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Analysis: Major Corporations Have Spent Just 6% of Tax Cut Windfall on Workers. Guess Where the Other 94% Went


Analysis: Major Corporations Have Spent Just 6% of Tax Cut Windfall on Workers. Guess Where the Other 94% Went.

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Almost everyone—nonpartisan commentators, economists, and even President Donald Trump's chief economic adviser—predicted that corporate shareholders and CEOs, not workers, would be the primary beneficiaries of the Republican tax la


For probably the hundredth time in the last 13 months a story about trump and how it will help the 1% has come out and the only reaction I have is "What did you expect?"
The majority of the little guys that were brainwashed into believing that trump would make their lives better have still not woken up out of their dream world.
The people who are in the trump cabinet must know that this scam will not last forever, they are out to get whatever they can before it ends.
If there were justice in this country, it would end with them in prison where they belong.


The concern should be that a lot of people are a little happier that they have slightly more money in their take home pay. Many could be foolish enough to vote for these authoritarians again.


Well, there’s a fuckin surprise! The ginger pigs tax cuts were designed for one thing only - to increase the wealth and power of the 1% and corporate/banker/wall street parasites, enabled by their boot-licking lackey R’Con (and DINO) politicians…tax cuts the American 99% will pay for one way or another!

For every dollar trump & the R’Con swine gifted the 1%, a dollar will be taken out of the pockets of the 99%…those least able to afford it while trumps crony scum live lives of increased obscene ease!


Trickle, trickle, little cut
Boot me, kick me in the butt
When I curse the pols at night
When I think I’ve lost all fight
Trickle, trickle, trickle, little cut
Boot me, kick me in the butt.


[quote=“Rudyjo, post:2, topic:49553”]
“What did you expect?” Like Gomer Pyle would say: SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

Yeah, but soooooo many of the brainwashed, Trump voters are still expecting to get rich.


What’s new? The class war in the US continues unabated…


And, in the next election, 95% of the voting electorate will vote for Duopoly candidates.


Another Fraud on the American People.


In an economic system as perverse as capitalism since it exploits others to benefit some or, worse even, as it exploits the majority to benefit the very few, none of these conscienceless individuals ignore anything–they simply scheme how they are going to twist all logic from such analysis to benefit themselves and dupe a desperate mass of people into believing them. Time we ended their party, no?


What I love is that it says only “6% went for Workers”, and it ignores it’s own graphic noting the second largest slice of the pie went to create new jobs.

Biased reporting at it’s very best!


A little housekeeping:
Label graphs, e.g., the percentages on the pie graph.
(The previous poster is right, as bad as the news is, you’ve biased it.)
Also the headline shouldn’t be asking people to “guess”, as though the news is preordained. That’s snarky.
It doesn’t help to have the facts on your side if you don’t present them conscientiously.


Actually, out of the 77 companies who have announced their plans that make up the data set, 68 have 0% going to new jobs and only 9 companies have anything in that category. The reason it looks big in total is because they listed the company with by far the largest tax savings, Apple, as putting 100% of it’s tax savings into new hires. However, when you actually go to Apple’s announcement on this - it says no such thing. Instead the 5.5 billion they will save is just blended in with regular Apple development spending of about $70 billion per year.

Note also that the 6% going to “workers” mostly includes bonuses and wage hikes to upper management - so only a much smaller part is actually going to the vast numbers of employees. In other words, the original study was very biased in the opposite direction from what you are implying.

Thus, a completely objective report on this data would actually come to the same conclusion as the CD report. Very little of the tax savings is going to workers or new hires and most is going to shareholders and upper management.


So…do we just continue to type and bitch or do we DO something?! Frankly, I’m tired of typing, bitching, and running up my blood pressure.

WHO will lead that something?
HOW do we do that something without our brothers and sisters in uniform beating or killing us for a FUCKING PAY CHECK???!!!


True, but how will they feel 4-5 years from now when they find out those benefits end for the middle class and then their taxes start rising again yet the Corps and the 1%ers tax breaks increase permanently.


"Another Fraud on the American People."
And it has been non-stop for the past 13 months. One fraud after another.


STOOPID COMMENT deleted by its STOOPID author…ME!:confused::confounded:


"Give us a fucking link to vouch for that RIDICULOUS comment!"
Maybe you should read the article more closely.


If they suddenly ended up starving and homeless they would still blame liberals.