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An Open Letter to the Wall Street Journal on Its Bernie Sanders Hit Piece


An Open Letter to the Wall Street Journal on Its Bernie Sanders Hit Piece

Gerald Friedman

(Note: Gerald Friedman's research was cited in a Wall Street Journal story about Bernie Sanders's proposals for government spending. Friedman responds to that story below.)


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The WSJ, besides being a Murdoch rag, has a stable of economists imbued with at best half-assed concepts of economics and weasel statements of views. This is typical of the half-truths and lying horse shit that FOX, the WSJ, and other of News Corp's information outlets spew forth. Only the top money mongers and the mass of cretins that populate the US will feel sated in consuming the crap.

Also, I am interested to know how many of CD's readership can imagine that people who read the WSJ would also vote for Sanders. Sanders' staff have to watch out not so much for WSJ opinions as for other news outlets that quote it.


Single payer makes too much sense for this country which is dominated by right wing scum and libertarian filth. Truman proposed a national health care system in the late 1940s but was defeated by the GOP and the AMA. The right wing/libertarians claim that single payer would lead to long wait times for medical care. We have that now, millions of people uninsured or who have crappy high deductible health insurance don't get timely health care and often wait until they are in dire pain and agony. Using the ER for medical care is very costly and is not the same as regular timely physical check ups. The anti-single payer people claim that Canadians come to the US for health care. That is a lie, an infinitesimal number of Canadians come to the US for health care. An actual study was made by the Universities of Michigan and of British Columbia which found that very few Canadians actually come to the US for health care. Numerous polls have shown that Canadians love their Medicare and would not want to trade it for the free market for profit garbage we have in the US. Seniors in the US love Medicare which is single payer for folks 65 and older.


The 9th Amendment to the United States Constitution is a wise amendment. The drafters of this amendment knew all possible rights could never be covered, the result of their musings is this amendment: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." This is the legal basis for universal health care.


Hopefully Paul Krugman will also address this.


What I don't understand is that even the 1%er's should want healthy slaves.


When the WSJ attacks you....then you know you are onto something righteous. Keep it up Senator Sanders. The only thing that will stop you are corrupt voting machines. And you know that the scum of the earth are hard at work at that!


They only want certain types of citizens to die, of course. Why do you think they like the PIC so much. It will do its' killing for them, one way or another. And, the Police and Security State will take care of some more, too. And, Big Pharma and Industrialized Food will take care of some more. The WSJ is a major p.o.s. and the NYT is a close second. As Manhattan & Wall Street, the whole state for that matter, loses power and prestige, they've become reactionary and frustrated. BTW- I just had a conversation with a recent Vassar ( little 7 ) grad who described the East Coast as a " terrible and depressing " place to plan for a future and a family. She came here to work in urban agricultural studies and sustainable living. Go figure. Do you hear a train leaving a station; I sure do.


Thanks for only including "some doctors" as beneficiaries. There are plenty that, even if the current system favors their checkbooks, consider the best interests of their patients, and vocally support the true reform (as opposed to the "market-based reform" of the ACA) of a single-payer system.
And of COURSE it would save money. The only people who can claim, with a straight face, that it would cost money are the tiny minority whose money it would cost.


You know that guy from down-under, murdoc or whatever it is, I saw the other day that he just bought National Geographic...I am a man, so, may I borrow some of your lipstick to smear all over the face of a Pig??? snark snark...oh...I was wrong...sorry...oink oink


MurdockInc hates everybody to the left of Dick "The World Class Snarl" Cheney, so of course they hate any civilized writing. And no doubt, Bernie Sanders terrifies them! Telling that much truth is outrageous! Downright, anti-MurdockIncian!

Praise the lord for the media kooks!


I believe you probably meant MISinformation outlets. Most of the information that we get from these corporate "news" agencies is skewed and incomplete.


One must step carefully to gather The Truth as there are so many liars out there, all because they can't get enough of the almighty dollar. MSNBC has now gone the way of FauxNews. TNYT can't be trusted 100per cent.
None of us really has anything if we don't have health.. Pain stops me cold, doesn't it you? Hate takes so much more energy than love.
I often wonder "How much money is finally enough?" How many homes, cars, planes, billions? We all have the same 24/7 no matter how much money we accumulate, si?
Bernie is now The Front Runner, so these jackals will step up the hit pieces and the denials.


Well at least we still have PBS and NRP.


Pure Bullsh*t Stations?
Neocon Public Radio?



Good points all alligator-
I would like to ad that this country needs many, many more doctors and nurses to care for our ageing population- There are plenty of people here in America that would make fine Doctors, but there are not enough schools and no affordable financing for the not so rich- It is as though to become A doctor here in America, you have to belong to an exclusive club- I also believe the entrance exam qualifications are way over the top-

My Brother recently died of undiagnosed Cancer preceded by Kidney stones- After 3 months of every symptom imaginable, and going through constant heavy breathing, bloody stools, excruciating pain he died within 15 minutes of reaching the hospital that his wife finally took him to-His "Doctor", an alleged "critical care specialist" with whom my brother had been seeing for over 20 years had not even ordered up A blood analysis- I am so pissed-
My point here is, here we have A Doctor that was qualified by the Medical cartel, had gone to the finest schools but failed my brother in his hour of need- How much better is this guy than someone who may not have scored as high in the entrance exams, but gives real care for his patients- I would say that the "Specialist" is the mediocre practitioner whereas another Doctor that has the good sense to request a simple and common blood and urine analysis , none of which this doctor requested after seeing my brother repeatedly over this 3 month period, would be the better Doctor-
I wanted to sue this half assed jerk but my family and his lovely non caring wife want no part of it- He will just go on killing innocent people with his poor judgment and questionable competence - We need more doctors in this country, one or two on every street corner, Affordable Doctors that are serious about their patient's health and well being....


Michael Moore did A fairly good job of explaining all of this in "Sicko"- Made me want to move to France- Of course the Masters of the Universe are chomping at the bit to rid those European Countries that are Socialist leaning- They are creating A massive War Refugee Crises in hopes that it will sink European Socialism....And then there are Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and others whose Public Assets will be bought and sold by these Usurious Banking schemers-
The European Union sure worked out well-
Goddamn the IMF, World Bank, Central Banks, Pentagon, Fed, NATO, and Council on Foreign Relations- They are Evil incarnate....


Instead of using this confusing, Frank Luntz type term "single payer" why not make it understandable to all and call it "Medicare for All: Cradle to Grave"-


Huey sold healthcare for Black people to the White planter class by saying "you wouldn't want a colored woman caring for your children who has pyorrhea, would you?". Since half of them had never even heard the scary-sounding term, they hastily agreed, and Black Louisianians got healthcare!


Naysayers of single payer health care always leave out any discussion of cost:benefit ratio since it always counters their argument. On the other hand, if we considered the cost:benefit ratio of the war on terror, we'd find that the cost far exceeds the benefit and so indicates that the current means employed for dealing with terrorism is clearly not cost effective. Seriously, how much did the world trade towers cost to build vs how much has been spent on the war on terrorism? Millions for the towers vs trillions for the war?! We should have just rebuilt the towers and gave the middle finger to the terrorists. Just sayin'.