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An Urgent Message to Congress: You Must Hold President Trump Accountable!

Yeah, well in case you hadn’t noticed the problem is in the Senate, not the House. So, what exactly would your forcible remove of Pelosi actually accomplish.

You aren’t going to get another life so try getting off your ass and actually doing something that makes a difference instead of writing your thoughtless posts.

“The Rule of Law” is of, by, and for the Elite, not the People. Cops, the Military, and the Supreme Court are just the enforcers for the Elite. They rarely come down on the side of the People, but when they do it is just to create/continue the illusion that we live in a democracy.


And here is an article from one of the surviving Black Panthers that was published today to let us know how we organize to keep the cops/Feds from kneeling on us today. This interview is EXCELLENT and I learned a whole lot.



I was doing something that made a difference, probably before you were born.

Bully someone else.


This is sarcasm, right? The House has fully enabled this Senate every step of the way, and now Pelosi is saying no impeachment of Barr, not even an attempt? Let’s try this instead - name me one good thing Pelosi has done since Drumpf got elected? Just one please.

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Ralph tried and I supported him but I was too politically, naive to realize how rigged the U.S. political system was at that time. But thanks to Mr. Nader even though we were excoriated for " costing Gore the election" it did give me a wake-up call to recognize that Bernie never had a chance for becoming POTUS in 2016 or 2020.

Exactly why Ralph will never ever be allowed to become POTUS! AND THAT IS NOT AN OPINION…THAT IS A FACT!

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Hi Shantiananda:
sigh—and it does appear that the Shadow government is the ELECTORAL COLLEGE!
How amazingly stupid to have 1 person, 1 vote, and yet---- a bunch of corporate sell outs can erase what the People vote for. This seems to totally Fover any change----I suppose we need a new and more accurate historical term. Founding FATHERS become Founding Fers. : (

From my perspective,the Electoral College was implemented so that both Parties could always control the presidential, elections over any potential threats to their political power. In my view, Amerika is really a two party military dictatorship ( what more proof does one need than the $738 billion dollar military budget approved by both Parties!)

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Congress and especially the Senate are totally unaccountable. We need short term limits on all of them.

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Hi Shantiananda:
I always wondered about the Truman / Dewey election-----maybe the controllers were totally caught off guard. No one thought Truman could ever win. The 2016 election though, we had ignorance running against hubris. The Dems better find a great VP, and I wonder if Trump will have a JFK incidenT??

Like I said about a year ago, before the dog and pony show bogus Democratic, debates, the DNC has already selected Biden/Harris.

With Biden leading Trump in all polls by a substantial lead I do not think the Mafia Don and his fascist acolytes would be above eliminating Biden violently, using a patsy if they had to.

What is the other party?

Hi Shantiananda:
LOL, Kamala// She tore into him and rightfully in an early debate as he was such an idiot and Kamala had to remind him that what bussing did was not helpful! She turned on him and rightfully yelled at him so she’s out. He’s going to renege on a woman VP no doubt. He’ll pick a woman and then she could have a “series of unfortunate events,”
and he can pick an awful person like Cuomo or Buttigieg. : 0
I think we all lose then, oh wait it could end up being Pelosi couldn’t it : (


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I bet they have already made their prick.

Hi Zed
YES! They probably have made their pick already. We all just get tons of WHO should be the VP pick??? emails----as if we had anything to do with choosing anything. I am already horrified of the Michele Obama voters who think it would be so great to have the first VP a woman who was married to President Obama—and then, when Joe Corks off, the first lady becomes the first female president. The was a bit too cute for me. : )

I think they are going to stick with the candidate that they insist worked for them - in 2016.

HI zed. : 0 and : (