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An Urgent Message to Congress: You Must Hold President Trump Accountable!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/26/urgent-message-congress-you-must-hold-president-trump-accountable


Pelosi needs to either step aside or be forcibly removed from her position. With the current evidence on just how bad elections are going to be this fall with Covid-19 still raging and non-stop GOP based voter suppression, the idea of “letting an election fix things” is either reckless or negligent.

The combination of greed and incompetence of the opposition party response to an anti-constitution wannabie despotic dictator should itself be criminal. Please inform myself and others just how in the hell is the wreckage created in the last 4 years going to be fixed afterward? What, no plans? Why am I not surprised.

At what point does the wilful sacrifice of citizens for corporate profits actually equal crimes against humanity? Where is the anger over migrant kids being held in kiddie concentration camps?

I’m spitting mad once again.


If the Democrats manage to win in 2020 and Pelosi and Shumer are at the helm I would expect a repeat of the Democrats taking control of Congress after the 2006 election and taking the White House after the 2008 election.

They will “look froward” as Obama kept saying, and ignore “the wreckage of the past four years”. Also expect Harry Reid’s “I don’t have the votes” serial mantra to be revived.

No matter who is in power the SCOTUS and other federal courts are already stacked until at least 2060, so whatever the legislative branch cranks out that the 1% dislike will be overturned in the courts.


You’re probably right. Unfortunately.


Nearly every day after yet another illogical statement, self-interested action, bald-faced fabrication, or revelation of a treasonous act by the POTUS, I ask myself how can we rid ourselves of this rancid piece of human flesh right now? I’m so disappointed in the Democratic members of Congress. They are failing a large segment of the public and the nation by not calling him out and harshly criticizing him. tRump makes a fool out of anyone who plays nice with him. We are stuck with him until the people come to their senses and elect anyone but him and give the Democrats both Houses of Congress. In the meantime, some congressperson with guts needs to speak-out against him on behalf of the people and help all of us understand the danger the republic is in because of the actions of him and his supporters in Congress and the public. Normal was bad enough and the so-called new normal is worse. I’m totally disgusted.


You’re right Ralph, Congress is out to lunch.

The establishment leaders of each party only lead the rest of the party to support whatever the Military Industrial Complex wants.

And every single one of them fears for their jobs.

Jobs that could heal a nation, but will never happen because they are threatened with sanctions from their own party.

It’s a broken system that needs to be completely blown apart, and scattered to the wind.

Only new political parties that are created of, by, and for the People will ever bring freedom and equality from Corporate Rule.

The folks in this country are not capable of grasping this. They remain addicted to the dumbing-down tactics of the Democrats and the Republicans.

They believe the lies, and refuse to look past the end of their intellect.

It’s sad. It’s sad for the young.

Maybe in my next life, I’ll find a planet that’s not dying and those in power love their people.


Hi PonyBoy:
Ralph Nader should be president—as HE has a wonderful brain and unlike these other 2 guys—Ralph Nader’s got a marvelous brain for creating a marvelous America!


Perhaps so Stardust. Ralph has made his life’s work advocating for the People.


I have no doubt that precisely observing the constitution and its precedents and traditions will suddenly become extremely important and sacrosanct if we ever get an Administration that is not from one of the duopoly parties. Once again this will become a nation of laws, not of men — and the President will be constrained and held accountable as most likely the duopoly will still solidly be holding the power in the Houses. The Courts and media and corporations will be working with them to ensure that the Administration is held accountable and becomes discredited.


Kill your Television, phone etc.

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Good Day,

I feel as though I’m watching our Nation fall to it’s knees, while those in power continue to allow this traitorous President to remain in the White House. What can we do before elections? Can we initiate a national petition to remove him? Or must we continue to be prisoners, forced to allow Donald Trump to rule over American’s lives? Teamwork makes the DreamWorks! We deserve a competent President! Maybe we as Americans should March and protest against Trump remaining in the White House. His lack of leadership and traitorous enthusiasm is running America into the ground! He’s handing America to the wolves! Is he a spy?

Heaven fights for us,



They all need to speak out every single day.

Nobody has mentioned that money rules the roost in Washington.
Money has to be controlled or new parties are unlikely.


Pony, you know I agree with you most of the time. Unfortunately we are way past the time of trying to form parties that actually represent the people and the planet. The “system” isn’t broken - it is rigged…by the Constitution itself. It was rigged by the rich, white propertied males (most of whom owned slaves and didn’t recognize women as worthy) to protect property and expend their wealth and status. We don’t live in a democracy and never did.

Related to that, this is one of the best articles I have ever read on the subject of how we got into this mess we have today. Check it out: " Why Just Statues? Why Not Topple the U.S. Constitution as Well?"


Hi Martā,

Warm welcome to our community (please don’t be frightened: we see a little blue banner urging us to welcome you, which everyone ignores except for me – the self-appointed doddering greeter).

It’s hard enough working for a living. To have this subhuman insult mocking human dignity from the White House another day is unendurable. However: The beatings will likely continue until morale improves, if past is prologue, as they say.

Heaven’s fight is defunding the police, first of all. Take their guns away. Stop the killings: three police homicides, in their steady campaign of domestic terror, every single day. In my humble opinion: Defund, disarm, and dismantle the police is job one. It’s practical and effective: going after dozens of cities at the same time, rather than into the federal rut they’ve dug for us.

Actually, it is the ignoring of the constitution that has led us to this place.


As always Ralph is here state facts and work to protect our democracy and the citizens of United States of America.

Pelosi, Schummer, and their top Lt. are part of the swamp, they probably have many things to hide as do many corrporate democrats. Can we really trust them to uphold the constitution?

Thanks Ralph.


America’s democracy cannot afford to allow Trump/Pence/McConnell to remain in office until Jan 20, 2021.
It is appalling what the dems elites have done and haven’t done.


Ralph Nader has been fighting for a just America for decades. Unfortunately, his ‘urgent messages to congress’ go exactly nowhere. The same for demands that Trump resign.It ain’t gonna happen folks. Strongly written letters have exactly zero impact on the status quo. What we need are ideas for solutions to the mess we are in. While I value Mr. Nader’s many contribution, but I’ve been reading his and others’ articles describing abuses and demanding action from the PTB until I’m sick of it. We need to FORCE action by what we’re doing in the streets for BLM. That is working! Let’s get our butts in the streetl


Be careful Farmer, the Strategic Culture Foundation is based in Moscow and supports Zionist ideology and the spread of propaganda.

Thanks for your comment though, and remember, it’s never too late for the People to tear down the corrupt Pirates that have overtaken and raped and pillaged our government.

It matters not how long we’ve allowed this tragedy to go on, it only matters that we “Strategize, Organize, and Mobilize” against these forces of the People’s oppression.

Right at this moment in time, the People have “no” choice.

Forming two or three “new” political parties, not aligned with Corporate Money, gives people choice.

The Powers That Be fight tooth and nail to prevent the People from having any choice.

You can see it 24/7 on the Boob-Tube.

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