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An Opportunity to End the US-Backed Carnage in Yemen That Must Be Seized


An Opportunity to End the US-Backed Carnage in Yemen That Must Be Seized

Phyllis Bennis

The news hook is great news: for the first time, senators of both parties, led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), are challenging the U.S. role in the Saudi-UAE war against Yemen. It's good news because the U.S. involvement—from selling hundreds of millions of dollars of lethal weapons to sending U.S. pilots flying U.S. planes to conduct in-air refueling for the warplanes to make the bombing more efficient—is illegal, unconstitutional, and unconscionable.

It's good news even though it's very late. Because the news from Yemen is not good at all—it's very bad.


What opportunity? This was just political posturing with no possible chance of accomplishing anything.


As far as I have come to understand that this is a proxy war between the Saudis and Iran. Seems to me that it is also very lucrative to the MIC. This means that American stockholders are profiting from the deaths and deprivations of the Yemeni people or at least those who are left.
This is NOT what my America is all about.


Exactly. What this piece is missing is that even if the U.S. pulls out special forces, etc., it is still the puppet master behind the Saudi effort. I don’t think Yemenis care much about who actually pulls the trigger as long as the mass murder, chaos and environmental destruction go on. We must admit the simple truth that this is not a “U.S.- backed” slaughter, but a U.S. - directed slaughter that is part-and-parcel of the capitalist empire based in the U.S. to exercise its military and economic hegemony over as much of the globe as it can. Certainly the Saudis aren’t innocent bystanders, but they have not been independent actors ever since the UK and US put them in power.


Congress wont do anything ; theyve been Bought by Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon etc… whose bottom lines would be affected .Congress is choked with greasy palms. They are using the Yemen to battlefield test Weapons that are Not tested before Congress passes the padded budgets.


I don’t watch any mainstream news channels. Is anyone besides Amy Goodman SHOWING the carnage in Yemen…and Syria, for that matter… especially the bloodied babies and kids? If so, how can any decent American sit through that without feeling sick…enough to pressure his congressmen to stop such a war…?
And boycott and divest…no stock in any of the MIC profiteers.


Scale back the mission! End the insanity!


Well, what to do about Iran then?


We can pick away at why we should or should not have a military presence in Yemen and every other corner of the world. We have a Military Industrial Complex that needs constant feeding to support the war/big business machine that drives America.
I see more and more younger people posting, and you need to stay vigilant of the MIC.
We have to keep building the war machines, send them overseas, use them, and leave them behind so we can build more.Our troops are trained in live fire places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and places of secrecy. Yemen is just a blip of our forever wars. G


We must phone our Senators to ask them, to demand, that they co-sponsor this Sen Res. 54. The Yemeni children are dying, at the rate of 1,000 a week. Cholera deaths are astronomical, and even diphtheria has returned. Starvation is not a tool of war.


There will be no uprising. Big business has long ago manipulated the laws and the social structures to enforce their will. The peasants have no legal standing. Any social unrest and you will be locked up for a very long time, your home and family taken from you, and your life destroyed. And you know what? No one will care. Just look what happened to the youth of Britain when they took to the streets and rioted. Immediately, the lamestream media began a demonization campaign. The news was filled with pictures of the ‘nasty’ rioters. They were made out to be thugs and morons. Photographs were carefully selected. Stories were suitably edited. Voice modulation techniques were employed on the TV news. Within days, 99% of the population were baying for blood. Look what happens when the protestors take to the streets about globalization. Read the 000’s of comments from people who shake the fist at them, demand the authorities crush them, etc.
Fact is, the education system in the West teaches people what to think, not how. Once a child leaves school, the lamestream media then take over and reinforce that concept with a lifetime of State propaganda.
I have occasionally been witness to the TV saturation coverage of the UK General Election campaigns. One thing I notice over and over again, is how the entire circus keeps the masses focussed on the peripheral and the short term. If someone tries to speak up urging the nation to consider more weighty matters, s/he is immediately shouted down, and the State propaganda machine starts up. Nah, there will be no revolution. Until perceptions change en masse we will remain serfs. At the end of the day, it’s probably all we deserve. (Posted by Koh-i-Noor on Yahoo Comments Friday 01/05/2015)