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An Urgent Message to Congress: You Must Hold President Trump Accountable!

No doubt about it, PB.


I’m rethinking this


Pony, I look at Strategic Culture as a news aggregator that brings some excellent/informative authors/reporters to the table. Daniel Lazare, the author of the article I posted is one of them. Please read it. Extremely informative about how the mess we are in today is the inevitable result of the Constitution we have been operating under since out founding.


Leaning into the spirit of your post, Rebel Farmer, while recognizing the bias of the site containing the article you recommend (as PonyBoy points out), I am going to revisit your invite to read their reasoning for revoking the US Constitution AFTER I listen to this Glenn Greenwald interview of Krystal Ball & Nathan Robinson:

My concern is that the situation we are in is complicated and dangerous because:

  1. the far-right billionaires who funded the Tea Party Movement aim to revoke US the Constitution themselves for their own purposes; and
  2. other transnational corporations, esp Big Pharma in collusion with NIH and the Pentagon, are actively revoking our rights and enforcing their definition of what “health” is on an overheated, poisoned planet with their vaccination race.

Granted, the US Constitution was designed to provide full power to the government with none to citizens. When the Bill of Rights was added to ameliorate this somewhat, “…the First Amendment was aimed to restrict the governmental power. It was specifically addressing what Congress can’t do. However, the constitution didn’t ensure that corporations would not be able to make laws restricting the freedom of speech. With the infiltration of commercial interests and the consolidation of media, the big business class has found a way to regulate free speech on their terms. The establishment of corporate media turned journalists’ First Amendment protection into a privilege that they can use against the public.” ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/07/19/in-crisis-of-democracy-we-all-must-become-julian-assange/#gsc.tab=0

Further, rather than deal with the Moldy-oldie document designed to restrict political, social and economic sovereignty to the white male slaveholding revolutionaries whose goal was to separate their lives and wealth from the British Empire, in a design to create their own empire, which has now outlived its usefulness --no, not that it ever had any to the masses, or to women, I agree with Ajamu Baraka of the Black Alliance for Peace, who writes:

"…we the people can construct an international commission of inquiry that examines the ongoing crimes against humanity occurring at every level of government in the U.S. with the full assistance of the corporate sector.

"But while correctly reframing and exposing the situation in the U.S. is important in the ideological fight, the PCHR [People(s)-Centered Human Rights] approach proceeds from the assumption that the genesis of the assaults on human dignity that are at the core of human rights violations are located in the relationships of oppression.

"The PCHRs’ recognizes that the oppressed can petition, expose, get resolutions passed or establish commissions of inquiry, but ultimately the realization of human rights can only be achieved when there is a fundamental alteration of the relations of power and the people rule.

“That is, when there is a social revolution.” As we are engaging in now… ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/06/26/the-responsibility-to-protect-bipartisan-crimes-against-humanity-in-the-u-s/#gsc.tab=0

That’s why I voted for him every time he ran for president.


Sorry for my initial skepticism Farmer. My wife (Health4All) and I just now read the article you recommended and yes, it definitely showed how institutionalized racism was created and nurtured by our supposed, founding fathers, who many of which were owners of slaves.


Perhaps a 21st century rewrite of the Constitution is in order. This time, written by the People, not by the wealthy landowners.

Wealthy white men who account for maybe 5% of our total population, must only be represented by that same small number in the formation and establishment of our lawmaking procedures.


and . . Mother Nature gives us about 5 years tops . .voting our way out of this is a pipe dream at best.


Actually, the first Constitution and the Bill of Rights was first drafted by people in the 13 colonies. When the rich, white, propertied, slave holding “Founding Fathers” met in Philadelphia to tweak and tighten up what the people had democratically voted on, they promptly locked the doors, drew the curtains, and posted armed guards to do their handiwork in secret. These white rulers threw out the Constitution and Bill of Rights the people had written. They then proceeded to write a document that protected their property, wealth, and positions of political power; no bill of rights included.

When finished, their Constitution was submitted to the 13 colonies for ratification with no changes to be made by the people. But the people of the colonies knew what they were dealing with at the same time that they REALLY needed a Constitution to move forward as a united country. The one thing they insisted on for ratification was the inclusion of the Bill of Rights. The wealthy founders didn’t like that at all, but had no choice. Basically the Bill of Rights was tacked on to the Constitution as an afterthought and compromise.

And here we are today; with the Bill of Rights gutted - corporations are people don’t ya know, and money is free speech thanks to the Supreme Court which should not even exist.

Though dangerous, the people need to again call a Constitutional Convention of all the States and agree to a way to organize a federal government and courts that meets the needs of the people. planet, and the States to live in peace and harmony.


As long as We the People allow the 1%'s “Corporation Protecting HellHounds” (Law Enforcement) and the 536 “Selected Officials” in Washington DC to use their power to reign terror in our streets and around the globe without input from the masses except to place a vote in a rigged election once every few years, we along with our Black Brothers and Sisters will just continue to allow them to keep their f#cking knees on all our necks.

Now is the time to give notice that We will never allow them to kneel on any of us, ever again.


A nation whose people refuse to hold their leaders accountable to the rule of law are doomed.

Yeah, well in case you hadn’t noticed the problem is in the Senate, not the House. So, what exactly would your forcible remove of Pelosi actually accomplish.

You aren’t going to get another life so try getting off your ass and actually doing something that makes a difference instead of writing your thoughtless posts.

“The Rule of Law” is of, by, and for the Elite, not the People. Cops, the Military, and the Supreme Court are just the enforcers for the Elite. They rarely come down on the side of the People, but when they do it is just to create/continue the illusion that we live in a democracy.


And here is an article from one of the surviving Black Panthers that was published today to let us know how we organize to keep the cops/Feds from kneeling on us today. This interview is EXCELLENT and I learned a whole lot.



I was doing something that made a difference, probably before you were born.

Bully someone else.


This is sarcasm, right? The House has fully enabled this Senate every step of the way, and now Pelosi is saying no impeachment of Barr, not even an attempt? Let’s try this instead - name me one good thing Pelosi has done since Drumpf got elected? Just one please.

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Ralph tried and I supported him but I was too politically, naive to realize how rigged the U.S. political system was at that time. But thanks to Mr. Nader even though we were excoriated for " costing Gore the election" it did give me a wake-up call to recognize that Bernie never had a chance for becoming POTUS in 2016 or 2020.

Exactly why Ralph will never ever be allowed to become POTUS! AND THAT IS NOT AN OPINION…THAT IS A FACT!

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Hi Shantiananda:
sigh—and it does appear that the Shadow government is the ELECTORAL COLLEGE!
How amazingly stupid to have 1 person, 1 vote, and yet---- a bunch of corporate sell outs can erase what the People vote for. This seems to totally Fover any change----I suppose we need a new and more accurate historical term. Founding FATHERS become Founding Fers. : (

From my perspective,the Electoral College was implemented so that both Parties could always control the presidential, elections over any potential threats to their political power. In my view, Amerika is really a two party military dictatorship ( what more proof does one need than the $738 billion dollar military budget approved by both Parties!)

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