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'An Utter Disgrace': GOP Stimulus Plan Would Cut Taxes for Corporations While Denying Benefits to Poorest

We can’t afford to let networks/reporters continue to label right wing
fascists as “conservatives” and “moderates.” BS rules if we let it.

gnadolf: It is unnerving to say out loud, but America is at war with itself.

True – because in secret fascism was brought to America at end of WWII and it is
fascism which is at war here on us.

Don’t overlook the CIA as part of that controlling fascism here. “Catholics In Acton”

Or that the first force for organized fascism is with the Vatican which invented Capitalism
and its “Christianity” which underpins Elite/Patriarchy.

That belongs in Encyclopedia Briticannica not the comments section. Excellent definition of “people” in general.

Natural persons versus non breathing entities .
Its science fiction in real time.

I wonder who’s winning. So much winning. You’re going to get tired of all the winning.

I remember watching George Carlin on Johnny Carson. He always seemed like an angry comedian. I was young, and couldn’t figure out why his humor seemed angry. Now i do.


RIGHT! Here comes another big bailout for the rich who rule us. But just a few bones are thrown our way. It really is looking like we are just peons owned by an oligarchy.

Mitch McConnell should be hung by the nuts until dead, that is, assuming he has any.

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At this point, it seriously looks like the only language that people like McConnell and his ilk will ever respect is mob action - pitchforks, torches and tar and feathers, outside his office or home. It may seem irresponsible to suggest this, but I’m not kidding. These guys are absolutely flagrant in their abuse of power.

How would you know? Are you a republican, a member of the working class? I read the crap you folks post attacking everything in sight. What I don’t hear is any alternatives. All liberals do is say Trump sucks. That’s not a game changer. In fact it’s not a damn thing. I am a member of the working poor and i support Republicans because I’d rather have a job than a handout. Here are a couple simple facts for you folks to consider. Tax cuts always benefit the wealthy more than anyone else. They pay the most taxes. How does Captain Obvious miss this? The rich person is the guy who provides the jobs. It’s his capital at risk. If it goes under the employee walks away and finds another job. I think the insane level of greed on display by corporate America is a disgrace but both parties are responsible for that. They both support illegal immigration which keep wages deflated.

All you liberals citing the end of the GOP should take a good long look in the mirror. Do you really think the working class is going to buy the crap you’re selling? For fifty years you’ve promised the moon and delivered a box of rain. There won’t be a Democrat controlled Senate, House, or Oval Office. The Green New Deal places government in charge of everything and no one wants that other than Democrat politicians. Vote Democrat for higher taxes and more free stuff for illegals. There’s a winning plan.

First, I’m not a liberal. Second, how do I know? Listen to them. See how they behave. If that’s not evidence, then what is? rump totally admitted to it! If you’d pay attention!!! Rich people don’t provide jobs just because they can afford to do so. Or there’d be a whole lot more high paying jobs out there. I pity you for being so gullible. Rich people only hire Labor when they absolutely have to and even then they pay the absolute lowest wages they can get away with. Yeah, I’ve worked labor a plenty myself. You sit there and say We attack everything as if you are some kind of pacifist. For decades, progressives have been trying to get you conservatives to stop hiring illegal immigrants and stop paying them cash under the table. You created the very problem you say affects you so negatively. If decades ago, those employers were brought to court and fined for paying cash to illegal immigrants for their labor, there wouldn’t have been so many to come up from down south. But republicans have been very against doing so. Republicans aren’t about to send their constituents to jail. And, if real labor protections and labor rights were extended to those jobs and effectively enforced, those employers wouldn’t have been getting away with it all this time. Also, if you conservatives hadn’t gone into those countries and fuked them up so bad by turning them into Banana Republics, there would have been even less reason for immigrants to want to leave their countries. Stop bitching about the problems that you caused!!! A wall won’t solve the problem. Changing your behaviors and correcting those wrongs will; yes that’s much more difficult than building a useless stupid wall. Please don’t be too stupid to figure that out. Look up the history of Banana Republics, the Spanish American War. and the war on drugs and see how terrible of a country the USA has been to those countries.
You are absolutely correct that both parties are responsible for the rich getting away with their greed. They all need to be held accountable for it. I hope you stick around and help. You would have everything to gain. But first you have some homework to study up on. Howard Zinn wrote an excellent book titled “A People’s History of the United States.” I highly recommend it.