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Anand Giridharadas on Sanders' Victory in Nevada: 'A Wake Up Moment for the American Power Establishment'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/23/anand-giridharadas-sanders-victory-nevada-wake-moment-american-power-establishment


So glad someone on MSNBC is telling it like it is. Bernie is akin to Gandhi and Jesus, fighting for the poor and vulnerable.
As a Jew and a Bernie supporter, I am deeply offended that Chris Matthews of the same network, likened me and millions of other thoughtful Americans to Nazis. He doesn’t even know that Nazism was a movement of the Right. To ask for an apology, call MSNBC at (212) 664-4444.


Boom, Jake.


Who ia this guy? I love it!


Corporate terrorism/economic sabatage in venezuela----->same in usa if bernie wins.


Reality check !

On his way home from every widely broadcast red cap rally, Trump visits billionaires in the the respective rally’s region to collect huge checks to fund Trump/GOP 2020 campaigns. These trips are producing the biggest campaign war chest the world has ever seen. If the war chest is not enough to provide the needed boost for Trump and down ticket GOP operatives, you can safely bet your last nickle that those billionaires will ante up as much as the GOP demands.

Irrespective of who the Democrats nominate it may take Bloomberg’s resources during the general election to keep the GOP from drowning out the 2020 election POTUS and down ticket competition. The genuine populist sentiment exhibited by Democratic Party voters may not be enough to counter the unprecedented money barrage they will be facing.


Wondering about that myself.

I’m just sayin that his goals line up. My wife said that its ironic that the only Christian running is a Jew.


Many in this elite are behaving like aristocrats in a dying regime — including in media.
That says it all!


Bernie’s already massive crowdfunding and organizing base is expanding with every victory. We can match them.


I hope that most progressives realize that just getting Sanders elected, is far from sufficient to bring about significant structure change in economics, health care, education, much less foreign affairs.

When center-right Obama was elected, Mitch McConnell made it clear that the Repubs would sabotage his Presidency and make him a “one term President.” If Sanders is elected, it seems pretty clear that many Dems will unite with Repubs in seeking to sabotage his Presidency, make him a one term (or less) President, and ensure that never again, in the history of the universe, will there ever be a President who does not embrace corporate capitalist and imperialist, ideology.

The hope with a Sanders Presidency is that we can fan the flames that ignite a movement to shut down business as usual, until progressive structural change is made. Hopefully Sanders would take a position, that no other candidate would, in reigning in the police from making mass arrests and breaking peoples heads in. Sanders can play the role that FDR did in telling the plutocratic power brokers in the US - “Look, their coming at you with pitchforks. Agree to take a haircut with my moderate structure changes or they’ll overthrow the system and put your head on stakes.”


The pundits and talking head shills for status quo, serving their corporate masters instead of the people will never “get it”; they are tools of the oligarchy and corporate domination, of profits Uber Alles. Their power is melting like the wicked witch of the west; their power to confuse and deceive evaporating.
Like drowning people they will in their fear and ignorance attempt to drown the rescuer.

The center-right candidates still clinging to, and trying to sell the same old shite in a different bag, like Mayo Pete and Amy, and Biden, are confused why their center-right narrative is not playing well and they will soon drop-out; their race is done.

Bloomy is another story as he peddles a similar message of pablum and diversionary blather, but has the resources - the billions literally, to flood the airwaves with Goebbels style propaganda - tell the big lies and narrative often enough and you will attract those who do not know otherwise; the malleable, frightened, and ignorant.

The genuine message of hope justice and truth; the authenticity of Bernie Sanders attracts people from different demographics who are paying attention and do see Bernie’s message and narrative ring true - that his issues and plans serve the 99%, the “little people” and our collective future! With such honesty, wisdom, vision and dedication to the Common Good rather that common greed, Bernie builds Our Revolution and we - not him alone but US - will be unstoppable if we stand united!

BERNIE all the way!


You are totally right, but the left has been effectively been silenced by the media and political class since Vietnam. Even being part of the mainstream discussion is huge. You may remember that Obama refused to have even one proponent for socialized medicine on his 50 member panel crafting the ACA. The press is still trying to ignore us and our issues and even Bernie, but Bernie is making it nearly impossible.


Why continue using Nazi analogies to describe political opponents? Let’s not compare Bloomberg to Goebbels, please.

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I believe you are right and I hope so even more. My concern is that the republicans (Bloomberg, Biden, Warren, BootyJudge) will stay in to the convention, hoping to peel enough away from Bernie so that he does not have over 50%, and throw it to the superdelegates.


Hopefully we will get 1 Person 1 Vote for a little longer

Holy Moly, I must admit to taking pleasure in watching the look on Joy’s face, even while Anand tries to politely let her down gently, as she grudgingly accepts the premise that she, MSNBC, and the media in general are out of touch with the people and have been wrong for months now. An even greater awakening would be if they ever had to admit that they have been trying to influence the public to vote against their self interest, but that will NEVER happen.


Please don’t throw Warren in with those others. She’s not Bernie, but I would be really satisfied for her to be president. Hope he picks her for VP. Not perfect but her heart is mostly in the right place.


“Let’s not compare Bloomberg to Goebbels, please.”

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana)


I was actually thinking in these terms yesterday. This win might really happen nationally, and what promise could be on the horizon if capitalism were struck a very hard blow.
Glad the calling out of these cable news outlets is happening. It is long overdue.