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Analysis by Congress's Official Scorekeeper Shows Final GOP Tax Bill Comes Nowhere Close to 'Paying for Itself'


Analysis by Congress's Official Scorekeeper Shows Final GOP Tax Bill Comes Nowhere Close to 'Paying for Itself'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

But the GOP didn't wait for an official score to ram their bill through Congress


The Republicans are not the party of balanced budgets anymore. Their voter base has shifted from fiscal conservatism to anti-tax priorities. Holding onto their power is more important than the future of the nation, so fiscal conservatism is suddenly out the window.


To paraphrase the Republican message:

“We don’t need no stinkin’ facts!”


The Paradise and Panama Papers have shown the super-rich and the powerful cant be trusted to regulate themselves.


This has been a pretty good year for the Republicans. They installed a white supremacist in the White House and gave their corporate donors more than they ever could have expected. And it appears they at least partially repealed Obamacare. Now they can go home the holidays and come back in January and attack Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps.


“Then they decided to pass their bill before waiting for the dynamic score because they didn’t like what their own analytic methods said about it.”

Truth is clearly inconvenient for the mean spirited cretins. From Richard Wolff:


Just as the Iraq invasion was never intended to pay for itself with the oil revenue the US would get, like Cheney, his puppet Dubya and many other regime operatives insisted it would.

Self styled US “deficit hawks” are the most hypocritical criminals the world has ever seen…they have created more debt and deficit during the past three decades than the US experienced since its founding.


They never were. They only believe in that when democrats are in power. When in power they want to bankrupt the government through tax cuts so they can dismantle it even more and privatize everything including the commons.


Anyone feel extremely mad about the Republicans lying their butts off about this tax scam?!! This very, very, very clearly defines the Republicans as the corrupt to the core party for the Trumps of America, narcissistic sociopaths that have a thinking range in politics as “I-me-mine.” They would create a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Of the Republicans, by the Republicans and for the Republicans. PS… Who cares about the non nich non Republicans?


Completely self-driving autonomous vehicle tech is neither possible nor a solution if it were. A lie. A ruse.
A fraudulently pretentious toy the filthy rich contemplate for monopoly control over us, you, them. We are entering a dark age of suffering and death heralded by high tech barons pedaling lies. What Transit fix have we? None? Amazon/Uber automaton taxis won’t ever be driverless; that’s not the point; which is to keep people/drivers driving as such as it is today as if this motor vehicle madness can be perfected driverlessly.
Hello? Are you insane?


Why the lie? Petroleum chokehold threat survivalist last gasp?
Machine work, fuels spent, vitals bent, dark ends meant?
FORD perfected solar/hybrid. Uber exploited supply/demand.
FDR flashback! An EV in every garage! Solar storage.
Grid-tied most portable hydrogen EV.
Al Gore.


Not to worry, folks!!

The Tooth Fairy will make up the difference!


You are right. It is an “actions speak louder than words” situation, like most of politics. I guess I should have specified that I was talking about their words and not their actions. Their actions have not changed, but their words have. They aren’t even claiming to be fiscally responsible anymore.


Apathy is rampant in the US. People can’t care anymore. They cared for years and it did no good, and it’s like they have become conditioned to stop caring, because caring about something that you can not change is pointless. Apathy rules and yes, it will be terminal apathy. The followers are more to blame than the leaders are.


But look on the bright side:

  • Trump represents the possibility of resurrecting your moribund party from the dead.
  • Nancy and Chuck are rallying the masses behind their “better deal.”
  • The DNC is raking in donations now that they’ve embraced Bernie’s positions.
  • The investigation into Russia has uncovered monumental evidence of Putin’s influence.
  • The Democrats learned a lot over the last decade about appealing to the working class.

Okay. Wait a second. Let’s just forget the last four bullet points.


Here is a recent poll about the public’s perception of our federal government being on or off track and lack of public support for congress:

Direction of Country NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl Right Direction 29, Wrong Track 63 Wrong Track +34

Congressional Job Approval Quinnipiac Approve 13, Disapprove 79 Disapprove +66



To the thieving GOP phkholes, you’re done or we are, and I for one will not go easy!! This cannot stand.


And The Dick Cheney sez: “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.”


Of course the Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill won’t pay for itself. 99% of Americans will foot the bill in ultimately higher taxes and the loss of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and dozens of safety net and supplemental programs. And thousands of them will pay for it with their lives!