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Analyzing the Mindset of President Trump: Does Antisocial Personality Disorder Fit?

Analyzing the Mindset of President Trump: Does Antisocial Personality Disorder Fit?

Katherine Van Wormer

Because so many of his executive actions and remarks on Twitter and in interviews seem rash, commentators, including psychiatrists and psychologists are raising questions about the stability of President Donald J. Trump’s mind. Reportedly, there is a good fit with Trump’s personality characteristics and the DSM-5’s (Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Characteristics of this trait include a desire for unwarranted admiration, obsession with one’s own success and accomplishments, and a sense of entitlement.


They may have to expand the DSM to add a whole second volume just to capture the bizarre mental disorders of Trump and his Republican and Alt-right goons. It’s pretty clear that the entirety of the Republican Party could be found in many of the DSM diagnoses. Right now they are acting like a bunch of eight year old kids let loose in the candy store, exhibiting total lack of collective impulse control, a herd mentality toward adopting any- and everything any one of them throws out as a new goal or objective and a gang mentality toward anyone that gets in their way.

We, in the US and on the planet, are facing a massive menace and will remain at risk for at least the next two years. If it goes beyond that, we may well go over the edge. At that point, the notion of a DSM diagnosis will be nothing more than a phyrric victory.


Just call a damned psychopath a psychopath!


Many of these traits can be said to apply to the socioeconomic system that allowed someone like DDT to rise within it, don’t you think?


Spot on and now Pelosi has brought it up. Suggesting Trump get a psych eval.
This man had a slightly more frightening diagnosis.
Trump is a sick man and Amendment 25 is still available. Chavez thinks maybe anyone in possession of the codes should have one, I think including Pence would be a good idea.


Seems like it should be required! But Trump and Company will insist that the evaluator be chosen by them, won’t they? And we can already guess the outcome of that.

I agree all this namby pamby stuff does not cut it!

Yes, a society obsessed with the Kardashaians instead of taking care of the planet.


Yeah, and now mentally ill people ( even severely psychotic will be able to get a gun.

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Sorry, this is professionally irresponsible of both the writer and the publisher. It also accomplishes absolutely nothing.

The only thing professionally irresponsible of both the writer and publisher are understating the gravity of the issue that needs to be revised to somewhere between sociopath and psychopath. APD could apply to a warehouse employee who makes life miserable for his coworkers. not to somebody with the power inherent in being a billionaire and/or POTUS.

British PM Neville Chamberlain appeasing Hitler and others Ignoring facts empowered Hitler. There is no nuclear option for controlling Trump,the only way to disempower the Trump Regime is salvos launched at every opportunity.


I agree. He also could have dementia- I believe his late father had alzeimers.

See http://www.snakesinsuits.com/ for additional examples.

Does it matter what category Trump fits in the DSM?

Seriously----would this diffuse the power of Pence, all Trump’s appointees and the oligarch duopoly?

There has been so much time wasted talking about how crazy Trump is which solves NOTHING. It’s as if people get some sort of catharsis out of this while fascism takes hold and the left is prattling on about Trump’s pathologies. As if this is news or makes a difference.

I want to know how to counteract fascism and/or inverted totalitarianism without bloodshed.

Frankly I could give a shit what Trump’s disorders are and there are many. I am sick of his ugly face and body language (everywhere apparent on the front page of main stream and non main stream media sources) from which sociopathy/psychopathy clearly emanates.

We need to talk about the systemic collapse of u.s. empire that is underway now and what we can do to salvage democracy.


“…salvos (must be) launched at every opportunity .”

These Types develop Momentum, and NEED to have Speed Bumps put in their Path.

There should be a DSM category “all of the above” that would apply to Trump–A cottage industry has sprung up, of various experts and not-so-expert persons diagnosing Trump–I guess I’ll have to throw in my two cents worth–I regard Trump as “Primitive” as an undeveloped personality operating on a primitive level–Somehow “malignant narcissism” or “antisocial” “sociopathic” while all fitting, are too sophisticated for what this individual displays–I would argue that he’s “pre-diagnostic” operating out of a kind of Kleinian infantile place, aggressive, paranoid etc. yes, but all wrapped up in one big primitive ball of unorganized psychic dreck!

endelbendel–Close, but the DSM and revised versions are the code book for the Insurance Industry–If your patients don’t fit into the intricately organized criteria, you can’t bill the insurance.

OMG! The Kardashaians were, like, sooooo five years ago. LOL! In today’s Snapchat culture, people are more obsessed with themselves than anything else. Much of the youth today send a dozen “selfie” pics a day. I’m just joking around; your point is quite true.

Until I read this article, I thought “antisocial” meant people who don’t want to be around other people. This headline seemed ridiculous to me. After all, Nigel Farage said that Trump is the only person to make him feel like an introvert. Now, I realize that antisocial means something else. Trump seems like a prime candidate for Antisocial Personality Disorder. I’m more worried about Trump pulling the US into a nonsensical war now than I was on January 19th.

How can we change this?