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Analysis Shows Trump/GOP Sabotage To Blame for Coming Insurance Premium Hikes


Analysis Shows Trump/GOP Sabotage To Blame for Coming Insurance Premium Hikes

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a report released Thursday, the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans' recent actions on healthcare legislation will likely cause double-digit insurance premium hikes for millions of Americans in 2018.


Duh. and duh again to satisfy 5 characters.


Just one of the predictably unpleasant results of being obliged to take Republican politicians seriously, at all.


Nice try. Arizona raised it’s premiums 47 percent in 2016 while Obama was president. The republicans aren’t helping, but premiums were going up no matter what.


Nice try again, but the republicans succeeded in destabilizing the insurance markets while Obama was still in office. My own insurance company went under because the republicans “insured” that expected subsidies for the costs of insuring those with pre-existing conditions would not be paid. Therefore, my insurance company was not reimbursed as was promised and expected, so they went under.


But it’s the insurers who hike the premiums, not Arizona or any President. They justify it by instability, and that’s exactly what the GOP “repeal” stupidity has wrought.

Note that this is about a study by Kaiser, not just someone’s opinion.

The cure is single payer.


This is why democrats are neither trustworthy nor believable.

Double digit hikes in premiums have been occurring since the inception of Obamacare–the gift to the insurance industry. This is a new low for democrats. Trying to pass increases off on Trump and/or republicans is so transparent it is ridiculous and causes further loss of credibility on the part of democrats. Insurance is dropping out of the exchanges and those that remain are increasing monthly premiums and other costs, why? Because they can and they know the government will pay premiums for those that cannot.

Obamacare is the democrats’ baby–own it.


The article and the Kaiser analysis are about where we are now. No amount of blame or “owning it” can do anything about that.

The cure is single payer. Bernie Sanders is collecting “citizen cosponsors” for his coming “Medicare for all” bill.


Well, I’m sorry your insurance company went out of business. Mine booted me off of their plan ( “You can keep your insurer…” and left me to either pay triple for an Obamacare plan at more than twice the deductible or pay a fine. Since my “new” premium is well over a thousand a month for just me , I paid the fine. In my opinion, both parties suck at coming up with a viable plan. It’s kind of like being forced to choose between sailing on the Titanic or the Lusitania. Best Regards.


They always know before you actually quantify whats happening, this group started divesting in 2016 also and they are non-profit.


I guess the good news would be for catastropic medical expenses there would still be coverage by Medicare/Medicaid.


Point your finger at the republicans all you want but the Dems are equally bought by the same health insurers.
People need to realize that identity politics includes Republicans vs. Democrats and see its the same corporate party.
I had such hope for this site.


Any ideas of whether this will somehow affect employees
who get their insurance through employers? indirectly? so
so that insurers will feel protected (by Trash) to suddenly raise their premiums for 2018??
many of us where I am already cannot afford or barely…

if raised, my spouse and I may have to move (if possible) to keep a roof over our heads…
any comments/ suggestions? would be appreciated.


We know that…
we need ACTION not blame at this point…
I am TIRED of the kavetching over Trash…
when are we “citizens” really going to do something, and I mean fast!!!


What state do you live in?



“Every other major industrialized nation” is comnist…no big gubmit fer Murka.


New Jersey…but I work in New York City…
do you have any info?


Hey, well you are better off than some areas in the country as far as options. I would first talk to your human resources or the person in charge of employee benefits. The next thing is to look at your other options and there are some. Just keep looking until you find something that works for you. Just know that a lot of other people are probably doing the same thing.


And remember that the instability is exactly what this article and the report it summarizes are about.


And, yes that instability was created. Also, they haven’t raised the tax on Medicare since 1985. One thing I’ve learned is that we all need to pay attention to what is going on. Good point.