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An Undemocratic GOP Enshrines Zombie Laws via Midwest Coups


An Undemocratic GOP Enshrines Zombie Laws via Midwest Coups

Roger Bybee

The anti-democratic nature of the present-day Republican Party has been fully exposed in the Midwestern states of Wisconsin and Michigan.


Now this is funny.

Somehow Bybee misses the following undemocratic practices of the other wing of the Duopoly Party of Permanent War and Imperial Capitalism:

The Electoral College
Corporate Funding
Permanent War
Big City One-Party Machines
Fixed Conventions
Suppression of Third-Party Rights
Crimes Against Humanity
War Crimes
Crimes Against the Constitution
The Usual Corruption
The Senate
Parliamentary Abuses
Militarized Police
Police Murders and Brutality
Taking Away Voting and Civil Rights of Incarcerated
Opposing Democratic Constitutionalism
Spying, etc.

Oh, never mind. It’s all Trump and the Rethugs fault and the U.S. is the GREATEST DEMOCRACY ON EARTH. HURRAH! HURRAH!


The zombie laws are just an intermediate placeholder until the Senate can get more young right wing judges installed in all the federal courts at which point any legislation the 1% doesn’t like will be quickly overturned in the 100% predictable federal courts…no zombie laws needed at that point.

With Senator Schumer helping Mitch fast track judicial appointments the GOP is on track to have courts fully stacked within the next two years.