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And Just Like That, Trade Trounces US Law


And Just Like That, Trade Trounces US Law

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Claims that trade pacts like the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will not trump public health and environmental policies were revealed to be fiction on Tuesday after Congress, bending to the will of the World Trade Organization, killed the popular country-of-origin label (COOL) law.


Yet one more very good reason to be a vegetarian!


At this point, locally grown produce at farmers' markets is a sure bet however soon that surely will be under attack from the corporate conglomerates that want to control every aspect of food growing, distribution, and profit.


Super bug resistant to all antibiotics reaches Denmark! Meat from China is contaminated! China uses the strongest antibiotic in routine feeding of animals. Why worry about ISIS when you have a REAL threat that is not even talked about? This is beyond insanity, check it out!


You vote, we decide.



This seems like an occasion for informative picketing of food stores:


The Local Food Movement is growing. This should provide even more impetus.


Imagine heading to your local natural foods store or farmers' market only to discover products can no longer be labeled organic or indicate where they were produced. Sound implausible? Not with the three so-called "trade" agreements comin' down the pike: the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)and the Trade In Services Agreement (TiSA).

These corporate-crafted deals threaten our rights, our welfare and the environment. And most of the public still believes they're about traditional trade issues: jobs, wages, tariffs, the VAT and currency manipulation. We can still stop the first one before POTUS sends it to congress for its UP or DOWN vote. If there isn't a group in your community, hook up with one of the many groups around the country. The other countries are way ahead of us; it's time for Americans to wake up!


Check what out? I dont see any links to sources...


I am convinced that these 'trade agreements' are more about the corporate takeover of the world than they are about trade; unless by 'trade' they mean trading our lives for their profit.



You can start with these; these are two of the latest I've read on the subject. The Forbes article is particularly good.



See my reply to armybrat. Links to two articles.


How about a representative democracy instead.

The people want country of origin labels. It's our country. Or it is supposed to be.


Corporate America/CIA created Isis to distract us from the real threat. The real threat is corporate America.


Country of origin labeling is the norm here in Europe--no wonder corporate America wants to cut a TTPP deal with Europe.


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At least some Germans do, or did, it too. My landlord when I rented a flat out in the country used to grow the most delicious-looking strawberries -- fertilised by pumping out the septic tank on top of them. He and his spouse picked them, rinsed them off under the tap, ate them and fed them to their baby, apparently able to withstand the bugs completely. They offered some to me, but I declined with thanks, saying that my body wasn't used to "natural" fertiliser and I couldn't afford to risk getting sick (or dead, though I didn't say that).


Well I have a PhD in history and am a university professor for a start--and I live in Europe so I know how things work here.


""no trade agreement is going to force us to change our laws.""
Technically he may be right. The agreement didn't "force" any one to do anything, it was the decision and huge fine imposed by the WTO that, shall we say, "encouraged" them to change the law and that's the same mechanism that TTIP, TPP, et al, would do. So many ways to speak the literal truth and still be lying.


:Yes! That is what I want -- A REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY. As it is now our 'Representatives' vote, not as directed by the people, but as directed by their major corporate 'donors'. I sure hope that "repealing the COOL law (Country of origin law) might be a real problem for the administration's efforts to pass the TPP." I hope also that this repealing of a regulation for the people's right to know what they are eating will cause will cause a REAL PROBLEM for the re election of those scum in Congress who ignore the voice of the people in their district. We must stop voting for any candidate because of their membership in any major political party. We must vote for people who will swear to really represent the people by voting as the people say---and NOT their political party or their corporate paymasters.

This plea to stop voting for either any D or any R is not just on this issue---but EVERY ISSUE that come before Congress. We the people of this nation DO NOT WANT ENDLESS WARS, WE DO NOT WANT THE DEATH OF THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THE EVER GREATER POWER OF THE WEALTHY AND ISRAEL OVER OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. We need public funding of poltitical party to decrease the power of big money over the government of the United States of America.