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An Open Letter to the United States: Stop Interfering in Venezuela's Internal Politics


An Open Letter to the United States: Stop Interfering in Venezuela's Internal Politics

Noam Chomsky, Laura Carlsen

The following open letter—signed by 70 scholars on Latin America, political science, and history as well as filmmakers, civil society leaders, and other experts—was issued on Thursday, January 24, 2018 in opposition to ongoing intervention by the United States in Venezuela.



This president is over reaching----Congress needs to take back its power to declare war! From what I can tell all Maduro wants is to help the COMMON people. We should be helping Venezuela, not destabilizing it as the US has done in other countries like Honduras and Guatemala . And what has been the outcome of all this destabilizing of countries to our south? Foreign policy should be founded on INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM.




how do wethepeople sign the same petitions?

when i saw pence in his b.s. speech to venezuelans, i wanted to bitchslap him. but in truth, that’s just frosting on the cake for wishing i could run him over with a road paver.



Thank you to all the historians, lawyers, artists, writers philosophers, and the all people who fight for JUSTICE. Thank you for writing and signing this.Brains are so much important than pocketbooks. Thank you for showing people how it’s done. : )



ok! i’ll drink to that…well, a little bit more than kissing. of course, we’d need a penile plethysmograph (with cuff) attached to his …er…er… you know… and a print out that reads in all newsrooms…and to Mother’s email.



A government that can’t be bothered to pay over 800.000 of its own employees for over a month, now dictates regime change in Venezuela, a democracy.

As Will Durst says, with Trump absurdity is normalized.



Of course, the Democratic hopefuls for 2020 and virtually all Democrats in Congress are silent on this matter, since both parties favor imperialism and have no regard for international law.

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Tulsi Gabbard spoke out against this.



Thank you for the information. I always had respect for Tulsi, and now it is deeper respect.

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As has Bernie Sanders:

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Oil & Money.
Venezuela has been testing the waters by trading their oil for yuan with the Chinese, for example to avoid some of the sanctions.
The almighty USa petro dollar is getting some completion and the oily-garchs absolutely hate that.
This situation in Venezuela is not about anything else but the petty trade of oil and money.

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Tell you one thing, if Hillary had won in 2016, we would have already been subjected to a barrage of hysterical media stories about an upcoming Venezuelan genocide or a bunch of abducted school children or somesuch, and NATO bombs would be starting any moment, all under the banner of ‘Humanitarian Intervention.’ Liberals would be pogo-dancing for joy. But compared to the Democrats, Trump and his goons are a bunch clumsy amateurs.



We can be sure that anytime a foreign leader is demonized as a " BRUTAL DICTATOR" OR WHATEVER, we can be sure that even if true, that is red herring that means that, that foreign leader like Maduro, is stepping on the oily-garchs toes!

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The usual suspects supporting another left wing dictatorship. At least Pinochet brought Chile on the road to recovery



The Monroe Doctrine forever! Said no sane American.



Thank you for finding that. I had a bit trouble.



Hard to miss the constant attack on Ms Gabbard from everyone in the Democratic Party and the left media. Even in a segment on how great it is that so many women are running, Samantha Bee trashed her. Makes me wonder what they are all afraid of? The last time I was the Democrats ridicule and demean a candidate was Dennis Kucinich and before that Jesse Jackson. I’m glad she is running so that the other candidates can’t duck their flag waving, non-questioning support of the military and their war-mongering over the last decades. Go Tulsi-give 'em hell.



Remember, Obama started the economic assault on Venezuela back in 2014 so this has been a slow rolling coup by the US. Don’t overlook the recently passed bipartisan NICA Act which is the same start of regime change in Nicaragua by leveling crushing sanctions. Every Democratic and Republican candidate needs to be aggressively questioned on their stance on ending this type of crap.


  1. Maduro was never legally sworn in.
  2. Guaidó’s procedure follows articles 233, 333 and 350 of the Venezuelan constitution.
  3. International sanctions are against individuals. There are no sanctions against Venezuela. In fact, the US continues to pay cash for Venezuelan oil.
  4. The politicians who tried to negotiate an exit are either in jail, dead or exiled.
  5. Millions of Venezuelans have fled on foot. There is a dire humanitarian situation caused by mismanagement and sheer corruption.

This text is colonialist in spirit, as it puts the ideological needs of the intellectual elite over the real basic needs of people suffering a humanitarian crisis. It’s amazing -but not surprising- how egomania forces otherwise intelligent people to support the systematic violation of human rights.



Please provide a way for other supporters to sign the letter.
Bruce Scotton, MD
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco