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Analysis Shows More Than Half of Total Trump-GOP Tax Plan Benefits Go to Richest 5%


Analysis Shows More Than Half of Total Trump-GOP Tax Plan Benefits Go to Richest 5%

Jon Queally, staff writer

In order to pay for massive cuts for wealthy and permanent tax giveaway to corporations, rates on low- and middle-income families will increase significantly in 2027. Who benefits? Probably not you.


How long until everyone recognizes the US government has become an enemy of life and servant of satan?


It’s pitchforks and torches time, folks…


Given what has gone on using the #netneutrality issues as an example with close the three quarters opposed, not even a majority seems to matter.

Now it will depend on the pain threshold for people before something begins to happen.


From the Beginning:
“The constitutional system was originally designed “to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority,” in the words of the leading framer, James Madison. Political power, he explained, must be in the hands of “the wealth of the nation,” men who can be trusted to “secure the permanent interests of the country”—the rights of the propertied—and to defend these interests against the “leveling spirit” of the general public. If the public were allowed to participate freely in elections, Madison warned his colleagues, their “leveling spirit” might lead to measures to improve the conditions of those who “labor under all the hardships of life, and secretly sigh for a more equal distribution of its blessings.” Agrarian reform was the primary threat that Madison perceived; by now, it is much broader.”- Noam Chomsky, ( Voting Patterns and Abstentions,Z Magazine, February, 2001)


Goes to the top 5 percent, which includes himself as a multi billionaire. In short, slopping the hogs. We are developing a government of the hogs, by the hogs and for the hogs.


The nuances of who pays what tax when is a red herring designed to distract us from the 900 pound gorilla in the tax cuts…the huge increase in deficits and debt that Paul Ryan has been seeking ever since he showed up in DC in 1999. The added deficits and debt that are caused by the GOP tax cuts will enable Ryan to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other “domestic” programs after the 2018 elections.


It probably will be forever in places like Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, both the Carolinas, Florida, Utah, Idaho etc etc. You will also notice that in most of those mentioned states, the murder rate, drug abuse and teen pregnancies are on the rise too.


Even after they “recognize” the US gubmit’s “servant of satan” characterization, few right wing voters will EVER admit that they were wrong for so long.

When I lived in Germany three decades after Hitler’s demise a percentage of the population comparable to the current Trump base continued to admire Hitler, their only bitch with Hitler being that he lost WWII. I doubt that they ever admitted how bad their support of Hitler was.


It is in the people’s best interest to familiarize ourselves with the ideology of fascism so we can develop combat strategies instead of hanging on to the idea that democracy is still alive. The democratic process in the US has been and continues to be violated courtesy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Both documents are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. We were sold the ‘American Dream’ and ‘American Exceptionalism’ as a pacifier while the fascist wheels were already turning before our eyes…


Unless the Republicans pay a big price in the 2018 election they will just keep doing it. If the middle-class doesn’t make its voice heard at voting time the Republicans have no reason not to pay off their big contributors and enrich themselves. If they lose their jobs over this then they will have second thoughts.


Democracy is under attack here from both within a without. There is a populist authoritarian movement which supports Trump and is trying to bring about an authoritarian government. White supremacists and southern Evangelicals are probably the most important groups in this movement but it is pretty strong in rural areas all over the United States. Democracy here (and in Western Europe) is also under attack by Russia largely through the internet. Russia uses both hacking and social media. It is trying to increase the spit of the left between the center left and those further left and also increase the divide between the right and left. We still have democracy (it is not perfect) but with truth being attacked by claiming the mainstream media puts out only fake news and science under attack democracy could fall. I think the main to do is work hard to get out the vote and and at election time at least put away our difference and vote against fascism.


This legislation is done, but at least it is long term (can be reversed in the future). That’s where we need to work. When this train wreak is reversed, a future tax bill must contain at least a 50% increase on the 1% and corp’s. When they are hit hard enough they might just think twice before trying this $hit again.


In my opinion, American democracy died a long time ago but so many people are still hanging on to the idea that democracy is still alive and until the masses wake up and realize that American democracy is really just a term for the politically brainwashed, naive and sophomoric masses fascism will continue to grow.


Probably not until the seniors realize their Social Security and Medicare has been cut to pay for the trillion $$$$$$ deficit and the people that are looking forward to Social Security and rely on and need Medicade and other social programs realize that these programs are being cut to the bone, if not altogether eliminated!


When you change the Corporate rates upwards, they’ll simply offshore and hold the profits in accounts, until the cuts are reinstated.
What really should be emphasized is the poor and working classes subsidizing foreign investment. To the tune of $350 ( approximately ) over the next decade. How much does the CHIP cost each year, $15 Billion? Those costs will increase healthcare for all insured. Same with the 13 million more uninsured factored into the bill, already.
Don’t get or look too close, as this " economic spoils system " bill, smells even worse than the obviously bad optics of it. What it reallly shows is everyone and everything has only a $$$ pricetag on it. That means life and death, too. 15-25 thousand additional unnecessary American deaths a year is of no concern to the top dogs of The Empire. They’d kill, and have historically, many more to preserve their privileges. This is the real takeaway from a so-called tax reform bill.:wink::wink::wink:


Who needs political parties?


OK, thanks for the economic lessen (not my strong suit).
So how were Dem’s able to get the rate up so high in the 1950’s?


Since this bill started there have been examinations by various groups including historians. History tells us that when inequality expands to this degree collapse is near. It may be in the form of disease, world war, the collapse of society or revolution. To think that we can fight our way back via an election or 2 is folly. What does that leave us? Ugliness to the extreme. I would suggest, if you have the money, leave, much as they did with the rise of Hitler. This house is no longer a home.
For links and such goto…gilbertweaversatchell.org


The loss of the $4,050 Personal Exemption per family member would appear to negate the benefit of the increased Standard Dedection for those taxpayers who don’t itemize and would really hurt those families (especially middle income) who do itemize. It’s obvious that the tax bill is a major boost to corporations, pass through entities and high income/net worth individuals/families and doesn’t come as a surprise given the forces (special interests) at work. What does come at a surprise (at least to me) is after all the talk of a middle class tax cut and overall simplification of the tax code, this plan does neither. Middle class families will pay about the same +/- in taxes if they don’t itemize and will pay more in taxes if they do itemize based on my understanding of the proposed changes, and the top 1% will receive a huge tax decrease that adds over $1 Billion to the deficit. The plan isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.