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Analysis Warns 11% of Those Unemployed Due to Pandemic Have 'Zero Chance' of Getting Job Back

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/29/analysis-warns-11-those-unemployed-due-pandemic-have-zero-chance-getting-job-back

I note that as a number of businesses open here in Vancouver , there a good number of owner run restaurants that have just thrown in the towel and will not reopen. Going through a mall a few days back some smaller stores look like they will be shuttered for good.

It will take some time before those empty stores filled again if they ever are. The larger chain stores will probably do better, this being things like WAL-MART but htose smaller stores in very many instances were competitors to WAL-MART and if they never reopen then overall employment drops.

I am not sure of the degree of failures in the USA but if anything it worse.

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And those that find work will face ever decreasing wages and benefits. Massive General Strikes and Boycotts are needed now. And perhaps a few corporate CEO’s and politician’s heads on pikes for good measure.


I am all for a plan where anyone who has over a billion dollars and any politician that takes money from such people get summarily executed.

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I would like to see all billionaires wealth confiscated and redistributed to the poor. Once that is done, then take all the billionaires and their paid political whores and drop them naked into the middle of Antarctica with noting but their sorry criminal asses and if they manage to survive, then take them out to the middle of the ocean and repeat the process.


Considering the rate of damage we are doing to the planet the water in Antarctica will probably be comfortable by the time we get the chance to drop these cocksuckers in there.

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I think that was tried already. Last century in a place called the Soviet Union. You’re old enough to know how that unfolded and then ended.
But hey, let’s try it again. Maybe it’s gonna work this time.


I wonder what’s gonna happen first, the naked billionaire entrepreneurs building an advanced technological society in Antarctica or the poor running out of money. Bets are on…

Right. Power vacuums and all that. Ugh. There really is no easy answer to how to unseat those cretins in power and their corporate overlords. One thing is for certain though: We can’t keep living like this. Humanity will at best only have a handful of years left at our current rate, if even that.

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Name the number of billionaires in the Soviet Union ( or Russia ) a century ago. Versus the number ( in %s ) of those in dire poverty ( serfs and working poor ) from rule by Czars, and the PTB ( royalty ); ya know, the princes, archdukes and princesses, oligarchs of their elite class.
You can’t because 1) you don’t know and 2) it wouldn’t play right into this " straw man " argument or proposition ( contrast ) of an either/or binary choice. It’s a false choice, or worse. With you it’s always the latter.
The amount of Federal & State $$$ in the U. S. economy is enormous ( market intervention and props or supports ). The subsidies for certain segments of this economy would choke an elephant, pretty much. See the Police & Security State budgets.
" Socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor " is as true today as it was a 100+ years ago. Unfortunately, for you, the proles are catching on to the games the PTB keep playing inside the corrupt and foul smelling old corridors of Washington, D. C. and board rooms of Wall St.
Finally, we are seeing the real cronies and crooks hanging out in The Swamp, The Foggy Bottom or call it what you will. The elite should be nervous.
The #s here are best case scenarios. They’re dire for the U.S. working classes. ( A cynical person could make a plausible case that this is the 1%s’ plan. ) On top of that, the moral arguments for doing more, instead of less or nothing, are huge.
The Federal Government completely failed the people by their miserable and inadequate response to this pandemic. Those same people should not be forced to suffer and die for the many errors of the PTB, and the bureaucracy, which supports and props them up. That would be criminal.

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Russia was a backward feudal state when the commies took over.
Poverty was widespread and my best guess is the inequality was a lot worse than we have here now.
They more or less redistributed everything just like you want killed everybody was capable of doing anything or who disagreed.
it did not work out in the end.

Uh, actually those should be the only expenses the government has.
Agreed on any other subsidies. they should not happen. If an industry needs to be subsidised maybe shouldn’t be there or maybe they should be charging more

that being said socialism failed and continues to fail miserably everywhere it is tried.

They should convert the malls into LOW COST live-work housing.

At least one assertion in the article is wrong.
Heidi Schierholz wrote " For example, if Congress doesn’t extend the extra $600 in weekly unemployment insurance payments, that will cost us 5.1 million jobs over the next year,"
– That $600 has nothing to do with preserving the jobs that those people lost. Other articles point out that that $600 makes it more ‘profitable’ for many to stay out of work (and safe from coronavirus…) rather than take a job. Keeping that $600 in place will increase the number of jobless, and cause employers to shut down rather than attempt to reopen.

Comments on other posts:

Understand, using Jeff Bezos as an example, that that means distributing to everyone a few shares of Amazon stock. Jeff Bezos’ billions mostly amount to many many shares of Amazon stock. Distributing his billions means distributing those shares.

Plays to a false understanding. Imperial Russia 110 years ago was industrializing and had been for more than 20 years. It was a decade or more behind the other great powers of Europe, but ahead of other nations. The serfs had been freed more than 25 years earlier. For most people poverty wasn’t so dire, and life was improving. Enough so that workers were organizing and demanding more.

I heartily agree. One prime example of an industry that is getting a subsidy and maybe shouldn’t be there is Amtrak. If passenger rail can’t support itself now, let it go out of business. If it is needed in the future someone will re-establish it.