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'An Utter Disgrace': GOP Stimulus Plan Would Cut Taxes for Corporations While Denying Benefits to Poorest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/20/utter-disgrace-gop-stimulus-plan-would-cut-taxes-corporations-while-denying-benefits

Conservatism is nothing more then the rape and plunder of America.


The labor movement will oppose this Main St. bailout of Wall St. with everything we have."

Then this must mean that the CIO of the AFL-CIO goes back to its radical roots,

“I don’t know how else to describe this but wantonly wicked,” said Daniel Hemel, a tax expert at the University of Chicago Law School. “The poorest get zero; low-income households get half of what middle-income households get; and a kid counts for 40% of an adult.”

This regressive thinking is also evident in Social Security as it stands: inadequate especially for the poor, is based on the miserable wages many received when working so that either they can never retire and-heaven forbid!-do something they love before they die. Why should this stand? Too many think this inequality in wages is “just”. Bull shit. For a nation that blabbers on about freedom, equality and --to top it off-a “christian” ethos-- really lacks understanding of all three.

I truly hope this will mean the downfall of the GOP. As for the Democrats some of the fallout of the GOP can go there while the rest can stay in the Tea Party. For the remainder, it will mean several new parties that keeps front and center the existential threats we all face: Ecological collapse and Nuclear winter.

Frankly, the only other march that may be worth participating in is a 30 million pitchfork march.

The GOP complete phasing out at 99K means nothing but bull shit since they are giving out corporate tax cuts. What miserable safety net we still manage to hold onto they are coming after that and Biden will not be much help.


In the future, I predict the term “bailout” will be revised in the lexicon to more accurately describe its historical role: “failout”.


Let’s face it. Republicans do not see workers/laborers/employees as human beings. Republicans only see such people as “resources” that cost money and those costs are to be kept at a minimum because “that’s how business works.”


Once again, using a crisis to feed the mouths of the rich corporations/wealthy people at the expense of the health of every citizen in this country. George Carlin nipped in the bud: they don’t give a fuck about us.


What we need here people of the commons is a whole lot of nice, new, and very stiff and scratchy hemp rope, enough to go around the necks of ALL of these corrupt bastards, starting at the top and going all the way down from there. A gigantic “NeckTie Party” for the entire lot of them!


Government has evolved to become a grand make-work program for lawyers, generating ever more obscure legislation that requires a law-school education just to interpret it. How many citizens are able to read a 274-page bill written in legalese? This, of course, is the goal: The People, robbed blind to fund corporate socialism, and the poorest left to the laws of the jungle.


The congress has already voted $830 billion for coronavirus response and are planning another $1 trillion in aid. The stock market was boosted first with $1.5 trillion in “reserves” that ticked up the stock market for 15 minutes.

So, how are they going to pay for all this? Will tax cuts lower the budget deficit or increase it drastically – again? So the AFL/CIO says they will oppose the measure with all their might. Is that why unions are endorsing the only Democratic presidential candidate who is on the record stating he would veto Medicare for All if a bill came to his desk? The political corruption in the United States is breathtaking.


Oh, come now. Democrats are only marginally better, taken as a whole. The majority of them are also bought by corporate campaign money, and so predictably put up little effective resistance to their GOP counterparts, who are likewise on the take.


Thank goodness. All is right with the world again. I was having a hard time comprehending a world where republicans helped poor people.

But I do have all of my meds available today, so there’s that.


We all know that Fuhrer, Moscow Mitch and most of the GOP senators will use any crisis to advance their personal and political agendas.
What’s very sad is that this situation is a great opportunity for the Democrats to put forward a great plan and have all the heavy-hitters (Bernie, Biden, Pelousy, Schumer, etc.) roll it out as a direct, stark counterpoint to what Fuhrer and Moscow Mitch are doing.
Show the American people how different and better it would be if they vote for Democrats.
Problem is, with the neoliberal corporatist Dems in control of the party, not only do they not know how to win elections via political marketing, they also aren’t so good at making things better for Americans.


And where did that $1.5 trillion go? Whose pockets has it filled? This is a robbery, plain and simple. America will be better off in the long term if(when) the whole stock market grift collapses to zero, and bankers start jumping off of buildings.


Hemp rope does make for great neckties for evil people.
I’d even go so far as to allow Fuhrer, Moscow Mitch and the other traitors a puff or two of high-potency medicinal “hemp” to soothe them before their necktie gets as tight as it can be.

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These actions are crimes; they are government not for the people, but for cronies and co-conspirators; for corporate profiteering and personal gain.The lie that “corporations are people” must be smashed and no longer tolerated! NO bailouts for corrupt predatory corporations or their CEO’s!

I’ve written before and I do so again now, that the trump regime, republicons and “conservatives” along with complicit DINO’s, all scum of the most contemptible sort, and those behind them, are committing capital crimes as they violate the people’s trust and their sworn oaths of office, using this global pandemic as cover for personal gain, and to serve the 1%, while millions suffer and struggle just to survive The sentence should rightly be the ultimate - execution - as they without conscience, consign the most vulnerable to great worse pain and suffering and death! There have been times in history when the populace - the 99% - rose-up to destroy the oppressors and official theft of the lives and futures of millions.


Yuri, I think this is also at the bottom of why they hate immigrants–especially of color–coming here and bringing a new perspective.

Very humane of you and similar to letting anyone about to be executed to have anything they wish for a last meal.


10:40 AM Friday 3/20/2020
Expecting 2 million new applications for unemployment this past week and today.
California removes waiting week required.
Walmart hiring 150,000 for part time. Paying extra $150 to each part time and $300 to each full time. They have 1.3 million USA employees.

Locally, a few ladies clothing stores are open. Surprised that a ladies salon is open. That is very close, personal contact.

The best of health to all of you. Try to stay safe, warm and have groceries.


Let’s not waste good weed on these lowlifes.


I’ve been criticizing Pelosi for a week now.
Here’s her chance to negotiate a better deal for those who need it.
C’mon, Nancy, make us proud.

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