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An Open Letter to Young Muslims Everywhere: The Seed of Triumph in Every Adversity


An Open Letter to Young Muslims Everywhere: The Seed of Triumph in Every Adversity

Ramzy Baroud

When I was a little boy, I used to dream of being reborn outside the hardship of the Refugee Camp in Gaza, in some other time and place where there were no soldiers, no military occupation, no concentration camps and no daily grind - where my father fought for our very survival, and my mother toiled to balance out the humiliation of life with her enduring love.


I would like to put a few words here from the Sufi Murshid (teacher) Hazrat Inayat Khan.
* "Most people consider as sacred scriptures only certain books or scrolls written by the hand of man, and carefully preserved as holy, to be handed down to posterity as divine revelation. Men have fought and disputed over the authenticity of these books, have refused to accept any other book of similar character, and, clinging thus to the book and losing the sense of it, have formed diverse sects. The Sufi has in all ages respected all such books, and has traced in the Vedanta, Zendavesta, Kabala, Bible, Qur'an, and all other sacred scriptures, the same truth which he reads in the incorruptible manuscript of nature, the only Holy Book, the perfect and living model that teaches the inner law of life: all scriptures before nature's manuscript are as little pools of water before the ocean.
* "To the eye of the seer, every leaf of the tree is a page of the holy book that contains divine revelation, and he is inspired every moment of his life by constantly reading and understanding the holy script of nature.
* "When man writes, he inscribes characters upon rock, leaf, paper, wood or steel. when God writes, the characters He writes are living creatures.
* "It is when the eye of the soul is opened and the sight is keen that the Sufi can read the divine law in the manuscript of nature; and that which the teachers of humanity have taught to their followers was derived from the same source; they expressed what little is possible to express in words, and so they preserved the inner truth when they themselves were no longer there to reveal it."
* In another passage, he remarks that, in studying the various holy books of different faiths in different times, one underlying thought is found. "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." A simple idea which has been written and passed down for thousands of years. Would that more would live that idea today.


So, Mr. Baroud, you are telling young people, "you must first be decidedly clear on who you are." Are you clear who you are? You are a Human, not a Muslim. If you were made a Muslim by your Allah, chances are that humans did not have to circumcise you, Allah would have done it himself/herself/itself. The girls that you have in the picture here look like Islamic zombies that have no brain to think that they are brainwashed willing victims of oppression of women. You can interpret it anyway you want; but try to cover yourself up like that to hide your handsomeness, so that women would not be attracted toward you; and see how comfortable that would be to you physically and mentally. Please spare the nonsense of calling me anti-Muslim or Islamophobe; all I care about is that all humans should make sense out of what they think and do. Following religion or not, humans need to have the senses of right and wrong.


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And the sad part for too many Muslims is that they are too brainwashed to get over the religious indoctrination that happened during their childhood, even when they live in Western societies that are rational to a large extent. It seems to be too hard for them to realize that Islam was pushed into their brain too early in life, that they never really had a chance to think and choose what their religion would be, and that it should not be a duty for them to defend something that they never consciously chose. Instead, they want to keep indoctrinating their youths here in the West also. It is no wonder that terrorists do also come out of the so-called moderate Muslim families and communities in the West. The Western politicians and intellectuals would be stupid if they did not discourage Islamic indoctrination in their homelands.



Thanks Goat.


So, long story short, Muslims and their faith are generally wonderful, peaceful and have never perpetrated or contributed to any misdeeds historically and everyone else, particularly we in the West, are to blame.

For someone who believes 'one should never... wear victimhood as if a badge' he certainly does a good impersonation of it.


And you don't seem to notice the brainwashing to Christians (particularly the right wing Evangelical "brand") that incites them to GREAT violence against others who have done NOTHING to warrant it... and that includes the false flag of 911.

So far, not one person in this thread has shown one iota of empathy for the particular plight of the Palestinians or Muslims, in general. Instead, they wax on about the errors of religion in general, or Islam in particular.

Are you people HUMAN?

Mr. Baroud wrote something sensitive and profound and it does pass down wisdom that is essential to any group experiencing direct suffering (along with a lack of meaningful sovereignty).


It's the stripped lack of sentiment in posts like yours that incline me to conclude that most who post here are in military uniform... paid adjuncts of some Information Tech. outfits that are on military contracts.

There is a huge chasm between wearing victimhood "as a badge" and offering counseling to a community that IS directly victimized.

This same kind of glib dismissal typically accompanies any article relevant to women's rights.

