. I reflected on the election season that was coming to an end. Barack Obama was so far ahead in the polls that it looked inevitable that he would win. My view of the country was that we were bubbling over with joyful anticipation and that we were making a giant step forward. I was still young enough to imagine myself growing old in a free and equal, prosperous, egalitarian land.

Hello, 2016.


what seems on the face of it like mindless disjointed sophomoric gibberish, making no coherent point at all, may in fact actually be just that…


First the Democrats bring a knife to a gun-fight. Now this writer recommends bringing flowers!


The underlying assumption is that Clinton would have been better than Trump.

Reality for people outside the US is a continuing holocaust no matter who is president.

https://williamblum.org/books/killing-hope/ will make this clear even to democrats.


Trump will be worse.


As my eyes started to glaze over, I realized that I was yet again reading muddled speech. How about peace with Russia! peace with Syria! peace with Palestine!
On another scary note I just read that Obama/Kerry may not have control of the military, that rogue elements in the military kept attacking Syria even after Kerry made agreements.


The rules have always been the same - there are no rules. Authoritarian capitalism is very old now and its playbook is well-developed. To be a Socialist in America just means that you believe that labor unions should be legal, and that makes you a lefty- not a very high bar. The left ceased to exist in the US after 1917 and has never come back. Now we all just watch as right wing billionaires battle liberal billionaires in the two parties. But the veneer of passive optimism and denial is gradually being pulled back - and the chasm between rich and poor is more visible to most Americans now. This is not the time to weep or have self-pity, rather it is time to rejoice in the truth. Only the truth that we see with our own eyes is the way forward. And the truth is what both the desperate and the creative crave right now. We are crossing a desert of lies and it is getting hotter!


Ms. Bishop: This is not the fault of “we” the voters. This is not the fault of “we” the Democratic party faithful. “We” didn’t blow anything. The vitriolic identity politics hyperbolic red/fear-baiting garbage was fed from the top down and repeated all day every day by Democratic Party surrogates and in the media.

This is the fault of the out of touch, corrupt party masters at the DNC and their simpleton media toadies for failing to create a compelling campaign disseminating a message that was connected to the needs and reality of this moment. You are asking the citizen voter (a majority of which are far less educated and “politically savvy” as you) to “rise above” the manufactured outrage they are being force fed daily by politicians and the media? THAT is crazy!


You can’t possibly be implying that the right wing fascist jerk Trump has any interest in peace with Palestine do you?

And Syria? Wait until you see the hell Trump will have for the ME in general (pun intended) as he piles onto already bloody US foreign policy.

As for Russia, the only reason Trump has made nice with Putin, has become painfully obvious. It is about his own personal dreams of playing the big oil game, but as some kind of self aggrandized oil baron.

I notice in your comment history that you are a Trump supporter, who makes ignorant assertions about the “left”, such as in Portland people are afraid because of the big scary “left”.

Been hanging out at Breitbart a bit too much perhaps.

And before you go calling me a Clinton supporter, Obama supporter, or a DNC supporter in general, read my comment history.

But you? You support the most right wing fascist that has ever risen to power in this country. Congrats!!!


We really don’t know. Clinton and Obama were really beating the drums for WWIII - check out what Chomsky has said about that since we started our Syria involvement. Anyways, speculating about this is not energy well spent IMHO.


“We blew it. If we want to fix it, we can’t do it with the same strategies with which we blew it. That would be clinically insane.”

NICE SOME PEOPLE USE “WE” when there was no “WE” when Obama jumped in and over took Clinton in 2008, nor was this use of “WE” was heard in 2012 when Obama ran for re-election, nor did Bernie Sander ask me permission consent or even support in my being as a life long socialist of one flavor or another when he decided to run for office in 2016; nor did Brother Bernie and the “Left” give a damn what the rank and file of LEFTISTS thoughts generally because for years they did not represent Leftist principle and ideas bu “Leftist principles and ideas” or the lack there of because Brother Bernie was no a “Socialist” “leftist” but a “social-democratic socialist” that as thr RINOS DINO related to us as a SINO or socialist in name only. I nominally support that jack ass and in reward for my support I got Trump and some young punky Ivy Legue upper middle class newbie to socialism calling me up with their speech of RA RA RA as if it were a football game she was supporting in atypical American fashion.

