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Analysis Shows How #TrumpTaxScam Stiffs Middle Class While Giveaways to 1% Grow Over Time


Analysis Shows How #TrumpTaxScam Stiffs Middle Class While Giveaways to 1% Grow Over Time

Julia Conley, staff writer

Meager cuts to working people will be temporary, gradually turning into tax hikes, but the benefits to the wealthiest only getting better



THANK HEAVENS! Hope this headline holds up.

And “stiffs what is left of the middle class while kicking all others to the curb…” but the filthy rich and corporations, of course.


Sunset “provisions” akin to legalized pyramid scheme.

Then, along with cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, supplemental insurance premiums will rise–to offset the present government share.

Yeah, Ronnie Reagan gave us “trickle down”, and I’m a little tired of being pissed over.


Is there someone who prepares tax returns for a variety of individuals and families, covering a range of incomes, that show the effects of proposed changes in the tax laws? It seems to me that if there were, say, 15 taxpayer individuals or families whose taxes could be computed under the current tax law and the proposed tax law, it would be possible for people to graphically see the differences between low income and upper income taxpayers, taxpayers who use standard deductions and those who don’t, taxpayers with and without dependents, etc., with returns showing a range of income, from poor to wealthy. I’m surprised no one is doing this. All those of us who aren’t experts can do is take the word of politicians who are advocating tax changes to benefit their political contributors.


What has it come to?
We have to depend on the likes of McCain to save us?
… good fn grief …


Are you talking about a real discussion about tax reform??? As I watch this unfold it just makes me sick because none of these people-the media-democrats or republicans want a real understanding of the tax code.

I know many people with kids who get back over $10,000 when they have about $4,000 taken out of their checks over the course of a year. One of these persons is a strong Trump supporter who is angry at the system and all those" freeloaders"?

I listen to the mark up bill in the house and I do not hear any comment from democrats about all the tax loopholes for corporations. Because I’m sure the democrats have written many of these loopholes.


McCain is worried about cuts to the military.


All I wanted to say was Aha!
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So I added an additional ! so it became Aha!!
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