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Analysis Shows Canada's 87 Richest Families Now Hold as Much Wealth as 12 Million Lowest-Income Canadians


Analysis Shows Canada's 87 Richest Families Now Hold as Much Wealth as 12 Million Lowest-Income Canadians

Julia Conley, staff writer

Despite relatively robust investments in the well-being of its citizens, Canada is home to a growing wealth gap, with public policy analysts denouncing political leaders for allowing tax laws that heavily favor the richest Canadians—to the detriment of social welfare programs.


It’s like this all over the world. 21st century feudalism.
It’s going to be a combination of Logans Run and Rollerball.


I’ll bet Velshi & Ruhle will be all over this story tomorrow. And, the next day and the next day…
" The problem with the Liberal Party of Canada is it isn’t very liberal ". My old college professor


You will see this wealth disparity in the Scandanavian Countires as well, this exposing the Myth that if you have Social program spending “you will soon run out of other peoples money”


True as far as it goes. However, those Myth Scandinavian countries are not spending 1/2 of their tax collections on debt service, military keysnesian products of questionable use ( as investments ) and public health and safety programs with no price controls or…even worse, political chicanery to bloat the bottom lines of certain corporate players. Like Big Pharma, Big Medical, Big Agribusiness and Big Energy.
And, don’t even get me started on the real costs of running The Prison Industrial & Police and Security Complex. It’s a different Scandinavian Myth that those costs are the same as the United States’, adjusted for population , etc.
FYI- All things being otherwise equal… U.S. taxpayers ( 90% of them ) are being taken to the cleaners with malice aforethought.


Oh I quite agree. You will note that the “There should be LESS Government” crowd and “more relinace on the free market” rarely goes after military spending. They throw out numbers like “32 trillion for health care” but never talk about trillions spent on the military. One lousy jet aircraft costs 135 million to build, that so called “Free market” deciding it somehow a fair price.

It was one Harry Truman , Democrat , that set in place the “Permanent war economy” when a bunch of industrialists came to him with a plan caliming that if the USA was always kept on a war footing the economy would continue to boom forever more. They then came up with another myth that being Socialists and Communists wanted to take over the world and launched their “Cold War”.

Now here is the problem. Those Scandanavian Countries are starting to buy into that same Cold war.


Notice that Elites/Patriarchy very quickly realized that they would not be
effective one by one and organized –

and they’ve long successfully prevented LABOR – which we all are – from uniting.