So I am glad you wrote this article toi goad me into reading and writing on what no one will read.

You are correct “We blew it” as in people like you where “If we” and in people like you “want to fix it, we can’t do it with the same strategies with which we blew it” but this is not the first time you as in that “we” that is you have screwed things up in what is “clinically insane” in that you are too young to notice they very same tricks that are recycled and used.

Where here in WESTERN Pa where TRUMP won and YOU LOST humbly I can say I could do more but not in conjunction with the “WE” you speak of, because the WE here is not the “WE” there read “Revolution in the Revolution” by REgis Debray who later became a minister of state under Mitterrand,
and think how you could tell me how that “WE” sold the WE out and you could tell me personally for all this chatter is all too convenient online as I believe I have invited every leftist in the world to visit and have not one taker to date. WHY? because the WE is not “WE” and what you call “LEFT” is not LEFT.



Speculation? Who needs speculation to see that the Trump Administration will be the most reactionary right wing corporate governance Administration at least since Harding, but with tyrannical tools at the ready.

Clinton and Obama, yes yes yes…you can’t make a point about them, regarding risking WWIII that I haven’t already made.

But that same “left” was, and apparently is STILL blind to the unique dangers of Trump.


You, apparently, do need to speculate on it… clearly. I won’t be joining you in that rabbit hole of hyperbolic fearmongering.

I am curious though, who is this “left” you are constantly strawmanning, and to what end? Do you see yourself as morally superior to these alleged “blind” leftists?


How about analysis. Can you manage that Trump Neo Leftist?

I have a LOT of resentment regarding people on the left, those on the “left” that apologized for this right wing jerk.

I never ONCE apologized for Clinton, or any other war mongering, corrupt, corporate servicing Democrat, and after the election I defended those who voted for Stein against accusations that the fault for Trump lies with them.

That said, hell yes I feel morally superior, in regard to the position I held regarding Trump, to those that apologized for Trump.

I feel morally superior to those on the “left” that rushed in at ANY criticism of Trump.

And if you are actually apologizing for Trump, then I feel morally superior to you as well, on that score.


I support the people. People like the Good Samaritans, people like the Russians, people like the Palestinians, people like the Mexicans, people like the Americans. We face predatory elites hiding behind all kinds of masks. I, as a person, in solidarity with other people, call for peace. The ‘ones’ who call for war, they are to be condemned, because the people do not make war on other people.
Proof they say is in the pudding; Obama, Clintons, “the left” has called for and practiced war, Trump has yet to show his hand, the proof, will be in the pudding.


You are blind in your support for Trump.


A heaping helping of Babeuf for the Holidays, please, for everyone! Thank you for your comment. Of course, in Kafka-esque style, Americans wait outside an open door and don’t approach it until it is locked.


Thanks for the utterly vapid and powerfully divisive diatribe. Your ego feel better now?


Well since you have speculated on my ego, demonstrating a capacity for such, I recommend now you engage that same capacity in speculating on the ego of the megalomaniac sociopath Trump, and the danger that he represents.

You, apparently, do need to speculate on it… clearly. I won’t be joining you in that rabbit hole of hyperbolic fearmongering.

And that wasn’t divisive?

No need to feign moral superiority in that regard.


The article you linked rings true and should be required reading!


War once was the last thing a nation wanted, but that fell apart perhaps beginning in Vietnam. Now war is just another industry that the profiteers work overtime to keep viable and growing - the Military Industrial Congressional Complex Prez/General Eisenhower warned us against now is a dominant force - the billions and trillions in profits to be made, the influence & corruption awarding contracts, the military careers made, a million jobs, all sustained by war and its adjucts, with the loses measured in lives, mostly innocent lives.
As Maj-Gen Smedley Butler wrote: “WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.” - “In World War I a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new
millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during World War II.” Think of how much is being made now!

The potential of renegade conspirators who will flout civilian law and command to make damn sure there will always be a theatre of war somewhere - else their lives aren’t worth living - the war-machine has gained a life of its own!

How far our so-called leaders have come from the words of Dwight Eisenhower: “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.” - Chance for Peace Speech 1953

Keep the faith!