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'An Utter Sh*t Show': Trump Efforts to Enlist Private Companies to Reopen Economy a Disaster

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/16/utter-sht-show-trump-efforts-enlist-private-companies-reopen-economy-disaster


The executive committee for managing the common affairs of the bourgeoisie is in disarray. Too bad there isn’t a serious political force to take advantage of that–yet.


I’d like to conduct a poll: does anyone think the fascists on the Supreme Court would hold any CEOs liable for murdering their employees in broad daylight? I don’t. This is the corporate version of “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue…”


Moscow Mitch and Company have assured that the SCOTUS and other federal courts are now handmaidens to the executive branch and corporations.

At least “Shooting someone on Fifth Avenue” would have only resulted in one death instead of the tens of thousands suffering serious illness or death resulting from self-centered decisions from the POTUS and enabling US Senate.


Does he have a new hairdresser? Sorry.


If people go back to work and even one gets sick and tests positive for covid-19, then every one of that person’s contacts - other employees - would have to be quarantined for two weeks. That shuts down the factory, plant, store, or office. If the sick person works at a high-traffic retail store or a fast-food place, the contacts could include hundreds of customers.

Forcing people back to work before it’s safe is certainly immoral, but it’s also a bad way to run a business.


Hair Dye-er, you mean?   She quit, and quoted Rex Tillerson on her way out the door:
“Trump is a F***ing Moron!”


Any company or corporation that enables Trump in his quest to murder more of us, must be boycotted and treated as accomplishes to murder.


A meeting of an American House of Lords . . .

Will this practice become more frequent and be institutionalized?

(Glad to see an open display of where decisions get made. You certainly do not expect that HE would have a conference call with mere union leaders or with lowly city mayors.)


Do you realize how many people work in an Amazon or Fed-Ex warehouse? Some of the other less high profile businesses? I’ve heard Fed-Ex pays $17.00 an hour. Which is the exception, I’m sure.
In Portland on Marine Drive some of these places don’t have AC. It approaches 125° during the summer in some of them. They also lack enough restrooms, the public bus system is marginal to put it mildly. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Grooming his daughter to be the first female President of the US? And Jared as the “first lady”? If I lived in any other country on earth this would be fucking hilarious, but unfortunately I’m right in the middle of all this fucking mess with the rest of my fellow citizens.


Hair dyer yes. It’s an improvement anyway.

By “improvement” I presume you mean “a little less ugly”.  There’s less orange in his skin, too.  In fact it seems to have a touch of deathly gray – or is that just wishful thinking on my part?


I noticed it too, he probably has a minimum wage hairdresser come to the white house once a week, but won’t let her in again until she gets tested.


Interesting Jeff Bezos is so concerned about the people who work in stores returning to work. I bet all his employees working for Amazon are not shut down. Do you really think he wants America to go back to work.

Tests will not be enough. A vaccine must also exist. Workers must have the protection from actually contracting the virus in the first place. Have any of these business “leaders” thought about that? Doubt it.

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They may come up with a vaccine, but it may take some time to tell how long it lasts. Would it have to be injected once a year like a regular flu shot? Will severe side effects show up in some people?
There will always be some people who feel they don’t need it and refuse to get it.

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An utter unconcern for life

Only for liability

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This has the potential for a comic/tragedy complete with Greek chorus.
A CEO who will only speak anonymously to a reporter for fear of presidential reprisals. And other corporate heads worried far more about being sued by their employees than ensuring the safety of their workplaces and their employees’ health. Not I can’t wait for the climax when the gods punish them for hubris. Hmmm…what shall it be? Eye-gouging? Been done…I know! The remainder of their lives must be lived in abject poverty, in run-down, neglected tenements, in high crime neighborhoods. You know; the places where they own rental properties.


I read the other day that EVRYONE he meets with now must be tested first.

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