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And I Will Strike Down Upon Thee With Great Vengeance and Furious Anger

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/09/09/and-i-will-strike-down-upon-thee-great-vengeance-and-furious-anger


Yup. Every night I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord her/his gullet be full and she aimeth and hurleth a mighty multi-pronged Orange-face-seeking-walrus-mustache-seeking-bald-head-with-dead-eyes-seeking lightning bolt to Mother Earth to begin to cleanse her other current plague in The YEW ass Ay.


I sometimes envy believers for the comfort they must find in the concept of divine justice, but I’m afraid no one is coming to save us but us.


I will gladly watch Pulp Fiction over the news any day.


The Wheel of Karmic Justice operates of it’s own methodology
Certainly beyond any misunderstanding of humanity

And though there is Peace in Prayer for Justice,
There is Equal Peace in Doing One’s Duty as Your Spirit Enlightens You to the Path

And though there appears to be a lack of marksmanship on God’s part,
I’d say She is only engaging in a little foreplay.

We all know the process of continuous screw ups coming home to roost. It’s REAL.
Probability is the mechanics here, and if you keep stacking shit on one side of the scale…well.
For every Action, there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

Imagine how many other Lightening Bolts we don’t have pictures of.
Imagine the Balance of the Scales ol dipshit is going to encounter on the day his bills are due.

And those standing near will reap the same harvest.

I have it on Godly Authority…She told me. It’s called Physics

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Dear God, I humbly beseech thee, please give it another try.


……and we are already too, late…

Okay, this was perfect… so I copied and pasted and posted this article… with it… without your “name” … hope that was cool…

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Even a glance strike could fry the electronics, navigation equipment, and computers with a power surge. I have great respect for lightning. Which is something Trump and friends don’t have…There’s a cheesy made-for-TV movie called Category 7, a sequel to Category 6, Day of Destruction, where a TV evangelist dares lightning to strike him as he gives an open-air worship service during a thunderstorm. Sure enough, he becomes a crispy critter, as does his audience. One can only hope Trump does a King Canute scene where he dares a hurricane or tornado to take him out…

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Hi sekhmetsdaughter:
Well maybe Trump will ditch his plane due to possible damage, and Boeing will provide him with one of its 737s and well—you know what to expect then. : )


Just an aside and not a comment on your comment but have you read the Dalai Lama on Karma? His writings are most instructive and enlightening.

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You mean he’d be The Chosen One?

We are All striving for Enlightenment

Yet we are Forever Students

Such a Predicament

:-))) Have you ever tried to turn it off? My brain goes into free-fall madness try to dumb down :-)))

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Well…depends on who does the choosing…

LMAO…He’d do the choosing! After all, he’s the king, the most stable genius king Amerika could EVER have.

When does this nightmare end? I sent friends the announcement that Dump had finally done something right and fired Bolton. One thought I was commending Dump. No, I simply said it was right to fire Bolton. She’s a dyed-in-the-wool Dem, I guess, and is on me about giving Dump any credit. No, I just want the whole miscreant administration and Congress to end. I’d be very happy for lightning to strike Dump, Pence, Miller, and McConnell…ok, and even Bolton in case he could resurrect.

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Reminds me of when I quit my previous life’s profession
When I left the base for the last time, Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” was playing on the radio.

12 years of Karate finally helped find a way to shut off the voice.
It is a good place from which to start action
Rather like Thich Nhat Hanh’s Walking Meditation.

But as the Dali Lama maintains “I am but a simple monk”

I will be a student for Life, with only momentary flashes of Insight if I’m Awake at the Time…hahaha

Have you watched Greta? Listened to her? She too is but a simple Monk. Humility goes a long long way. A true sign of wisdom.