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Analysis Reveals 'Rotten, Un-American Giveaway' GOP Buried in Covid-19 Relief Package to Overwhelmingly Benefit Millionaires

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/14/analysis-reveals-rotten-un-american-giveaway-gop-buried-covid-19-relief-package

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It takes 2 Branches of Congress to make a Law, the Senate and the House.

Nancy is in charge of the House and this could not have become Law if she did not approve of the Bill.

Chucky is part of the Corporate Democrats that would rather payoff their Corporate Donors then send out relief Checks to their Constituents.

Nancy on the other hand should learn to read something before signing it into Law or, she probably knew that the Bulk of the Money was going to her Corporate Donors and gladly approved it.

It is Shameful that we have to listen to these Democratic Fools complain about how they were cheated by those nasty Republicans.

What the Hell were they doing when they signed off on this Bill?

Obviously the Republicans knew they were getting the better end of the Deal, were Chucky and Nancy playing Canasta in the back room while this Bill was being voted on?

How is it that they feel no Shame about allowing the Working Class to be Cheated, were they too busy to read the Bill or just too Stupid to understand what they were voting on??


a top priority of President Trump and his allies in Congress was another massive tax cut for the wealthy.

That the Dems voted for!!!

When will people wake up and stop supporting the duopoly. Its the only way we will get real change.

Third party now!!!


The kleptocracy in action.


Don’t these people read the bills before they vote on them?!?!

Oh, wait.

“We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” - Nancy P., c. 2011.


The Swamp is definitely bipartisan. It’s pulling in every Congress Critter to the depths of cronyism. backsliding and callous behavior. For the most at need a truckload of paperwork, waiting in lines and the slow walk. To the top 10% a first class seat on the latest version of the new money train. Not at all shocking, actually.
Eveyone over 30 years of age should recognize this for what it is; a future political payoff into the campaign coffers of every member of Congress who voted for the Covid-19 Cover Up Con.
It’s a long con, too. No temporary relief for the rich; hello, their long term gain is the working class and poor’s long term fiscal pain.
How so very, very kind of these bipartisan team players.


But but, if just Republicans had signed this into law it would have been worse just like it would have been worse had the Democrats not signed on to the AUMF, The Iraq war, the destruction of Libya, The Coup in Bolivia, the sanctions on Venezuela, the war on Yemen…The war on Iraq…

You see if Democrats do the same things the Republicans do, it is ok because they are not Republicans just as the Government of United States of America insists other Countries should not make war on other Countries unless the USA is involved.


Please Mr Billionaire donate to my campaign. As you can see I voted for this bill that sent millions your way. I might have railed as to how unfair it was for public consumption but…you know how it is…wink wink nudge nudge.

Really I do not see why this deemed “Un-american”. This is how the United States of America has always favored the wealthy.


All of this greed is a sure sign that America ( as we know it) seems to be ending. What a mess, you elected ones and billionaires have made . America has been made into a DUMP by your own actions. Besides that, . COVID 19 is no respecter of money, or religions or job title--------the more poor the American people become , the more COVID19 will grow and empower itself -------and nobody knows who will get it, or who will die. If we could turn GREED into a medical breakthrough for that virus--------then maybe, just maybe—America might be an amazing nation--------but I guess too many elected ones are only worried about their own selves-----so I guess we end like ancient Rome ended:


Gee…and Nancy, Chuck and the ENTIRE Dem ‘leadership’ never caught it?


Of course republicans screwed us again, that’s what they do, but there is no way republicans can screw us on this level without help, from the opposition party controlled by conservatives who refuses to oppose. I am referring to conservative democrats who continue to rubber stamp Trump’s agenda and absolutely are to blame for not demanding with the threat of withholding the purse strings that at least half of the bailout go to the 99 percent instead of allowing the 1 percent to get the lion’s share. Once again we are sold out by compromised conservative democrats.


When we finally agree to eat the rich, this might be a good site to share recipes.


Sorry, just read this. You beat me to it.
How many more times is the Democratic Party going to cry, “ Hey! Someone shit in my pants again”?


From Black Agenda Report:

A Call to Action: Towards a General Strike to End the COVID-19 Crisis and Create a New World


A Call to Action: Towards a General Strike to End the COVID-19 Crisis and Create a New World

We must make demands that will transform our broken and inequitable society, and build a new society run by and for us – the working-class, poor, oppressed majority.

“Disaster capitalism and white supremacy are running amok.”



Which raises the question: Why the rush to sign this bill? Also, why attach handouts to Wall Street and big business to the meager crumbs the rest of us were told we would receive (and may not)? Also, why weren’t the peoples’ bill and the elites’ bill separated, so we could debate each on the merits to make sure working people were actually being taken care of and the elites were not receiving undo cash? But I guess the questions answer themselves. I wish I could say I was shocked, ‘shocked to find gambling going on in here,’ but I can no longer be shocked by Congress, Wall Street, the courts, most if not all of corporate America - these are all filled with greedy pigs feeding at a never-ending trough. And you and I are not allowed to feed there. Not a congress-critter in office to complain to, either, as they’ve all gone home. So the real question is: What will we do to save ourselves?


Sorry but this is on Congress, and that includes Dems in Congress. And that includes the Dem controlled House. Obviously the lesson was not learned from the 2008 bailout - you have to read the entire bill, including the details, before passing these huge spending packages. I understand members of Congress want to pass something quickly in an ‘emergency,’ but there is no excuse with these huge giveaways to the rich.

Now, after the fact, Sheldon Whitehouse is whining about what’s in the bill. Well, too late, Sheldon. The cat is out of the bag.


The people reading this site are very hip.
But when it comes to realizing what is happening to America we should look to the Germans at the end of WW2. The citizens near concentration camps were ushered there to witness what was done in their countries name. Will we be as shocked of a people when all is realized? Our killing around the world?
The love of money is just another evil we have refused to address.


Anybody who thinks this this was anything but exactly what democrats wanted right from the beginning, is even more duped than I usually suppose.


Exactly. Whitehouse crying about a bill he signed is a political ploy to cover for his cowardice. And there were many, many cowards in this. There was no need to rush this bill through. Whitehouse knew it, and here is definitive proof. More proof will come.
I think a lesson was learned in 2008: that the elites’ losses would always be covered, and that those losses would create scenarios for them to grab even more than they had before. They learned that pretty well. And just put it into practice. A great shame is upon them.


Yes, they did not need to rush this - the proof is in how long it is taking to implement. The administration could have been working out the bugs in the rollout while Dems and all members of Congress were actually reading the bill.

Now we see that Trump, Mnuchin, Scalia, etc. are balking at or trying to twist the bill so that people don’t even get the crums that managed to get included. And it turns out the language in the bill will likely permit this. You might have seen the article about the Trump admin permitting banks to garnish the $1200 sent to people if they have a debt.