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'An Unjust Society Is Far Costlier': AOC Says Beware the Deficit Scolds Who Only Complain About Paying for Stuff When It Benefits People

There can be no coalition government in the USA. Arguably there never has been. The only significant political acts in the history of the US have only been enacted by one side or the other.
The myth of bipartisanship is one of the most insidious lies ever told by American politicos. Just look at what we progressive voters are faced with again in the coming election cycle. The Democratic Party, run by conservatives, not “moderates”, during these times of national crisis, are bemoaning the change that the MAJORITY of democratic voters want, and instead are pushing the same sorry assed “moderate” (re, conservative) policies that have brought us the the brink of economic, social, and ecological bankruptcy in the 40 to 50 years.
Just look at the current Republican Party. Did they pass all this disastrous and hateful legislation in 2017 and 2018 by being Bipartisan? Of course not. They saw an opportunity to mold the USA into the fascist nation they have so longed for, and took it.
Wouldn’t it be nice to see the democrats grab the bull by the balls in 2021 and enact a truly progressive agenda that will bring us back from the brink. Of course that would require a new generation of leadership in the DNC, one that will abandon reganomics, once again embrace social justice, and become the anti war party again. It would require them to first choose progressives to run in every state, every district, and then go on an extensive national voter registration drive.
Until the democrats once again listen to the will of their voters, they will continue to fail. And if they don’t, their voters should abandon them. I would rather fail doing the right thing than succeed by compromising my values.


Where was the outcry of handing the rich 1.5 trillion $ in tax relief, when there is so much need elsewhere.


Every time I see Barack Obama’s lying face it raises my blood pressure.
What a waste of 8 years.


Ad hominem reply: but you’re just a hater!

His brand of incrementalism and passing the baton to a fellow tri-angulator is why we have Trump.

And if Bernie continues hanging around in position to win the nomination, you’ll see no-drama-Obama get dramatic as hell. Take it to the bank: Obama would prefer Trump 2.0 to a President Sanders.


AOC is evolving as the political process continues. The more she is attacked by supporters of the status quo the stronger she gets. She is thinking this out as she goes along.

It sort of reminds me of some of those rock bands from the 60’s and how their music evolved and how one bands evolution sparked creativity in another.

I grow ever more impressed with her.


Sure, Sanders might not be able to do what the people want. He’s still the only game in town. All other candidates are certain to fail against Trump or the power of the corporate state. So what the actual fuck are you arguing for?


Bernie is never alone.

“Not me. Us.”


“Everything has a price.”

The corrupt government we have in this country, supported by 95% of the voting electorate every 4 years, has been a price too high for me to ever give my support again.

I am thankful that I learned that even when most everyone I know hasn’t.


What you say is quite possibly true. It is probably even likely.

If so, however, it will be the end of all pretense of “Democracy” in the U.S.
, and the swan song of the Democratic Party.


That $1.5 Trillion was theft, pure and simple.

Every single Democrat in Congress should have gone to jail protesting that theft.

Too bad so many Demos had a hand in that theft.


Tip of the cap: I stand corrected.


A good political guide to someone is who their enemies are. AOC has made the right ones in my book.


Look, I wasn’t talking about bipartisanship, but coalitions. The New Deal was a key example of one, comprising old-school progressives (including a few Republicans), southern Democrats, labor, and ethnic-leaning city machine political enclaves. These groups did not see eye-to-eye all the time and, ultimately, southern democrats formed an alternative but powerful coalition with Republicans after the 1938 elections that effectively neutered the New Deal. That’s just reality, history, and fact. Denying it is to just talk fantasy, though from comments here I’m well aware that some folks prefer to do that. There’s always a pure form of progressivism, platonic in its beauty, just around the corner that all voters pine for. Accepting less is selling out; progressivism never fails, it can only be failed, after all.

Here’s my first comment.

If A O-C is writing her own speeches and, with her expressive delivery, watch out world.
As to ICE’s action regarding these students; I know with this current SCOTUS it’s always an iffy situation, but this type of entrapment is not a role our tax dollars should be used for. It stinks to high heaven.


Oh I am so thankful she has articulated so beautifully this perversion and twisted logic of the enemies of the people and our planet. Trillions go wasted, missing and unaccounted for without a question. The Pentagon and the office if the federal auditors admit to their inability to account for trillions of dollars over just last decade. However “people” like that turtle in the headlight creature Mich McConnell continue to relentlessly fleece the public to further enrich the monstrously wealthy elites.


The plan was/is to bring back the two tier society of the lords and the serfs nothing in between. They think they are superior to a homeless man. I say they are scum and should be made to worship that honorable homeless who’s down on his luck all because the system is setup to fail the honest hard working folks. They reward theft like Michael Milken and Ivon Bowsky the two that started feeding frenzy preying on the family farmers.


Why was I not surprised to see a Clinton Democrat (Mack McLarty) on CNN this morning preaching budget deficit reductions?


If Obama and the Clintons want to give up their cushy existence and join the Revolution, fine by me. Same goes with Biden et al. That’s up to them though - not Sanders, not us. So why don’t you take this line of argument over to Slate where it has a point?