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And Now This Message From Some Very Rich People: 'Please Raise Our Taxes'


That is true. They hate playing by some of the rules that they must, but for the most part, they will. And so it is normal for them to pay a lawful tax without a fight, but their DNA won’t let them give it away. That kindness is reserved for church folks and the like. imo


They are not just talking about it, they’re trying to get legislation passed in NY state to make it a law.


This approach promotes a public discussion of the concept and potentially a lot more total money if the laws got everyone else in their bracket as well.to pay.


48 individuals out of I don’t know how many, but they are to be strongly commended for this statement of theirs. Cuomo would be wrong to ignore them. It shows there are a few good men and women amongst the wealthy, but I already knew that, having worked for a few of them.

This is great news, and I’m betting MSM will remain eyes wide shut, and not say a word.


I wanted to post this comment on an appropriate topic on this Valentines Day. Hearts to all you lovers out there. That’s the good news.
The FIRST thing I read this morning was that Amazon (Bezos) has a problem with tax breaks. It seems there is some angst over the viability of a little gift from the treasury. And this is enough to piss me off for the rest of the day. Just the sound of it.
They are worried about the tax break they get for “Executive stock options.”
Now I’ve heard it all. A tax break for wealth coming in, while the rest of us schmucks watch money get taken away for every buck we get. What a country. Something we should go off to war and die for? WTF


Unfortunately, these are “just” millionaires, and a minority of them at that.
With the middle class being relegated to serfdom, millionaires are rapidly becoming America’s new “middle class” and as such are as much in the crosshairs of the psychopathic 1% as the rest of us, just a bit further in the back of the queue.
More over, most of them could theoretically benefit personally if taxes were raised on all the parasites.
Not just from increased spending by the working class, but the from the fact that the billionaires would be paying a lot more than themselves, which could bring them that much closer to the top of the pile.


Good points. If you are right, the 1% still have a few ways they can manipulate us and the economy.


Please, all New York residents (especially), strongly support/advocate for the Equity in Education Act A00403 / A403, re-introduced legislation that will change the way public education is financed in NY, from unsustainable obscenely high property taxes on our homes, farms, open space to income! A shift from those most vulnerable and least able to pay to those most able to pay to fund public education; those who benefit the most from public ed!

NY is one of the two most expensive states to live in due to property taxes and the power of wealth…of “developers” and other big-money interests that have made a wholly-owned subsidiary of NY government and agenda. Many people worked very hard to reform property taxation but were betrayed by the PTB in Albany, screwing us, but now there has been a shift (maybe) in Albany and there may be an opportunity to finally pass this property-tax/education legislation. Any change will have to be forced on the PTB in Albany especially Andy Cuomo, the best politician money can buy! NEVER underestimate the ability of wealth to corrupt any government!

Please call NY legislators, especially education committee members, to push/support the Equity in Education Act! A403


Text in full


Right on!!!


What is so great about them? What do they do that is so special that they make millions in the first place? Nada. They do not have to have permission to donate to Main Street. This is all smoke and mirrors.


Oh boo woo- for “just” millionaires.