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Analysis Shows Rapid and Reckless Reopenings Not Only Bad for Public Health—But the Economy Too

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/analysis-shows-rapid-and-reckless-reopenings-not-only-bad-public-health-economy-too


Not to worry. There’s little chance you can confuse Republicans with facts. They just simply have no idea what to do with them.


I think this article below is spot on and in keeping with this CD’s article:


The only thing that I disagree with is when the author states (near the end):
“Biden seems like a decent leader, but there’s nothing he can do”

I do not think in any way that he seems like a “decent leader”.
Other than that, it is a good read—cathartic and I believe tragically true.

As much as I despise HRC, been thinking a lot about her “basket of deplorables” comment as I see the level of selfishness, cruelty and stupidity among people that covid-19 has laid bare.


Bomber article on this topic in New York Times - by an expert in infectious disease & an expert in the economy:

To save lives, and save the economy, we need another lockdown.

By Michael T. Osterholm and Neel Kashkari



Like a broken clock that’s right twice a day HRC is occasionally right — once or twice a decade — but despicable nonetheless, just as a broken clock is useless.


Who needs facts when you have noochin rump and itch ? Fox will educate you.

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That would be the elephants AND the donkeys.


“stop treating protecting the public’s health and seeding an economic recovery as conflicting goals.” – impulsive short-sighted reaction displays a lack of emotional intelligence. Weller has done excellent work at CAP. The one criticism is that the report does not bring to fore the extreme distress that is revealed in the USCensus’ Household Pulse Surveys (there have been 12 weeks of them so far since mid April). On week ending July 29 the results show: At the bottom they ask subjective questions about worry. Only 15% report “not at all” to “frequency of being nervous, anxious, or edge”, while the rest are more "32% several days,16% more than half the days, and 21% nearly every day, and 13% no response. And asked “Confidence in being able to afford food next four weeks” shows 10% “very confident”, 23% moderately confident, 37% somewhat, 15% not at all confident. And 21% report “sometimes not enough to eat” and under 4% saying “often not enough to eat.” – Bleak. It’s a serious crisis, Only 15% responding that they have no worries, and only 10% are very confident they can buy food for 4 more weeks. Imagine. Weller’s report is telling, but the extent of pain is more telling.

Mr Market’s just SLOW to cash-in on our deaths o’ disparity (how to monetize our misery, flip our homes and indenture survivors) since COVID hit NYC FIRST… as they fled, totally oblivious to all our “essential workers” & loved-ones being bagged and tagged by their private equity stripped health systems? Months-worth of brick & mortar bankruptcies or consolidation of e-vendors’ hegemony, monopolization & financialization of our multinational oligarchy. I’m guessing, some of us are now feeling a teeny bit powerless… maybe? This “essential” economy used to BE our economy, before Madison Avenue sold us all on rampant income disparity, forever wars, dead souls and environmental destruction…

~https://gothamist.com/news/parting-shot-city-hall-says-health-commissioner-was-fired (NYC didn’t beat COVID!)



~https://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2020/07/15/science.abc8511?rss=1 (COULD be learning? Nah!)

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I just worked these percentages out on my handy calculator:

The United States has 26% of the Corona 19 virus infections in the world.

The United States has 23% of the deaths from Corona 19 virus in the world.

Trump’s planned refusal to do anything about the Corona virus surely makes him the most successful mass murderer the world has ever seen. Trump is a demented narcissistic sociopath. He needs to be removed now and put into prison or a lock-down mental hospital before he can do any more damage.


even when one sinks in, it doesn’t register. They’re immune.

and we have 4% of the population

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Two months ago Dylan Ratigan was talking about the Super Lock-down that was coming and inevitable
We opened too soon, and stupidly. We will have to go back and start over but I doubt it will happen before next year.

The far right are far dumber than I once thought. They can’t even drag their knuckles through a pandemic the right way. In this case, the word right is an oxyMORON.

The key in the NYT article for me is this:

“or we can commit to a more restrictive lockdown, state by state, for up to six weeks to crush the spread of the virus to less than one new case per 100,000 people per day.”

Here in Alberta we are at about 3 in 100,000 per day, not good but not as bad as many places.

In British Columbia it is now just under 1 per 100,000 per day. And BC is worried.

Alberta should be really worried, and the Conservative brain dead gov’t here has decided that mandatory masks for their job creation back to school in Sept is after all necessary, but not a reduction in class sizes or proper funding for a pandemic re-opening.

At 17 per 100,000 per day in the States - you guys are in real trouble.

It’s all science denial by an uninformed science illiterate religious leaning electorate, with 38% or so of Americans still believing evolution is wrong and the Bible is right.

Jefferson predicated democracy on a well informed and engaged citizenry. In both Canada and the States half don’t even vote, and of those who do, the religious anti-science forces still prevail.

It’s in my mind useless to even say that for instance the Pope endorses the findings of science and wrote Laudato Si - because from one who still is head of an organization that believes fantasies such as re-incarnation and the virgin birth and many more - too many to write down - the credibility is effectively zero.

Since thiese facts about the electorates around the world are unlikely to change soon enough, I am ready to buy

Galileo and the Science Deniers, (2020), by Mario Livio (astrophysicist),

just to continue my own exploration of the underpinnings of modern science, and especially the paralleles between then and now, including as it turns out, an pandemic, which Galileo had also to deal with.



This is all so much bullshit, so f******** pathetic, I can hardly speak.


…almost as though it’s by design, planned.

For years, freaks like Alex Jones have been talking about the Global Elite doing one thing or another to reduce the Worlds population. Who knows? Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.
This thing isn’t going away anytime soon, and, the way we (US) are handling it, will continue to increase its kill rate for a long time. And it will remove us from the Global Leadership position. The American Century is over.

The source of this quote is not clear, apparently not from this article, but verbatim the point I was going to make before I saw it, and what I have been saying since the first Stay-At-Home order.

In the terms of the title of the article: DUH!!! In order for the economy (of real goods and services, as opposed to financial markets) to thrive, the populace must be healthy; in order for the populace to be healthy, they must have access to medical care, which costs money. You don’t need a PhD in economics to figure that out. I happen to have one, but it should be obvious to anyone who does not have an ideological bias prioritizing either public health or a booming economy over the other. When did USians lose all capability for seeing the big picture?

As for Weller, I’m not familiar with him, but his analysis is sound. That is not necessarily true of the “Center for American Progress,” a misnomer of the highest degree.

I think we are being laughed at - they have only contempt for us. Come on - Biden is the best out of 360 million people !

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They are spitting in our faces by rigging this thing for Biden…and Wall Street