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And Now, For Some Good News


And Now, For Some Good News

Frances Moore Lappé, Adam Eichen

For a sailor on a dark night, there’s nothing more welcoming than the twinkle of a lighthouse, no matter how far off. And on Election Day 2016, the emerging citizen-led movement to take back our democracy illuminated more than a few points of light.

At the same time Donald Trump won the presidency (which some will interpret as a brick through the Beltway glass), voters in cities and states across the country also seized the opportunity to make the Democracy Movement — a movement whose focus is on reforming our representative democracy — impossible to ignore.


Thank you for these most welcome examples of counterbalance to all the rampant negativity.

"... voter frustration “being channeled into positive action” ..."

Yes, please, for us all.


Just a side issue, concerning the list and who you mean by "ordinary citizens:" These are primarily middle class concerns, and the middle class are under half the population. They aren't at the top of the list for low wage workers, and are of no concern to the masses of truly poor.


It is always the same thing, no? Ignore the poor. Pander to a now mythological "middle class?" The political class is and has been clueless for years. John Brown said it best..."The sins of this guilty land will be purged but with blood." Shit will get real, real soon. Hopefully, I will be able to afford the popcorn!