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An Urgently Needed Disarmament Strategy for NATO


An Urgently Needed Disarmament Strategy for NATO

Dan Plesch, Kevin Miletic

Securing Our Common Future, just issued by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, is an inspiring, visionary document produced after extensive consultations with governments and civil society. On the eve of Donald Trump’s trip to Europe for a NATO meeting and summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Guterres agenda offers one possible way forward for the world’s nuclear powers. It’s a Rough Guide to world peace that surveys the potential for world disarmament from “hand grenades to hydrogen bombs.”


What the US should do is to “arm” the next generation with Russian (and every other) language classes, send them out into the world and let them come back with a sense of love for the world. It really should be that easy. Naive? No! Bold Peace!


I hope the summit attendees take note and heed this visionary document. Bold steps, indeed, beyond past arms “control” agreements are needed. I dream of seeing this headline: “U.S. Scraps Nukes, Challenges World To Do Same”. That would give a whole new meaning to “shock and awe” and would signal our willingness to lead by example rather than by force and intimidation. Would that action leave us open to nuclear annihilation? South Africa’s still here. But then they weren’t hated around the world for their empirical tactics and arrogance.Still, one can dream.


This is actually a possibility with Trump. He likes to shake things up and buck the establishment. Wouldn’t that be great! And make many heads explode.