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Analysis Shows Exposure to Monsanto's Glyphosate-Based Roundup Increases Cancer Risk by More Than 40%

Analysis Shows Exposure to Monsanto's Glyphosate-Based Roundup Increases Cancer Risk by More Than 40%

Julia Conley, staff writer

A far-reaching new scientific analysis found that the weed-killing chemical glyphosate is far more dangerous than U.S. government officials admit, showing a 41 percent increased risk of developing cancer for people who have frequent exposure.

Monsanto, now part of the world conglomerate Bayer will simply fade into the sunset, like they ever existed, while their legacy of death will continue for generations. See story of John Manville’s Asbestos for how well it works. Lawyers are still advertising for victims 60 years later to dole out tax payer funded bailout.


This is what evil looks like. Its squishy, whiny, claims to be good for fulfilling your DESIRES and nails its market investment so evilly assured that by appealing to the lowest, most facile of arguments, which assiduously situate itself to skirt sort of listlessly and invisibly around the necessities of reality.

Monsanto started out as military grade death dealing agent orange producer, so to be taken to court for mere carcinogenesis must really flip its wig. I bought something from monsanto about 40 years ago, ended up never using it and had a hell of time disposing of it.

Boycotting and complete cease and desist from use of the evil seems to be the only way


It’s legal, so we are required to live with it - even though it is slowly killing us.

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Time to cue the Industry Shills who should be here any minute to tell us how glyphosate is really good for you. And how GMO corn and GMO soybeans which were created to allow farmers to use massive doses of glyphosate on our food are the best thing since sliced bread.

It is interesting to note that overall cancer rates are on the decline. However, this is due to the declining number of deaths due to lung cancer. However, there is one segment of the population where cancer rates are on the rise. And it just so happens that this segment is the same people who eat or drink a lot of GMO sugars and high-fructose corn syrup. But as the big tobacco companies will tell you, although there is a correlation between tobacco use and cancer, this does not prove cause and effect. So just because there is a correlation between GMO use and cancer, this does not necessarily mean that GMOs cause cancer. So who knows? Is it the glyphosate in your food that is causing your cancer or the GMOs in your food that are causing you cancer? GMO and Tobacco funded studies will prove beyond a doubt that GMO and Tobacco use is safe.

I don’t buy it.


Right you are.
A prediction: cellphones will become the new asbestos (or cigarettes).

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ANY “Green New Deal” must include political and economic pressure on the chemical conglomerate poisoners of Mother Earth and in fact all living things! Politicians have served Monsatan rather than our people and environment to gain campaign contribution bribes demanded by our electoral cesspool of greed and corruption! Those politicians must be rooted out…all of them from both complicit parties! They should be prosecuted as co-conspirators and enablers!

Mass poisoning of the Earth and people must be seen as the crime it is!

The legacy of Monsatan is one of death, disease, extinctions and gross pollution of most all eco-systems!

Choose life or allow the purveyors of death for profit to rule!



This definitely shows how powerful corporations are in our society. They somehow get to be their own quality control. It’s just gross that we the public allowed a company who’s whole history was based on creating poisons and weapons to become a patented seed supplier. There wasn’t supposed to be any patent’s allowed on ‘life’. Monsanto, involved in making Fat Man and Little Brother, Agent Orange…yummmmm.

Frequent exposure is an ambiguous measure. Is it frequent that I use it 2-3 times a year to knock down weeds in my stone landscaping? Or is it frequent only if you get some on your hands every time you use it?

An article entitled something like “It is not the gluten baby it is the Roundup sprayed on 99% of wheat, oats and barley” Having just bought 10 lbs of King Arthur Flour, thinking it is from Vt and it is a small company so I can trust this product. That was before I read the article, so I wrote on King Arthur’s site asking them if they spray the wheat used in their flour with Roundup before harvest to increase that amount of wheat berries as the plant puts out a last gasp for survival. Well sure they do. It is a small amount approved by the FDA.

OK I can eat a little bit of arsenic every day because the FDA tells me a little bit in the water is OK. Sure but this shit is cumulative.

Death by diet because the FDA says it is OK. Remember Flint MI, they approved their water also or maybe just ignored the entire poisoning of a city.

It’s also in your food. Glyphosate is used to desiccate grain to bring the crop evenly to harvest. Glyphosate is sprayed directly on the plants. Threshing and processing does not remove it.
My neighbors next door and across the road have used glyphosate near or to the edge of my property for years. 4 years ago I had to put my cat to sleep because she had a lymphoma similar to Non Hodgkins. She was a great hunter and she probably got 50% of her calories from that.
Can I prove my cat got lymphoma from the glyphosate spraying? Or prove that the cancer my neighbor got the next year was due to glyphosate? No of course not. What I do know is that Monsanto has been lying about Roundup for literally over 40 years. I know Monsanto has a vicious and underhanded media and social media campaign. Until recently, anyone who has been in an online convo about GMO’s or glyphosate would be attacked by trolls.They have paid off academics to be shills and made sure their employees went thru the corporate to government revolving door so that the regulatory agencies are corrupted.
This may sound out in left field, but I believe our bodies are not designed to be exposed to things that do not have DNA or minerals. Chemicals in our bodies turn cellular functions off and on in ways that disrupts our bodily processes.
Yikes, sorry about getting on the soapbox. I’m getting off now.

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read the articles above and the one below

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We also know that Monsanto was well aware of this and actively covered it up, which constitutes mass murder on an almost unimaginable scale.
Since corporations are now people we can expect the entire board of directors to be heading for deathrow any day now, right?


Looks like there are heavy metals in Roundup.

Yes the article from Organic Consumers and the one you posted say about the same facts regarding monsanto’s roundup.
Organic Consumers.org has five pages of links to articles published in the past two years so if anyone has questions they only need to look for information.


I would advise you stop using it period. Ever since I realized that virtually all non-GMO food is grown with glyphosate I stopped eating non-GMO food as far as possible. Just because the risk is VERY high for frequent exposure does not mean there is no risk for the rest of us who frequently eat food grown with it. Alarms only begin to sound years afterward, FDA guidelines for “acceptable” poisons are ridiculously low, and do not take into account the toxic mix of poisons we are helplessly exposed to just by being alive since soil air and water started getting seriously polluted around the time Silent Spring was published. Avoid every poison you possibly can!!!