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Anatomy of a Hillary Clinton Pseudo-Scandal: How Republicans and their Media Lackeys are Trying to Manufacture her Downfall


Anatomy of a Hillary Clinton Pseudo-Scandal: How Republicans and their Media Lackeys are Trying to Manufacture her Downfall


Many years ago when political blogging was in its infancy, I coined the phrase “Cokie’s Law,” which referred to a specific comment by pundit Cokie Roberts about the Lewinsky scandal that illustrated the precise way the beltway media excused their propensity for cheap gossip and scandalmongering. In discussing whether or not Hillary Clinton had actually blamed her husband’s childhood for his philandering, Roberts said:


This author has nothing on Cokie Roberts. She just wants her version of “truth” to be what is discussed at the parlor. She doesn’t seem at all interested at questioning the motivations of Clinton, nor does she seem interested in questioning the motivations of Powell or Jeb also having private email servers for official business.


this is just a party hack knob polishing piece. and this is why Clinton is going to be so formidable. For someone who keeps squawking about how Repos are making things up about Her Heinous, she’s more than happy to bury her considerable head in the sand when it comes to HRCs actual record as a public servant, which is utterly dismal.


This is democracy and nobody’s automatically entitled to be president.
Sorry - what planet is that you’re on?
What is this democracy thing you speak of?
But you are right in that nobody is automatically entitled to be president. You have to get a shower of corporate crooks to buy you the position.


However much effort the media is expending against Clinton, the media is expending even more effort to discredit Sanders and anybody else who challenges the Democratic Party’s and media’s divinization of Clinton.


So sorry to see Digby, who was an antiwar stalwart when Bush was President, making excuses for this revolting Neocon warsow, just because Clinton is on her team, and possesses ovaries.

Tribalism: it’s just the worst.


Im with you on this one Chicken. Agree 100 percent.


I don’t like Hillary. But then, I don’t like any Wall Street politician.

Go Bernie!


It isn’t a pseudo-scandal. In the pseudo-scandal world of Digby all are welcome, come on down, “official government documents,” how quaint. Why not let everyone use personal servers, or just personal phones, tablets, pods, or green little things to their heart’s content in their official capacities. No one takes official government work seriously, it is a place of play, of the ad hoc, of never mind.

“Classified,” that is not the issue, the issue is control, the control of history, the record, reducing the record to a vanity mirror version of the facts, as reliable as a diary. I know of one famous “liberal” blogger who has a Ph.D. in history, he also poo poohs the “scandal,” he with his Ivy League degrees, where he learned how to handle documents, and to judge their reliabilty, among other sources of historical research, he too sees no scandal, what a world, eh? Of course Ms. Hillary said she only destroyed the truly personal, and Ms. Hillary “is an honorable” woman.


I’ve read Digby and I think she’s being a little to "proactive " on Hillary’s behalf. Maybe she’s working for a slot on THE TEEVEE? She would be a breath of fresh air but Hillary broke the first rule of holes, here. And, please, saying someone else fathered Hillary’s daughter is low rent. ( Really? ) I have several male friends who stepped into that breech and nobody ever went there, privately or publicly, that didn’t get his/her arse handed to him/her. That last part is figuratively speaking, of course.


Although I’m no fan of Hillary Clinton, the article makes a good point. It’s scary to me that right-wing operatives seem to set the media agenda. I remember reading On Bended Knee about how the Reagan Administration had the media wrapped around its little finger. They would decide in the morning what they wanted the night’s TV coverage to be, and darned if they didn’t get it. Nothing has changed since then. Again and again, the “news” is dominated by some non-issue, deflecting coverage from much more important ones.


It is disgraceful to refer to people who believe in law and order, as Hillary Clinton’s enemies. Weather or not it was good judgment to use private servers for state business,once she did, those servers and their content became public record. It is against the law to alter, change, edit, or delete any part of those records. When she put personal or private emails in with public records they became part of the public records, weather she liked it or not. Removing anything from public records is a crime. She says she only removed personal material from the records. Only she knows that. The Clinton camp would just love to make people believe that this is just politics. She should be arrested.


Quite apart from attacks on those attacking Clinton – Just what qualities or achievements of Clinton commend her candidacy to the voters?


Watch MSNBC at all?


Moving on …


Yes, but I don’t believe there to be any significant dirt out there on Sanders for them to find- Now Hillary that’s A different story, her entire life is dirty…


Her and Husband Bill should both have been arrested in Mena, Arkansas, for their connections to cocaine and gun running during the Iran Contra affair- Husband Bill committed War Crimes in the Balkans and set this Country up for financial ruin wile in office-All under the watchful eye of Hillary-The blood trail these two have left behind is A stain that won’t wash and they both got $$$rich doing all of this–


It was funny to watch former Sec. of State Colon Powell explain that he deleted all his e-mails. I don’t care about her e-mails,but I do care about her vote on the Iraq war-bad judgement. And I believe Biden vote for the Iraq war. Clinton is so transparent but not in a good way. I think it is obvious she dose not believe in anything she says. I don’t care if she supports TPP or is against it- I would like to hear her honest views on the subject of trade-she is always giving non-answers to everything-and yes she sounds like a lawyer.


Then add in the Bush Junta, while you’re at it.


That goes without saying, but the Bush’s weren’t the subject now were they? Is this A “Plug” for Hillary, the “Female” Candidate?