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'An Unjust Society Is Far Costlier': AOC Says Beware the Deficit Scolds Who Only Complain About Paying for Stuff When It Benefits People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/28/unjust-society-far-costlier-aoc-says-beware-deficit-scolds-who-only-complain-about


This women knows how to speak, speak for the people, articulates the problem with solutions, she zeroes in on the problems and informs us in a language that most all of Americans can understand.


She brings the heat to the neoliberal class.

How many hours before HRC or Obummer show up to scold her for picking on poor defenseless billionaires? I say about 36.


The deficit argument used to fight every progressive change to politics is a bloody, weaponized piece of trash.
Glad AOC recognizes that deficits are only a problem when they challenge political autocracy.
The endless malarkey surrounding this cultural meme - the ‘economy is better than ever’ strains credulity. The deficit is higher than ever, 10’s of millions of people are in poverty, 10’s of millions of people cannot access healthcare, yet they say the economy is great! Great for who???
If democracy is to be born, the Big Lie about the deficit and the limited availability of money must be brought to full public awareness. If the masses knew that sovereign nations have impoverished millions unnecessarily to suit their coercive ideology, and that we could ensure everyone has a living wage and access to healthcare, food and lodging, i believe the masses would put autocratic power ot rest.
Look at the colossal cost of the unjust society that rules us!


IF the Democratic Party has a future at all, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and, yes, Bernie, must lead it away from certain dissolution…

This young woman has the passion and the charisma and the skills for leadership. She is , quite possibly, the rare, once-in-a-generation leader which often emerges in the darkest
hours. I have not been this inspired since the tragic loss of Paul Wellstone.


I continue to think progressives are missing the big picture in favor of we-can-do-it! messaging, but I’m glad the deficit nonsense is being called out.


HRC and BHO are yesterday’s coffee grounds, and deserve to be forgotten just as quickly.


The thing is, millions of people voted for them. Millions more than have ever voted for Sanders, frankly. You are not going to do squat in this country without a coalition government. It’s one reason why rich plutocrats align with rightwing religious white people on the Right.


AOC is going to be Dynamite by the time she’s eligible to run for President!

The 3rd Way must be downloading in their drawers. Which of course makes them very dangerous


Your points are well taken. I used to believe in them more than I do now.

Here is the issue, as I now see it:

Four plus decades of “coalition” government have only made most things worse. The approaching climate emergency will not wait for “incremental” change. There simply isn’t enough time. Drastic and radical change is on the way, regardless of all our theories and beliefs. Our only choice will be in terms of how well we manage our
soon-to-be new realities. We will either become much more progressive and humanistic; or we will become much more authoritarian and fascistic. There will be
no “center” any more. There isn’t much of one now.


Coalitions are imaginary and transitory.

Obama will try to disrupt the Sanders coalition if it keeps gaining strength, especially to the extent that Bernie’s coalition is built around repudiating Obama’s legacy of Romneycare and Catfood Commissions.


Then you are not going to get anything done. There has never been an example in our history of non-coalition government, particularly from the left. The New Deal was a perfect example of a coalition government, for example. What I suspect you are really upset about is we have an extremely strong rightwing in this country that votes as a block, most of the time, fairly pragmatically, recognizing long term payoffs like controlling the courts (as they do now) and redistricting processes are how you control the agenda. The Left thinks a magic man is going to get swept into office and do all these magical things people will love simply by virtue of their goodness. When presidents are forced to compromise with “sellouts”—typically congressmen and Senators in challenging districts and states—progressives read that as backstabbing. That’s an absolutely ahistorical, crazy way to think, but I see it all the time.

What I fear is this ludicrous way of thinking is going to slap progressives in the face, hard, if Sanders gets to the presidency. John Roberts is going to make it tough for anything to get done and if McConnell controls the Senate, Sanders (any president) is going to be hampered from the start. My suspicion is progressives will turn on him quick when his promises and revolution turn out to be as illusory as every other progressive leaning president’s.


Point taken, as millions voted for trump just as they did for HRC and BHO.
We don’t have consensus on economics nor the environment. We better get together on both ASAP.


The “Squad” number 4. Out of the 231 other Democrat members of the House of Representatives, who are their allies?

Democrats in the Senate number 47, how many have sided with either Sanders or Warren?

Isn’t is a bit surprising that so many Democrat politicians are silent and do not endorse or offer vocal support to the “progressives”?

When push becomes shove, I reckon a President Sanders will receive little assistance from either house. They will procrastinate with introducing his policies and they will sabotage their content.

He will be an orphan president, politically speaking


Actually, over 2/3rds of ALL voters in the USA want single payer, legal weed and abortion, higher taxes on the rich, regulations on the corporate and the grossly wealthy. They want good pubic schools, free public colleges and technical schools, and they want global warming addressed now.
The problem is that the oligarchy that has run the nation since its inception, also runs the election system. They choose who votes, when they vote, and who they get to vote for. Until that sad situation changes, the will of the majority will never be enacted.


Telling Joe Manchin that you plan to primary him, as Sanders did, is certainly a way to put yourself on an island with people who you are going to need to get votes from. Presidents who fight with their party typically don’t leave lasting legacies in our history. I continue to see that as a blunder.

The above being said, Sanders is far more pragmatic than people give him credit for. He has been in office a longtime and understands not all district and states are the same.


From my perspective, you are correct, but Bernie has absolutely no chance for POTUS because the DNC has made Bernie: non persona grata.

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A coalition of one group of thieves versus another is of scant use.


It’s of great use if you want the status quo to be bulletproof.


Bernie has made it very clear in his rallies. If he wins the Presidency he cannot change much without a strong people’s movement supporting his policies.
We are all swirling around about to go down the drain. Will we reach down and pull humans and beasts out of the maelstrom or do we grasp tightly and pull everything into the black hole. It is a conscious choice, and we need strong leaders and unity. When the crisis worsens it will be chaos and too late.