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'An Outrage': Trump-Appointed Head of Global News Agency Won't Extend Visas for Foreign Journalists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/10/outrage-trump-appointed-head-global-news-agency-wont-extend-visas-foreign

If trump was our CEO instead of president he would be out on his ear for incompetency.
Board members and stock holders would be furious.
Which not only leaves us as poor company (country) stewards, but a large segment support the criminality and bad performance.
The heads of our company took the money and left the workers in a lurch.

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Words fail at this moment. There is nothing one can say to express the outrage and revulsion that this engenders.

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Just how can America survive another 5 1/2 months of Trump, he will be on a rampage and the damage is known and lot of it is unknown as there is no accountability which has been going on for years with all the corporate thugs in part of dem party and a total sell out in republican party. If everything Trump has done is not impeachable then we need so much legislation to ensure this never, ever happens again.

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Take away the greed and the vengeance and trump is just a disgusting orange puffball.

Hi Gandof:
I remember seeing the news when Enron cIosed down suddenly. One oIder man was crying as his pension had gone up in a puff of smoke. It was so sad, and I wondered why the government didn’t heIp the workers. So much of congress has been insensitive towards so many people and for so very long. I suppose the next bank faiI is right around the corner…are pensions protected now—or wiII this next crash be an ENRON repeat?

Enron was a scam and everybody working there knew it.

Hi zed:

I find it difficult to believe that that oId man in the news crying about his Loss —that he even knew about aII the cheating that was apparently going on in the upper chambers of management. Are people’s pensions stiII at risk even after this? I aways wondered what happen to that crying oId man. He was saying he would have to take a job at McDonaIds.I bet they wouldn’t hire him either due to his age. : (

Tens of millions of Americans may be in that situation soon, thanks to our politicians being so amoral and our people being so thick. And sock puppets who are going to wish they had never done it.

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PR firms that specialize in such things - the same ones who create fake “grassroots groups” stage many of these events. It goes back to the Harry and Louise days. The US is famous for this fakeness internationally.

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