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And Behold, The People Rejoiced


And Behold, The People Rejoiced

The rapture was brief, but real. For 11 hallowed minutes Thursday evening, the Tweeter-in-Chief was silenced when his account went down, relaying a message millions of people had prayed, hoped, nay yearned for: "@realDonaldTrump does not exist.” People "gathered in the Twitter streets to celebrate" the one brief shining moment - a gift, it turned out, from a Twitter employee on his or her last day. To that brave patriot: Your Cross of Lenin is in the mail.


I don’t tweet or follow twitter, it always reminds me of the 50’s song Rockin’ Robin though…the employee that did this deserves the Medal of Freedom, yes indeedy they do.


A brave American has withdrawn consent to be governed. Well done, and may your example inspire many more.


Thanks, Abby! Finally, something to smile about!


Plop, plop
Fizz, Fuzz,
Oh, what a relief it Wuzz!

Albeit too brief… Don’t tweet myself and cringe everytime the bloviator’s blurbs circle the globe. Ugh!


Finally a real government service


Yea, I keep wondering what would happen if some billionaire bought up Twitter and then just dissolved it (Twittercide). What would Trump do? Would he arrest the billionaire for unTwitterary behaviour?


It was called the “Order of Lenin”. The Soviet Union was not into crosses or other forms of opium for the masses…


Like the first intercontinental flight, or running of the four-minute-mile, someone has changed history by proving something CAN be done about TweetyBird. Eleven minutes today. Eleven hours tomorrow. Eleven YEARS when Bob Mueller shares his findings.