It's easy for white guys to take the SUFFERING that is very real to millions of persons and downplay it by critiquing those who DARE to complain about what they're forced to endure.

This is the logos of the military... that ONLY might makes right, and any individuals who can't FIGHT off their oppressors "deserve what they get." It's the bankrupt amoral logic of Mars rules. And you're suffused in it, but you are hardly alone. Almost every poster in this thread displays resonance with this stance.


Buddhism is not a religion. There is no god in Buddhism. There is no worship in Buddhism. Buddhists are atheists in the truest sense of that word. When the emperor of China asked Bodhidharma to explain Buddhism, Bodhidharma replied: "Vast emptiness. Nothing is sacred, nothing is holy." Westerners see Buddhists wearing robes and assume that they are monks and nuns. They are not. They are simply full-time practitioners of meditation. They are not worshiping anyone. Every travel show that I have seen on TV that shows a Buddhist temple always says that the temple is where the monks and nuns go to worship. Utter nonsense. I know many Westerners who assume that the Buddha is the Asian Jesus. That is completely ridiculous.


In my quick summary of Buddhism, which was in response to the comment that lumped Buddhism in with religions, I forgot to mention that Buddhism is the exact opposite of Christianity. Christianity teaches that people are born with sin, and therefore need a savior to save them. Buddhism teaches that people are born pure, whole and complete, just as they are, and not in need of any saviour. As we live, we accumulate miscellaneous traits such as greed, anger, and delusion. No saviour can remove those poisons from us. We have to work on ourselves because there is no saviour.


Funny, but they don't look like zombies to me. They look like humans celebrating the dress of their as-yet not-homogenized-by-capitalism culture to me. Do Indian women in Saris, or West African women in their long colorful dresses look like "zombies" to you too. And in the hot summer sun of the Levant and Arabia, a head covering looks like a very practical measure to me.

Please open up your fucking mind! What you are saying is that liberation of women
comes from them dressing like the capitalists want them to dress - like whores! Sex sells!


Ramsay Baroud wrote:

"You must understand that there is yet to exist a group of people that was spared the collective trials of history: that did not suffer persecution, racism, seemingly perpetual war, ethnic cleansing and all the evils that Muslims are contending with right now."

I dunno. When did the British, Germans, French, Belgians, and all other light-complected western Europeans - or their colonizing descendants in places like the USA, Australia, South Africa, etc... who inflicted persecution on so many others, ever suffer any racism or persecution themselves?


Never knew so many common dreams commenters were such closed-minded bigots like you. The US niggers always bellyache about "victimhood" too right?


They have the right to be "irrational" and "silly." Most cultural practices look "irrational and silly" to a foreigner.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I was willing to overlook some things because you were trying so hard to be supportive and to look on the bright side of life...but with the last line/lie that we are never given more than we can handle made me wad it all up and toss it into the fire. YOU may have never been given a burden you could not handle, YOU may be made strong where you have been broken, for YOU all curses may be hidden blessings, but please do not presume that is the case for everyone. MANY are broken, never to be strong again. Many are damaged beyond endurance, many are beyond their endurance even without severe adversity, because not all of us are strong, not all of us endure. I am happy for you that you can find seeds of triumph in adversity, but it is wrong to assume your experience is anything more than that.... your experience. It isn't all of reality.


Islamic Hijabs/Burkas are quite different from Indian Saris and African Colorful Dresses.

Hijabs/Burkas are religious, not cultural. They are mandated by Islam, so that no men other than her husband would feel attracted toward the woman. In modern civilized societies, we generally look at women as respectable humans, not as sex objects. Men generally are not perverts; and the perverts among them are ostracized. In civilized societies, women are not made to suffer for men's undue sexual advances.

Saris and colorful dresses are not mandated by any nonsense called religion. They are fashions.

If Hihab/Burka were culture/fashion, no women would be wearing them everyday, 365 days a year. Nobody wears even her best same fashion dresses 365 days a year. Civilized human beings should not accept/tolerate oppression of women by allowing Hijab/Burka, even when there are millions of brainwashed (zombie) willing victims.

No, I did not say that women's liberation comes from wearing what you called capitalist and 'whorest' dresses. Women should be free to dress anyway they want, except no brainwashed and stupid acceptance of oppression mandated by uncivilized religions/traditions.

You are a moron, that is why you have compared Islamic Hijabs/Burkas with Indian Saris and African Colorful Dresses. Instead of using your stupid F word in public forums, do some thinking. (I have moved my unimportant comment on Yunzer to the end, as one individual person is really nothing compared the issue that we are discussing here.)